Showbiz Rise of a Manwhore

3- Audition going wrong

”Hows his health? ” A lady asked. Her humble voice and the huge glasses on her face made her seem innocent. ”Is he gonna be alright? ” Her big eyes stared through the glasses at the man clothed in a white coat across her.

”Fortunately, Yes. But if we keep trying to prolong his treatment, his constant pass-out might get worse than it already is. ” The physician disclosed.

The lady nodded and glanced at the passed-out male on the couch. ”The director is refusing to pay his money after the incident that cost him millions. And the CEO is also thinking of terminating his contract. ”

The physician glanced at the woman, and then the male on the couch. ”Should he really be shooting a flick now? I don think hes gonna be awake until a few hours. ”

”I know- ”

She was cut off by a voice ringing from the outside. ”Shooting starts in ten minutes! ” A slight pause. ”Actors get your final touches and come on stage. ”

The lady sighed. ”That shitty director. He knows very well Sylas blacked out, and yet hes still going on with the shoots instantly. ” She turned to the physician. ”Give him something that would make him regain consciousness in a few minutes, he has a film to shoot. ”

The doctor tossed her an obscured stare. ”That might cause more harm to him, Miss Angela, he isn sturdy enough to take such high substances into his system. ” He scooped his hand into his medical kit and brought out a tiny note. ”Ive inscribed the drugs he needs, as of now he needs rest. Get these drugs for him before he wakes. It will help with the headache he might feel later on. ”

The doctor left after giving her the note.

The woman hung her gaze to the male on the couch and sighed. ”You have to wake up, Sylas. ” She murmured as she caressed his face with carefulness. ”You need to show them you aren the weak, sickly man they proclaimed you to be. ” She leaned down to peck his forehead, but Sylass eyes abruptly opened, causing her to fall on her butt in shock. ”You- you… ”

Sylas didn pay attention to the lady and stared around in confusion. A gleam displayed in his eyes. Suspicion. How did he get here? The vision he had in his mind while opening the portal had horses, carriages, and shady hearths. Not this.

He shut his eyes, trying to see if he could get into the place he had in mind.

”Thank goodness! ” The lady, Angela said as she brushed the dust off her butt. ”We better get you changed. Filming starts in three minutes. ” She attempted to get rid of the garment on his body, but he snagged her hand.

”Who are you? ” He frowns, ”You
e a woman? ” It came out more as a question. He was trying to be sure that what he was seeing was real.

Angela raised her brow. ”Don tell me you
e still feeling dizzy, ” She narrowed her eyes. ”I don want to lose my job, and neither do you. So- ” She withdraws her hand from Sylass drip and slowly helps button his garment down. ”-lets get you dressed in a new garment for your monk role. ”

Sylas caught her hand again. ”What are you doing? You can undress a male. ” He tugged her hand away and stood up. The pain in his body made him hiss. He walked with a staggering step towards the door, he didn stop when Angela yelled at him. He needed to get out of here.

”You can go out like this, ” Angela said as she went after him. ”You
e gonna make the director madder. ” But her steps were slow due to the heels, compared to the barefooted Sylas.

Sylas opened the door and walked into brightness. He noticed how crowded it was. A few people were dressed like him, this made his heart skip thinking they were his brothers.

A bald man with a director tag on his shirt walked towards Sylas with annoyance. ”What the hell, Sylas. ” His tone showed how enraged he was. ”You
e a few minutes late, and look at you; dirty? ”

Sylas didn pay attention to him and walked past him. He was looking for the exit. People were throwing strange looks at him, but he didn care. He needed to find a way to go back to the world he wanted.

Angelas voice rang from behind. ”Wait, director, ” Her heels chimed on the ground as she ran. ”His head is still foggy, ” She panted as she got close to them. ”He fainted a few minutes ago, I-I don think he knows what hes doing. ” She tried to reason with the director. She looked over at Sylas whose feet were almost at the gate. She excused herself from the director and walked towards Sylas. But what the director said halted her.

”Auctioning for Sylass role has been put into action. Its being organized the day after tomorrow. The contract has been terminated, the termination fees would be paid to your account as soon as possible. ” He walked away.

Angela remained still on the ground. This was the only movie Sylas was able to get a role in after his sickness reached everywhere. No matter how talented he was, his sickness always made the roles slip off his fingers.

She sighed and clutched hard to her bag. She made her way towards the gate as she had prepared for this moment when she left the room. She slipped out of the gate and searched for Sylas. ”Sylas, ” She called out as she watched him stand in the middle of the road, confused. ”We have to go home. ” But he wasn heeding her words as he became stuck at the center of the road.

Noticing he couldn leave the center of the road by himself, she crossed over to meet him. ”Lets go, ” She didn give him a moment to refuse and yanked him with her. She stopped a taxi and pulled him inside before he could protest. His sickness was making him appear different.

They reached the apartment in no time and entered. Angela organized the mess he created and made him lie on the couch. She excused herself to get the drugs the physician had prescribed.

As she returned, she found the couch empty. No soul was in the apartment and the window at the side was burst open.

Sylas was missing, and so was the blood bag she was told to fix on him.

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