Sleeping Chaos

Start of The Apocalypse (2)

”What he is sleeping again ” … ” Yeah I know right ” Where the Students gossiping as they targeted another student In class. Hearing the gossip The student got up. ”why are they So loud. ” This Was said by the boy as he stood up and left the Class.

A medium build body and the average height of a high-school boy. He had wavy black hair and Black Sharp eyes. His name was Yamato Asai A Third Year at Fukuoka prefecture and He was a Clinophile, [A Clinophile is a person who constantly sleeps but in exchange, they have high intellect.]

He would constantly sleep if he got the chance to and Right now his sleep was disturbed so he was heading for the rooftop.

*Clack* was the sound made by the door as he opened it. ” Why is it so hot, ” He said as he was covering his eyes from the steaming sun.

He started Scanning the rooftop for a suitable place to sleep and he saw The bench right under the shade of the building. ” This should be fine he said as he began to lay down on the bench, It didn even take a minute for him to fall asleep.


Minutes Started to pass as he slept peacefully on the rooftop, but his slumber was once again interrupted.

A huge explosion hit the city. The explosion was huge enough to wipe half of the city, The noise and impact Scattered around a 20-mile radius of the Origin.

Yamato woke up and the scene before him felt like a dream. ” Am I still sleeping ” He thought as He pinched his cheeks? ” Nope am awake ” He said as his cheeks were red from the pain.

Stud….. Students please gather at the gym, Remember to move in an orderly fashion To not cause accidents. The current situation is unknown to the School staff but we promise to ensure the safety of the students This was the announcement that was broadcasted through the speakers to the whole school.

”huh, are these people dumb if everyone were to gather in a single room of the building, Wouldn it just collapse from the explosion impact? ” Yamato thought that.

”The building is already falling apart and they want us to gather under one roof. I wonder how many will die ” He said out loud as he was looking at the clear blue sky ignoring the chaotic scene before him.

Even though Yamato understood the situation, He thought that it was their own doing if they died. The Thoughts of being a hero or What not Never Crossed his mind as he casually started descending from the rooftop.

Hey What was that explosion I don know either, but luckily the teachers are Here to explain to us right Yeah your right but didn They say they only know a little of the current situation Thats true

Yamato as He walked down the hallway would hear what the other students thought of the situation. ” Shouldn these people be analyzing the situation for themselves, ” Where The Thoughts of Yamato.

The truth was Yamato hated this kind of people, The people who only wanted to know how something happened but not why it happened.

These types of people were the ones who never sought the truth for themselves, They are the type of people who want to be told the truth. They would abide by the law that has been set for them not ever questioning why The law existed In the first place. Thats how Yamato saw the students at his school.

The reason behind Yamatos Hate was because This people reminded him of his dead Mother. His mother after hearing that his husband ( Yamatos Father) Had been Killed in an accident didn even once question the accident.

She blindly believed that this was a coincidence But She was soon driven into a crazed state When She found out That the His husband was a target for assassination. His Mother soon Died after that which led to the Current Yamatos mindset.

When Yamato was about to exit The school building he was stopped. ”Asai-senpai Where are you going ” A busty junior of Yamato. She had a small build with large breasts. Short Orange hair and wide brown eyes. The girls name was Keiko Fujimoto ”

Isn it Clear? am leaving the school ” Yamato said as his expression remained stern.

Didn you hear the announcement, Where are supposed to go to the gym

” I find it Troublesome to be in the same room with that many people ”

Then where are you going

” Home ”

What didn you hear the explosion

”I did ”

So why are you going home

”Because I want to, ” Yamato said as he continued walking towards the gate.

Keiko ran To Yamato and Hugged his hand. Come on Stop this, We have to get back inside Keiko said as She tried to pull Yamato back into the building.

Yamato saw how persistent the Girl was and he sighed. ” Why don you go back Ill come back in a while ” Yamato told Keiko so, But his expression didn change. Really Keikos eyes lit up with stars in them. ”Ye… Yeah, ” Yamato was a little hesitant to answer.

Yeah right! Senpai Do you think am dumb Keikos expression suddenly became fierce as she tried to pull Yamato into the building again. Well kind of ” Yet again Yamato answered with a straight face. ” Senpai!! ” Keiko screamed as she heard the answer of her senpai.

”(Sigh) Okay then why don you come with me ”

Huh, Keiko was Surprised by the response from Yamato.

”What do you mean huh, are you coming or not ”

Well….. Keiko was thinking as she looked at Yamato. Yes Ill come with you

Good then lets go Yamato had given up on leaving the girl alone.

Yamato was now with Keiko as they were on their way to His House. ”By the way can you let go of my arm, ” Yamato said as His little man started to rise.

Nope, I don want you to, I think youll run way from me if I let you go Was Keikos words as She didn realize The situation she put Yamato through.

After a Half-hour, They finally reached Yamatos House Wich was close to the Outskirts of The city, Far away from the explosion. Yamato opened the door and as he walked in he said with a sad expression on his face ” Tadaima ”.

He took off his shoes and went upstairs. ” Don touch anything Ill be right back ”

Keiko followed what she was told and started browsing through the house without touching anything. Wow is this your house She said as Her eyes were filled with an adventurous look In them.

*Knock Knock* Loud Banging at the door.

Ill get it Keiko said as Her eyes brimmed with excitement


”Yes am coming She said as She opened the door.


She opened the door and what she saw was terrifying. A man wearing a suit filled with blood. Parts of his body were missing as if They were bitten off.

The man slowly walked in as he opened His Mouth and jumped in to bite Keiko.

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