Sixty days with the Ruthless CEO

Deal to fall in love with the CEO

en if he hears about this, I looked at the back of the man that had added one million dollars in my fathers debt. He didn turn to look at me till he entered the house. I ran in after him. He was sitting on the couch, legs crossed ad usual.

”Im sorry about the ripped shirt ” like I really mean it now, I have to be sincere with my apology maybe hell pity me.

”You are not sorry, just because you heard I added one million dollars in your fathers debt made you come back and apologize to me ” he said. To hell with him, can get see that I mean it.

”Please forgive me, it was because I was hurrying to get to the hospital, theyll be waiting for me ” I said, trying to get pity from him.

”That was why you had to tear my shirt? ” he asked. I could notice he was trying not to be angry with me. I pray he doesn get angry.

”Im sorry about your shirt. Im really sorry about it, believe me ” he looked at me and smirked mischievously.

”Only on one condition ” he said.

”What is it? ” I hope hes not trying to take me to his bed.

”Ill give you sixty days, full sixty days to be with me ” he said. I was confused, sixty days to be with him, but Im already staying with him.

”But we are already living together, so whats the essence of giving me sixty days to leave with you ” I voiced out my confusion.

”Im giving you sixty days to fall in love with me. Because your father might pay the money within a month, but because I love you and want you to love me too, I won let you go with your father when he comes to pay his debt. So instead of fighting with your father at the time he comes to release you, Ill tell him that youll be living with me for sixty days. ” he said. What the hell is he saying now, is it because I had tore his shirt. What kind of trouble have I gotten myself into.

”Is it because your shirt was tore by me, that makes you say these things? ” I asked. He stood up from the couch and walked slowly over to me, my heart was pounding fast and loud.

”Its not because you tore my shirt ” he said with s calm voice and held my chin, making me look at his handsome face.

”Then what? ”

”Its because I love you and would love to make you mine ” he confessed. I was shocked at his confession. I couldn say anything, because no word crossed my mind. ”So will you stay? ” he asked when he saw that I couldn say anything.

”Im sor.. sorry… ” I stammered.

”Leave your boyfriend and stay with me ” he said.

”No I can , we both love each other and are planning to get married next year ” I said. What the hell is he saying now, its all my fathers fault for asking him for help.

”Are you sure your boyfriend loves you? ” he asked and smirked.

”What do you mean? ” I asked. He dragged me to the couch and made me sit on it. He sat beside me and brought out and envelope from the edge of the couch. Then he handed the envelope to me.

”Thats who you are so in love with ” he said. I opened the envelope slowly and was shocked at the picture I saw. My boyfriend and best friend, the both of them naked. It broke my heart seeing them together, so Ive been deceived by the both of them. I handed the envelope back to him with tears dropping from my eyes.

”How did you get the picture? ” I need to know if hes not trying to fool me.

”I made a search about the people around you, if you had a boyfriend or not, then I saw this ” he explained.

”Oh, thanks for letting me know the people I care about are nothing but bad people ” I said and stood up from the couch, he also stood up.

”So are you agreeing to my proposal? ” he asked. I shut my eyes tightly abc exhaled.

”Yes ” I replied. ”Anything else? ” at least I need to know if hes not going to need anything else.

”Youll live with me for full twenty-four hours ” he said. I looked at him.

”Does this means that I won go to work? ”

”Yes ” he said.

” I can think straight because of everything that just happened, waking up to find myself in the ruthless CEOs room, seeing the picture of my boyfriend and best friend having sex, then I have to stop work just to live with you. Everything is just too sudden for me ” I said and cleaned the tears from my eyes.

”Im sorry for being selfish, but thats what I want. Nothing else ” he said.

”Okay then ”

”What? ” he asked.

”Ill live with you till it complete sixty days, but I don think I can fall in love again ” I said.

”You will, cause Ill make you love me wholeheartedly ” he said with determination.

”Lets see if you can ” she said and walked away, heading towards the bedroom.

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