Sleeping Chaos

Kiss and Departure

The man slowly walked in as he opened His Mouth and jumped in to bite Keiko.

Meanwhile, Yamato was just about finished as he was putting his Shirt on, But he was disturbed as He heard the screams from Keiko downstairs.

Help!! Someone Help Were the loud screams of Keiko as she yelled for Help.

Yamato began to leave his room as He was going to Check what was happening and As he got out he stopped at the stairs as while looking at the scene of Keiko who was about to be bitten.

Keiko saw That Yamato was close and she called for help as tears were flowing down her face. Asai-san… Please….. Help me She said as her voice would sometimes stop from the tears.

Yamato looked at the situation from above and as He saw what was happening, his expression could only explain what he was truly feeling ” mendokusai ” [Meaning Troublesome or annoying in Japanese] was what his expression gave off.

After carefully examining the situation Yamato returned upstairs. Now Keiko who was already screaming for help began to lose motive as The only person who could help her went upstairs. Her arms slowly started to give out and blood from the man who was attacking her was dripping onto her face,

Keiko started to lose hope as she was closer and closer to getting her shoulder bit off.

Someone…. please help me.. anyone, anywhere please…. please Help me was Keikos thoughts as she tried to call for Help.

Keiko began to close her eyes as She thought her life was coming to an end, The man got closer and closer to her shoulder and she could almost feel his breath on Her.

*Thump* *Thump*

A metal noise Kept echoing near Keikos ear and soon The man who was trying to bite her stopped Moving.

Whats going on she thought as she slowly tried to push the man off from her Sight view and as The man fell to the floor, Keiko could now clearly see what was in front of her.

It was Yamato holding a bat covered in Blood at its edge and it had a small bump in it as if it was hitting something hard. ”Mendokusai ” Yamato said as he let go of the bat.

* Thump*was the noise it made as it hit the ground. Yamato started pulling the man outside upon finishing this He went inside and Locked the door behind him. Keiko was still at the same spot and She had pee all over her knees.

” I hope youll clean that, ” Yamato said as He gazed down upon Keiko who was on the floor.

ah y… yes Keiko responded as she still trembled from the experience.

” Am Hungry, Guess I should cook something. Come join me when you
e done ” Yamato said as He was heading to the Kitchen.

Y. Yes, Keiko responded as she was still fazed from what happened.

Yamato looked at Keiko from behind with pitiful eyes as He continued on his way to the kitchen.

One was Busy cooking while the Other was cleaning This was The beginning of a soon-to-be, wonderful relationship.


It was almost Noon and They had all finished what they were doing. Now they were sitting at the table in a dark room as they tried to enjoy a wonderful meal, But Keiko didn touch her food as she only had a dazed look on her face.

”Are you gonna eat that ”

Ahh yes. I will.

”Then why aren you eating it now ”

Thats…. thats because

”(Sigh) Are you still worried about what just happened, ” Yamato asked as he put his food down.

…. Keiko stood silent as she was slowly clenching her fist.

”(Sigh) ” Yamato sighed as He stood up and started to head for the stairs. ” You know that Personality of yours won work in the new world, ” Yamato said as His words brought shock To Keiko Because it sounded as if Yamato understood the situation. Wh… What do you mean? Keiko asked as she speedily stood up from her seat. ” You should enjoy the food while you can Because it might be the last time You eat it. ” Yamato walked away as he headed upstairs with a serious look on his.

Though Keiko didn understand what Yamato meant she thought that it would be best if she listened to him. Thats when she began eating Her food.


In Yamatos room, Yamato stood next to the window as He was looking at something below. ” So things like this are possible, ” Yamato said as his gaze didn move far from the scene he was seeing below.

People were walking in the streets, Their movements resembled that of a soulless corpse and from their mouths came out strange roars. Someone had no Hands while some had no feet, Others were eating things that resembled humans while others would run to the slightest sound They Heard. These people could only be described by one word. ” Zombies ”

” ” ” ” ”

Yamato after a while of looking at the window got tired. ” (yawn) I guess its time to sleep ” He said as he got a futon ready. ” The futon is ready, Now all thats left is me, ” He said as he got in the futon. His actions whereas if he had forgotten everything that had happened today.

Moments started to pass and Yamato had almost Completed his floating off to the stars when. (Knock knock) His door had a certain visit. ” What now, ” He said as He got up with an angry expression on his face. He went to open the door and What stood in the dark was Keiko holding her hands together as they would slowly shift their positions.

”What is it, ” Yamato said as his expression remained cold as always.

I… I have nowhere to sleep Keiko said as her face began to turn red.

” What do you mean ”

Well My House was caught up in the explosion Keiko said as She turned her head to look down.

” I understand that much but didn you see a spare room right next door? You can use that one ” Yamato said as he acted cluelessly.

The thing is. am….. am Keikos expression started to Go completely red as the words wouldn come out of her mouth.

” Yes. what is it, ” Yamato said in a cold tone.

I… I was Wondering If I Could sleep with you tonight Keiko said as her face was completely red and her body was trembling.

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