Sleeping Chaos

Sleepy Yamato (2)

A naked woman with a Bite mark on Her neck jumped out to attack Yamato, This was all too quick for Yamato who was caught off guard and pushed to the ground. Yamatos knife fell close to the kitchen table Wich was in the other room.

Now Yamato was struggling to Hold the Woman back as She would move closer to His face while snapping her mouth to get a bite. Yamato tried to push the woman away numerous times, but he would only fail as the woman clung to his clothes.

Every time Yamato would push the woman up, she would return in a matter of seconds. Even so, this was enough for Yamato to scan the womans body.

Yamato has already scanned the womans body but, it was completely naked and nothing of use could be found. ” Dang it why did she have to be naked. ” at the age where boys desire naked women, Yamato was not enjoying it in the least.

As those thoughts crossed his mind, Yamato realized something. Looking at the womans pussy Yamato thought. ”She is still a woman right?… So shouldn this work. ”

Yamato took a deep breath and started to put his plan into motion. Yamato raised his right knee and Prepared to push the lady once more. ”3…..2…1…(Go) ” Pushing the woman up one more time, Yamato used the opportunity to knee bud her pussy.

(Bamm)* The sound echoed upon impact.

After knee-budding the ladys Pussy, Yamato felt that the was something inside it and after hitting it this stimulated the lady and she lost balance for a second Wich was a chance for Yamato to stand up Once more. What he saw after Standing up was a sex toy in the womans pussy.

” Thanks, mister neighbor for your weird fetish. but I still can believe that worked ” in disbelief he told himself as He prepared to face the lady(zombie). Once the zombie got up, it acted on instinct and rushed toward Yamato. Lucky the zombie had no intelligence so it came at full speed and once avoid it would crush.

The zombie crashed into a wall and without a second thought, Yamato rushed toward the Kitchen. Before he reached the kitchen The zombie was already up and was running behind him.

”Damm Why did it get up so fast. ” Yamato thought as He saw The knife under the table. The was a short distance between him and the Knife, but the Moment he crouched down to get it The zombie would be on top of him, which Was what Yamato realized.

” Come on.. think… think ” Yamato pushed himself to come up with an idea, and when he reached the table the idea had already hit him. ” well its worth a shot, ” He thought as He quickly turned around to face the zombie.

The zombie jumped toward Yamato, and With a quick response, Yamato raised his hands toward the zombie to seem like he would catch it. The zombie was aiming for Yamatos left shoulder and when he realized this Yamato tilted his shoulder to the right to avoid the bite, After avoiding it Yamato grabbed the zombies upper body and threw it on the table.

With quick movements, Yamato picked up the knife and stabbed the zombie countless times in the Head. A while later Yamato confirmed that the zombie was dead and Took a deep breath of Relief after Confirmation.

”(huff….huff..huff) Mendokusai, ” Yamato said with heavy breathing. Looking around to check if he missed anything Yamato savaged for food and resources once more and that was because He thought it would be better if he finished what he came for.

[Afternoon] Yamato held to bags with him and Was ready to jump over, He first threw the bags to the Other side and Started preparing for a jump. In a dash of speed, he rushed towards the wall and repeated the same actions as Before, soon He had reached the Other side.

”Ahhh really, Mendokusai, ” He said after picking up the bags and heading for the Door. *(Clack.. Clack)* sounds were made by the door That wouldn open. ” Huh, whats going on, ” Yamato thought.

”Whose there ” Keikos voice could be heard from the inside. Yamato held a surprised look on his face and sighed while telling Keiko that it was Him. ” Ohh am sorry ” Keiko apologized as She opened the door.

Yamato entered the house, and He was greeted by a big hug from Keiko. ” Huh …..whats this ” In a Shocked tone Yamato asked. ”Hehe am just welcoming you home, ” Keiko said with a cute giggle.

”Ohh is that so ” Yamato Left the bags at the door steps and headed upstairs with constant yawns on the way. ” Huh seriously… are you gonna leave them here, ” Keiko asked as she picked them up and transported them to the kitchen.

She didn have time to pack them as she hurried to see Yamato, When she got upstairs Yamato was already sleeping After all, Yamato was not one to exercise ” What you haven even been up here for a minute ” Keiko shouted softly enough that Yamato wouldn wake up.

” Ahh seriously, ” She said as she kissed Yamato on the forehead. ” Then guess I should prepare the food. ” With determination, Keiko told herself so.


A couple of Hours passed and it was almost evening. Yamato has just woken up and is heading for the kitchen. ” Ohh you up ” Keiko greeted Yamato with a smile as well as a delicious-looking meal. ” Yeah (Yawn) Good morning ”

”hehe ” Keiko laughed at Yamato who thought it was morning. ” Why don you enjoy it, ” Keiko said while pointing at the food on the table. Yamato quietly sat down and began to dine without any worries.

”Ohh Senpai Ive prepared a bath for you, So you can go in after finishing your food ” with a warm smile Keiko told Yamato so. Yamato looked at their smile of Keiko and asked a small question ” What about you… have you taken a bath? ”

Yamatos words looked like they hit home as Keiko was a little embarrassed at the thought of being dirty. ” No…no I haven . ” Keiko said while looking at The table. Yamato as he was eating began to look through his thoughts and there he came up with a solution.

” Then why don we Bathe TOGETHER, ” He said with a straight face…

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