Sleeping Chaos

Sleepy Yamato(1)

What Keiko said had caught Yamato off guard, But he still accepted Her proposal, Right now they were sleeping on a single futon as their backs were facing each Other.

Keiko on the other side was nervous enough that her heartbeat would sometimes echo in the silent room.

”What was I thinking? … ” she thought as she tried to take a peek at Yamato. Her eyes almost reached Yamatos back but at that moment He adjusted his position and Keikos pursuit was stopped at that moment as her face beamed red from embarrassment.

”This is bad… Right now I can barely look at senpai, why did I have to choose his room. ” Keiko told herself so inwardly as she somehow regretted her decision and a few moments later Yamato said his first words in the situation They were in.

” Why did you wanna Sleep with me ” with a calm tone those words came from His mouth.

Yamatos words caught Keiko off guard and after a while, Keiko carefully analyzed His words so much so that she started to remember her feelings for Yamato.

”Thats… Thats ” Keiko tried to answer Yamatos question, but This was something she had kept deep inside her heart and With every passing second her resolve would only wither.

She tried to change the subject as she asked Yamato about what happened earlier at the Door.

Hearing this Yamato understood what she was trying to do, but he didn intend to pry any further as he followed along with her plan. ” Huh …what? You haven figured it out yet ” He said in a plain tone that had no emotions in it whatsoever.

Keiko thought Yamato was angry judging from his Tone so she stood silent and clenched her arms together. Yamato noticed the silent atmosphere in the air and he started thinking that She had already given up but even so he wanted to see her reaction Upon

hearing the truth.

”(sigh). Well from what Ive analyzed I believe the world Is now facing a Zombie apocalypse ” These Words had the power to cause disbelief in anyones mind and these words had just come out of Yamatos mouth.

Keiko started to think that this was a joke that had come from Yamato to lighten up the mood, but when she remembered Yamatos personality and the scene from earlier she started to doubt herself.

”Why… Why do you say that ” She asked in a low tone?

Yamato hearing this thought that it was interesting how she still wanted to know more of what he had said instead of thinking he was crazy. ” The person earlier who attacked you earlier was my neighbor and I have known him since childhood so I can vouch for him when I say he is a kind soul ” was Yamatos words as he reverted his voice into that of an emotionless machine.

Though she didn believe him completely the was still something in her heart that told her that was the truth. ” That still doesn prove his a zombie right? So why do you think he is one. ”She said as her voice would become more and more shaken as Her conversation with Yamato continued.

” Am sure you Noticed the bite marks on his body and theres also the fact that he was trying to bite you instead of strangling you or hitting you, But even with all that said it doesn prove that he is a zombie or the world is in the state of an apocalypse, So I still had to confirm My suspicions and thats when they all came together when I dragged him outside. ”

Yamato continued and then the way He spoke would slowly start to tickle Keikos skin as her fear only grew. ” So what was outside, ” She asked in a shaken tone.

” Even though our neighborhood is not an active place it was awfully quiet today, So I waited for a moment and thats when I heard growls on the street Theres also that Moment when I came back to my room and looked out the window. Thats how I saw people chasing each other on the streets while others were gathering around a dead persons corpse and eating it. ” was what Yamato said in a calm tone.

After Yamatos explanation, Keiko still had her doubts about the apocalypse but she still knew that the was no reason for Yamato to lie t, o her and out of all that she had heard, was more surprised about how Yamato was so calm. ” How….. can you say all that while acting calm, ” She said and a Quick response came from Yamato.

”Because the is no reason for me to Be afraid ”

She couldn make a comeback towards Yamatos statement as it had sounded bizarre and this caused her to think down on herself even if it was still a little.

The silent atmosphere started to form once more in the room and Keiko was In big thought as She was browsing through her feelings and their current situation.

”Senpai is Something….. I wonder if he still remembers what happened back then(hehe) probably not, after all, it was a long time ago(Sigh) ”. Those were Her thoughts.

Those thoughts stopped flowing for a while that was until she realized that they were sleeping on a single futon and That it was just the two in the big spacious House, A boy and a Girl that is.

