She remembered her professors advice about applying for pg abroad . She knew that it was always her dream to go abroad for studying and she couldn miss such an opportunity. So without giving it a second thought she applied for it. After keeping her laptop at desk she saw that both Anna and Riya were sleeping like a hog. She chuckled at this and went in the balcony to call her parents.

After half an hour of chit-chat with her brother and mother she disconnected the call And went to bed.

The next few days passed with working for Aarvi and more practice for Atharva. They couldn meet each other , not even by coincidence. She was missing his smirks and playful nature . But she knew that he was busy and so was she .

Here Atharva was restless for meeting her but the strict practice didn allowed him to do so. But he was relaxed after thinking about his weekend plan. Afterall theyll meet on weekend as planned earlier.


Aarvi and her friends were getting ready and doing makeup just then her phone buzzed.

It was a message from Atharva.

Ill be waiting in front of the girls dorm at 8 , see you ; )

She blushed while reading his message .

Riya – okay girls!!! Lets go . Ill call the cab.

Aarvi was nervous about how to say no to them and explain about Atharva , so she made an excuse.

” You guys go . Im having stomach cramps, maybe Ive to take tampons for emergency. Ill be there once Im well. ” She was acting in a weird way pressing her stomach with her hands.

Riya and Anna were shooting death glares at her . Ofcourse shes bad at lying and she can hide anything from them.

Anna – Okay spill it up . Fast , you just had your periods.

Riya – Yes , tell us .

Aarvi – So , Atharva just texted that hell pick me up at 8.

She was embarrassed. Though it wasn the first time that they caught her bad at acting.

But soon to her surprise both of them started laughing making her even more ashamed.

Riya – Arikins seriously, What are you..? Go with him obviously. You should have told us before , fine we
e going and can wait to see you coming with him .

She couldn stop her laugh .

Anna – Yeah and don forget to grab his hand as you see the chance . If possible try to have your first kiss too!

Aarvi – Thats why I didn tell you guys , you can stop teasing me . Now go , go . Bye

She pushed them out and closed the door and was blushing at the thought of first kiss.

After some time , her phone rang . It was a message from Atharva ”Im here ❤️ ” .

She smiled reading it and took her purse and as she was walking down the stairs she couldn help but smile like an idiot.

She saw him standing by the cars door wearing white plain shirt with sleeves folded revealing his veiny hands and black pants that were perfectly carving his stature. He was something she always had imagined in her dreams. She approached towards him and said greeted him.

Atharva was stunned at her body hugging black dress and open hairs looking pretty as always.

He smiled at her and opened the gate for her and they drove from there.

”Can I take you somewhere? ” He asked all of a sudden.

Unless you
e not kidnapping me and selling

Both of them laughed slightly.

Aarvi in Mind No seriously, where is he taking me if we are not going to club. Maybe he wanna do something else . Wait… Is he taking me hotel, no why would he ? I mean we both know that we like each other but i don want a direct physical thing. God this wait is killing me ..

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