After some time the car stopped , Aarvi looked out of the window it was a beach and there were beautiful lights over there.

She opened the door and went out. She was in awe of the beauty there and just when she turned to say something to Atharva , she found there was no one .

She was a bit nervous but she knew she was with him and that was safe enough. In no time a man came and gave her a rose and a card with note: ” Walk towards the light . ”

She smiled slightly and walked towards the tent.

To her surprise the firecrackers started lighting up in the sky and she was totally mesmerized by this until a warm thing wrapped with her hands .

She turned to see the most beautiful pair of eyes staring at her with so much love . She tightened the grip of her hand like she would never let it go. Both of them were watching as the firecrackers were lightning sky and their love. Then they walked towards the tent . His eyes were stitched to hers and wasn separated even for a moment.

There was a table and chairs and candles everywhere. It was like a dream for her. Just like a gentleman he offered her chair to sit and a man came with dishes and wine and arranged it on the table. Atharva gestured him thanks.

” I actually don know about your favorite food so I hope you like this . ” He was all smiles while talking to her.

As long its veg. She smiled and picked up the fork and was confused from where to start.

Just then Atharva took some carrots and brought it near her mouth. She was stunned and took it in her mouth in a sec.

Atharva laughed a bit at this .

Carrots are my favorite. She was talking while eating .

Atharva was finding it too adorable.

” Really , have some more then. ”

She nodded and then both of them ate .

After eating ,she asked So , What now ?

To her question he smirked and then ( Perfect by Ed Sheeran ) started playing . He asked her hand for a dance . This time without any reluctance she gave him her hand and was smiling from ear to ear making him blush too.

They were dancing , his hands on her waist and her hands wrapped on his shoulder and their eyes were diving into each other.

Do you read minds ? She asked smiling at him.

”Why do you think so ? ” He asked astonishingly.

How is everything the same way Ive always imagined , the beachy destination, firecrackers , candle-lit dinner , dance on Ed Sheerans PERFECT and I don even know whats next..? She was surprised.

He again smirked and moved a few meters away from her ,bend on his knees , took a box out of his pocket. There eyes never parted.

She was so restless about what was he doing ? Is he going to propose her . What !!!!! She was not ready , she can never be ready.

He opened the box . It was a chain with diamond in center.

”Dr. Aarvi Sharma ,Will you be my girlfriend? ”

He was so nervous right now.

She was shocked and so overwhelmed seeing her dream come true that tears started flowing down her cheeks. She tried to stop crying but couldn .

Yess. She said while crying.

He was smiling from his ear to ear. He got up and hugged her so tightly. She hugged him back too. He was caressing her head lightly.

”You made me so afraid by crying , I thought youll reject me . ” He said laughingly caressing her.

She punched him lightly on his chest and they hugged again.

After a while they parted and he made her wear the necklace.

Its so pretty! She was so happy with everything going on.

He cupped her face in his hands and wiped the tears gently .

He leaned towards her neck and whispered ( I love you ! ) in her ears and planted a kiss on her neck .

She shivered and was heavily blushing.

Then he looked in her eyes again and slowly the distance between their lips were decreasing.

He pressed his lips on hers. They were so soft , she was tasting like ice-cream that she had just ate.

It was her first kiss . It was feeling like his lips are on fire and hers were melting on him. She held her arms around his neck tighter , her hands brushing off his hair .

His hands were holding her waist tightly so that there was no gap between them .

He deepend the kiss , his tongue was playing with hers. He was not ready to leave her lips.

But after a while he parted as she was out of breathe , leaving her all face all red and swollen lips. He was finding her more seducing.

His hairs were messed up by her making him look more sexy.

It was not his first kiss but he had never felt like that before.

He doesn wanted to scare her so he crossed her fingers with his and then they both went back to the campus.

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