Something I’ll always regret

Love at First Sight ; )

A big room with lights and A.C and there was a girl of a 15 years on bed with ventilator. She had gun shot wound and she was awake.

Someone was tied on a chair near her bed and guess who it was , yepp Aarvi . After two- three hours she opened her eyes , not able to move, her body paining .

Who are you? she asked to the girl on bed, who was reading a book. The girl replied – ”So you are finally awake , Im Sara and why you are here long story . In short you are kidnapped ”

Whattttttt Im kidnapped , are you kidding me how can I be kidnapped I don have any rivals and i was just stepping out of a party and … I just had a breakup , I didn even had the chance to feel the grief and here am I being kidnapped , Seriously She said in a breath .

”I wish I could say its not true but dear Dr. Aarvi you are kidnapped. ”

Whh.. why me? you could have kidnapped anyone and why are there lights and A.C , ain it supposed to be dark and hot , Wait how do you know my name??

Aarvi was too much horrified to understand anything at that moment she just wanted to run out .

After silence of minutes Sara finally said ,

So its time for the long story okay ears up –

My dad is a goon and i obviously hate that so some days ago he was in a meeting with some people and i being unaware entered and the other party thought me as someone else and they shot me , so my dad called a doctor in private , you know to avoid police issues. And that doc man was unable to do the dressing after taking out bullet so my dad killed him and as everyone know you are the best known doctor in the city , so it has to be you who treats me , you know hes not a bad man , its just that he loves me too much , The End! Any questions…?

” Your dad killed him , Wtf are you guys crazy , seriously whats the chance that he won kill me even if I treat you , you people are psychopath, he **ing needs a treatment. ”

Aarvi was so much angry that if she was not tied she would have done something with that girl.

I know hes bad but being in love with your child is not a psychopath Dr. Sara was sad all she had was her Dad and no matter anything she could not afford to lose him.

Aarvi felt it and apologised for being rude.

And there was pin drop silence for next 10 minutes. and then Sara broke it.

” So will you treat me ? ”

Aarvi gasped ” Of course I don have an option like , Does it pain? ”

”Ofcourse, it doesn have any option ? ”

Both of them laughed.

This lighted the atmosphere there.

So Dr . Aarvi you are so beautiful, your bf must be someone handsome , why did he broke up with you , I am getting bored af so whats the long story Sara smirked silently.

” Haha , you just made me remember the happening, I love him but I can trust him I mean its not been so much time of us being together, and you need to earn trust .

its just hard fo me trust someone easily , and hes tired of explaining ” Tears started flowing on her cheek that were totally red because of all the fear , pain she had right now.

You don need to remember you breakup you need to tell me your love story so that youll remember why you chose him and who knows maybe youll be able to trust him . And please stop crying , you are just making me jealous of how beautiful you look. Sara comforted her.

Aarvi slightly laughed at this and then said-

” You are right so lets take you back to few months ago….. ”

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