Showbiz Rise of a Manwhore

1- Escaping from the Temple

THE feminine whimpers and moans inside his head tugged him off his sleep. He shook his head, trying to get rid of the seductive voices.

He clambered down from the mattress remembering a scheme that needed action. He then took his shabby garment from the stool beside the bed and blew off the candle on the nightstand. He walked over to his door with the assistance of the moonlight and departed.

It was a late hour, but also a promising period to execute schemes generated. He slithered down the stairs, steering for the back door. He knew his brothers were already there waiting for him.

e late. ” The eldest brother murmured as he stood before him. ”We couldve been halfway over to the other side. ”

”Im sorry, ” Sylas apologized, not actually meaning it. He was certain he was on time. Just because they arrived earlier than planned doesn mean hes late.

”Lets go. ” His brother whispered to the others, and they strolled behind him. The fear of being caught lingered in his mind as they stepped nearer to the gate. Their Master was known for his brutality.

The gatekeeper must have heard their footsteps as he stepped out of his chamber to peek at them. The gatekeeper quickly strengthened his stance for a fight as he realized they were heading for the gate. But he didn get to properly safeguard the gate as an arrow shot straight into his chest. Sylas traced the arrow back in alarm and discovered it was done by one of his brothers.

The gate unlocked with a tear creak and the brothers exited it. The death of the gatekeeper still lingered on Sylass chest; that was cruel. They don kill, and thats one of the reasons they were running from their Master. He was turning them into weapons.

The moment they stepped outside the gate, they fled. Their Master always notices the second something goes off. They knew their destination, the sacred creek; it was recognized for its powers at midnight. It is the only pure place around the Temple.

They slowed down as they got close. They needed permission from the creek to walk close to it. Sylas don know how but no one with evil intentions gets near it, or without asking permission.

”We come in peace, permit us to pass. ” Their eldest brother said, and the rest of them walked through the invisible boundary. But what Sylas found weird was when he realized everyone except him couldn pass through the boundary. The others were outside, struggling to pass through. He looked around with confusion.

”Whats happening? ” He asked with alarm behind his tone.

”The creek isn permitting us passage. ” The second brother said with annoyance. ”Wait…did you do something? ” He gazed at Sylas with suspicion. Even if Sylas told them he didn , they wouldn believe him until they got through.

”No. ” And they scoffed. Sylas turned to the creek and said. ”Permit them passage, we come in peace. ” He pleaded, and the next second his brothers were behind him. It granted them passage.

”Now what? ” The fifth brother asked.

They were seven brothers from different mothers. The first and third had the same mother, and the same goes for the fifth and sixth. The second brother, fourth, and Sylas were the ones without siblings from their mothers.

The Priest had taken them from their alcoholic father and sex-working mothers, Sylas was just a few months old. The Priest told them the promising way to survive was through monkhood, but soon he turned against his beliefs and started bending them from holy Monks to beasts that hunt.

”We create a portal with the forbidden code. ” Everyone, including Sylas, nodded at this. The forbidden code is a dark jinx that was forbidden, but the Priest made them wield it to do his dirty work since he dreaded the consequences of it.

”But the Priest would be here in no time, and according to the forbidden code; the fastest means to open a portal is by using a life. ” The Second brother said, trailing his eyes on Sylas. The other followed his gaze and blinked, trying to understand his words. And soon they did, devilish grins emerged on their lips.

”Thats a rule we can break, ” Sylas said, cultivating a thick skin as if not understanding what the others were attempting to do. ”The consequences of such are very fatal and destructive. ”

”We know. ” The first brother cut in, ”But it is better than being captured here and slaughtered by the Priest. ” He spoke

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