Loud music and lights , the party was real wild afterall our fellow interns finally became doctors . Drinks and more drinks .

There she was standing wearing her favourite lbd , hairs open and as always stunning with heels . Her eyes were looking for someone until there was a voice – ” Aarvi ”

She turned to found her best friend Riya totally wasted and taking her name constantly.

She gasped and helped her to walk her to restroom and all of a sudden something made her stop on the way .

It was him , the one she was looking for , but why is he carrying another woman in his arms.

She shouted ” Atharv seriously, I am looking for you and you are busy having fun with other girl ? ”

He was silent , and first he put down the girl on sofa nearby and then reached Aarvi who was already on her top notch anger level .

He was quiet , and this made her feel that she is right this time.

She asked , ” This is definitely not the first time that something like this happened ”

He could feel her sore throat and the pain she was having in her heart .

And he finally broke his silence, ”And you still don trust me ” .

This made her rage higher and she shouted again , ” Dammit why don you understand trust takes time , and its been just few months, how to trust you I **ing don know ? ”

He was still in his calm state and answered

– Then lets take a break and stay friends and when finally youll trust me , well talk then.

Something inside her shattered and she was barely able to ask – Are you breaking up with me ?

”So what , everytime you see me with any girl you are ready to shoot your doubts on me and Yeah sorry , Im tired of explaining myself everytime to you . I love you Aarvi so much , more than everything Ive ever had, but this doubt game , Im not in it . Take your time to trust me if you can , till then lets take a break ”

After listening to all this she just walked away from him , tears flowing down her beautiful face . Her every nerve was paining, he was the first she ever ha

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