Lewd thoughts Started to cross her mind like a falling star and these would continue like a meteor shower. Her face became bright red and she started to be restless.

Her thoughts stopped when an image of Yamato giving his hand out appeared, This was one of her memories when she was in trouble and Yamato was Helping her. After remembering this she held a serious look on Her face as Thought it was time to take action.

After a while, Keiko turned around to face Yamatos back. ” Hey, senpai ” She said as she poked Yamato who was almost Asleep. ”Y.Yes, what is it ” He answered as His voice was slightly crooked from the nice sleep.

”Could you turn Around? ” Keiko said as She slightly bit her lips and clenched her shirt. ”Huh, why, ” He said while he was turning around to face Keiko.

Their faces met and Keiko jumped in with her lips as she targeted Yamatos lips, Yamato who had just turned around was Too Slow To React Which led to them having an intimate kiss.

After a while, Keiko pulled her lips away from Yamatos. Keiko felt her lips with her fingers as She looked at Yamato in the eyes with a Resolved gaze but it was still accompanied by a load of embarrassment. She only said a few words when she turned around and started to look the other way and those were ”Good Night ”

Yamato who had just been kissed was known in a pit of confusion, but even so, his expression never changed once and he only thought one thing. ” She just stole my first kiss ” was what came to his mind.

Even though something big had happened, Yamato remained Yamato as His Sleep caught up with him sooner than later.


[Morning: Yamatos House]

Yamato was downstairs as he had a bag pack on His back and a knife in His right Hand. Yamato was preparing for something and that something was a departure. ”Right… this should be all, ” He said as he started heading for the Door.

When Yamato was about to reach the door he was stopped by the silent voice of Keiko ”Where are you going? ” It said as it showed the fact that she had just woken up.

”…. ” Yamato looked at Keiko in silence and continued towards the door. Keiko thought Yamato was angry as she looked down and clenched her fist and listened to the that opened its way for Yamato.

Yamato Left the house and as He was about to close the door he said ” Ill be right back ” With a Calm expression and tone, but this was still enough for Keiko who understood that this was normal for Yamato, So she put a warm smile on her face and said ” Please hurry ”

Yamato after leaving his House looked at the wall that was separating his house from The others. This wall was 7 meters In height and 17 meters in length, that was only one side of the wall.

Yamato observed the streets inside his yard as He tried to see if the was anything Nearby, After a while He saw that the was nothing and he started to head south of the yard where A wall Lied close to the neighbors House [ The man who had turned into a zombie and attacked Keiko.]

The section where Yamato resides is a small one and the buildings are cramped close to each other. The only thing separating them was the thin walls that lay in each yard.

Upon reaching the wall Yamato started to test if it was possible to jump from one side to The other. This could be possible if he manage to get on top of the wall, The reason being That the walls were built close to each other and They were the same in height and length, That was for all the buildings in the neighborhood.

After a while, Yamato confirmed that it was possible So he created enough distance between him and the wall for a sprint. After putting his knife inside the bag pack he began Stretching his arms and legs Then he got in a running position and set his goal for the wall.

(3….2….1….Go)He counted in his head as He sprinted to the wall before Him. When he was close enough he jumped in with one of his feet aimed to kick the wall while the Other was used to give Him a boost for a high enough jump for his hands to reach the top of the wall and a success it was as Later he pulled himself up to stand on top of the wall.


After a while, He had climbed down to the other side of the wall and was heading for the House with a knife in his hand. After checking that the door was unlocked He headed inside and closed the door behind Him.

His first destination was the kitchen, He was looking for resources that could be used to survive in the apocalypse and he had to get them before the situation became worse this was what he had realized.

He started searching the draws and if anything canned was found it would go straight to His bag. His bag was nearly full and it was time to leave when he heard a sudden growl In the leaving room.

” Didn the mister leave alone In this House? ” He thought when he suddenly realized that the Mister liked to bring women home for Fun Without hesitation he ran to the door at full speed.

Passing the door to the Leaving room he continued In His Sprint when Suddenly a naked woman with a bite mark on her neck jumped out and attacked Him.

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