d his legs.

     Then, the young lord came forward to calm the heated atmosphere down.
“Now, everyone.
Why don’t we usher them into a warm building first? After all, we’re not sure what caused the avalanche in the first place.

     The villagers paused in the middle of their buzzing and fear-mongering to listen to the person that had been the most help in the rescue.

     To placate them, Ayra continued, “And we’ll need to retrieve the carts down there as well.
There are probably supplies in there for those that have been injured in this incident.”

     The young lord softened his tone and masked his true motive.
The villagers glanced at each other.
Tempted by the merchant caravan’s goods, they reluctantly stepped down.

     However, it seemed like seeds of doubt had grown in the villagers after they saw the other mage.
Someone hesitantly asked Ayra, “But… You said you came from the lord’s castle? Excuse me, but…who are you? How did you find the people buried under the snow?”

       Contrary to the hostility they showed the other mage, the person treated Ayra with cautiousness; after all, Ayra had claimed to be an agent of the lord, and the young lord was ultimately their benefactor during this catastrophe.
Countless silent eyes, drenched in the sea of anger and sadness from the deaths of family and relatives in the landslide, turned towards Ayra.

      ‘Hm, well, of course things unfolded this way.’ Ayra stepped forward; he had expected this reaction.
Due to the cold, he had been bundled up from head to toe all this while, but now he finally removed the hood of his thick robe.

      His long, brilliantly silver hair, which had been hidden away, was revealed.
Dark grey eyes, silver hair…all features that were common to people from this area.
With slightly downcast eyes, Ayra opened his coral lips.
His face was pale–almost translucent as snow, and tears welled up in his eyes as his silver eyelashes trembled.
“As you all know, we lost our lord recently due to an unfortunate accident.”

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     At those words, a few citizens deeply sighed, shook their heads, and drew a holy symbol across their chests.

     Ayra continued in his clear, elegant voice, making sure to look them all in the eyes, “So, the second son of the Lord, who had been living down South, arrived not too long ago to take up the mantle as the new Lord.”

     This was the first time the residents in this area had heard of this news; they were isolated due to constant landslides and avalanches.
They murmured amongst themselves.
Ever since Ayra had arrived at Solar, he had seen several people draw the holy sign several times a day.
He now drew a cross symbol according to his memory, albeit slowly, across his chest.
Many more villagers followed his actions.

     “Our new Lord is a devout follower of Mollunka’s words…” He said.

     Naturally, that wasn’t the truth.
He was devoutly atheist.
However, Ayra continued to smoothly lie, without even needing to wet his lips with saliva.
He spoke without a single reference to “mage” or “magic”–the syllable ‘ma’ never even passed his lips.
“Not too long ago, our new lord had a bad dream in which Dallum Gorge was covered with snow.
However, in his dreams, a silver-haired woman holding three red flowers appeared and got rid of the snow single-handedly.”

     “Ahhh…” A few villagers clapped their hands together; their expressions were laden with great admiration.
A silver-haired woman with three red flowers was how the Mollunka goddess was typically represented.
The heated, almost overflowing atmosphere began to gradually subside.

      “The Lord, who believed that something must have happened beyond the Dallum Gorge, hurried to send me here and believed the goddess would take care of things.”

      Ayra sneakily took out a red flower, the symbol of the Mollunka faith, from his subspace inventory.
He had received one from Botello–the old man predicted it might come in handy.
As soon as he held the red flower and assumed a prayer stance, the denizens all took out their holy symbols and followed in prayer.

      A pious and heavy silence followed.

     Ayra, who only understood the Mollunka faith on a surface level, inwardly urged, ‘Pebble-ah, get to work!’

     After a short while, his mana was sucked out and a choice selection window emerged.

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Let’s all thank the lord and pray.
(0.3% increase in approval rating in the Dallum region)


Everything has all been a blessing from Mollunka.
Let’s be thankful and pray.
(5.6% increase in approval rating in the Dallum region)


In the holy text, Mollunka said this: Find me when heavy snowfall covers the world… (… Fetching real-time data, matching emotional output from village elders and the faithful in this area.
Approval rating in the Dallum region increases by ??%)

      The decision was clear.
The differences in the sincerity and the length of the various choices screamed at him to choose the third option.

TL: So, it seems Mollunka is a goddess.
Without gendered pronouns (As is common in Eastern languages), it’s often hard to tell if someone’s male or female.
I’ll probably go back and try and make things standardized.

Very smart Ayra, relying on Pebble to and plagiarising a prayer from your spirit.

Thanks for being patient you guys! If you’re not in the discord, I explained that I was going to take a few days break for vacation (I hiked so much!).
That’s why this chapter was a bit late.

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