How likely was it that the lord and his family died all at once in an accident?

     The lord, the lord’s firstborn son, his wife.
If at least one person was left alive, there wouldn’t be a big problem in governing the territory.
But, all three inadvertently died at once.
Even the knights that accompanied them had all died; there were no witnesses left.

     What bothered Ayra the most was that his brother’s body was split into two, as if he had been torn apart.
Even if the carriage had rolled off the cliff, how could his body be in such a dreadful state?

      If all of this was the result of someone’s intentional meddling…

     Ayra’s eyes narrowed chillingly.
He would also be in danger by stepping into this territory, but he would never be taken in docilely.
He would never let someone who had committed such an act live a good life.
“Then, we’ll wait until the coronation.”

     “Yes, we’ll try to be as swift as possible.”

I’ll leave it to you, sir Ginas.
Ah, that’s right,” Ayra paused when he recalled what he was going to ask Ginas a while back.
He twirled his body around quickly and asked, politely, “If it’s all right, one brick… No, could I tear off a few bricks from the castle?”

    The stern young general was about to answer but paused–he looked like he was buffering.
With a face that seemed as if he couldn’t believe what he had just heard, Ginas asked, “….What?”

     “If possible, I’d like to tear a piece from the central wall of the main corridor; there’s something I’d like to check.”

     “What…did you want to check?”

     “For a castle to stay so clean and immaculate for so long, it must be because of magic.
If I could just roughly check the magical circuit–“

     “Absolutely not!” Ginas, who looked as if he had heard something world-shatteringly horrible, cut Ayra off and flatly refused.
Even before Ayra could begin to try and persuade him further, the young governor continued with a serious tone, “Even after you become the lord, it’ll be burdensome if you to open the walls of that historic main building.”

     “If being seen by another’s gaze is the problem, I can secretly uncover the wall and neatly put it back together in the dead of the night.
If you apply a little bit of resin made from the  well-boiled salivary glands of slimes it’ll be perfect.”

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     “Dear god! Just what did you say you were going to use?”

     Ginas’s eyes seemed to shout, ‘How is such a crazy wizard our next Lord?!’ and Ayra’s spirit was slightly dampened.
It seemed like, outside the labyrinth, slime salivary glands didn’t see common use.

     ‘…Have I gotten into a fight with an important retainer for no reason?’

     “If the corridor is difficult, then perhaps another location…” Ayra asked again.

     “Every other brick, every piece, is embedded with the history of the Solar territory, so it’s difficult to accept your proposition.
Well then, I’ll leave for now since I’m busy with work.” The young general bowed his head hastily, not knowing what Ayra would say otherwise.

    Ayra looked sadly at the other, before turning around and grabbing the floating Pebble with his hand.
As he kneaded and stretched it, Pebble floundered its newly formed hands.
“All I got was the full name? Isn’t that too much?” (It’s like isn’t that too cruel?”)

     Ayra, eyebrows crooked, pointed with his chin to the stat window that remained behind even after Ginas had left.


Physical Attack: ???
Magical Attack: ???
Affection: ????


     That’s right.
After completing the quest, a new category was revealed.
All that happened was the name ‘Ginas’ had transformed into ‘Hess Ru Ginas.’ As he squeezed the artificial spirit this way and that way–strangely, it seemed to like that–Ayra traced his memory, “If it’s Hess, then he’s from a family that has served as the territory’s governor from generation to generation.”

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     Naming conventions in the solar territory were as follows.
For nobles, the family name comes first, next was the shared generational name in the middle, and finally your given name.
In Solar Xing Ayra’s case, his name would mean: ‘a person named Ayra from the Solar family, from the xing generation.’ 2

      “If this ability works the way I think it does…this alone is very useful.”

      While Ayra stood silently, immersed in his thoughts, Pebble turned as flat as a hotteok in his hands. 3 Worried, Ayra quickly let it go, but Pebble pretended to be dying, rubbing its hands together in prayer.
Though it liked being squished, the spirit must not enjoy being squashed flat.

     Soon after, a new quest window appeared.


[Let’s raise the cute Pebble’s level.]

*Check the stats of 300 people (0/300)
Reward: Open 1 stat chosen by the User.





TL: I’m being so slow >.< But I’ll pick up during my breaks

pokemon or digimon, if you didn’t get that >.<  generational characters aren’t so common in English, but in Korea they’re used in certain families.
For example you and your cousins will share the character ‘ye’ for ‘leaf’ in their names: Yerim, Yebin, Shinye, etc…  Korean sweet 

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