Aarvi s POV :–

So just after my internship started , my clan was send to do a swimmer camp that is to check the health statistics of the national level swimmers . Me and my best friend Riya were so excited , yeah obviously cause we have seen all those on tv swimmers a.k.a hotties.

We entered and we
e in awe of the place cause you know looking at such a vibing place after being haunted in medical school for years was pleasuring moment for us.

Their Dean took us to the room where ugh all of them were shirtless as it was changing room and boom all my female colleagues were just mouth-watered well me included Im a human too.

And then he announced like - ” Boys – doctors and doctors- boys so they are gonna check you up if you
e fit
all so yeah be at ease and the doctors please start your work and yeah we welcome you here for the following days , have fun ”

And then work started they came one by one and we measured their height , weight , drew blood blah blah blah….

And after it finished we were all leaving to our rooms alloted, everyone left , and i was there just wrapping things up….. Until a voice came —-

” Hey, is there anyone ? Sorry , I got late due to practice and if you could do the checkup thing now..? ”

And I said that everyones gone but no worries Ill do it . I was in between the almirahs and without looking at him sat on my chair and asked Name .

”Atharv , Atharv Malhotra ” he replied .

I lifted up my head and was stunned at his eyes – shiny black sharp i was diving in them until I was diverted by his sweat dripping from his neck to perfect collar bones and then his muscular chest to his abs .

His veiny hands oh my god and his face he was so tall and charming and i just can stop describing him .

To conclude i fell for him at first sight.

He saw that i was lost so he said his name aloud and then I woke up from my dream , only to be embarrassed up. I was literally stuttering with words and i asked him his height and weight and then I took him to bed…..for taking blood of course!!!

He gave his hand and was so calm that it made me uncomfortable.

Touching his hand was a blessing trust me , he was incredibly hot .

And just aa casually i told me to not worry itll just feel a pinch.

He laughed and said Dr. ….. Aarvi right , Im not afraid of needles.

My name , it was my name it just never sounded so pretty . I was blank but came in senses and to avoid the awkward situation I said – ” Well I would be hell afraid of them if I wasn a doctor ”

He smirked , and i was like melting in front of him.

And when i was sucking his blood in syringe , he was looking at me constantly, I could notice it obviously .

And it was done . He was leaving after thanking me and then suddenly he turned and came near me , his eyes into mine and said —

”I wonder if you
e free in the evening , we are having a basketball match, you should come to watch it maybe , i heard you guys will be staying for some days ”

e playing ? ” I asked with a flirty face

”Yes, I am !! ” He replied with his seducing eyes .

”Then , Ill come ”

” Okay !! see you then ” He turned away smiling and leaving me smile like an idiot too.

I saw the spark that i used to watch in movies, it was there i could feel it and maybe he could too.

I left for my room and had an urgent need to vomit out the happening to Riya and I did it and we both were screaming with joy like idiots if we have achieved a victory thing . Riya was so excited to see my love chapters that she wanted too for a long time and that was okay -…making me shy!!!!


R : Bitch u can find a dress seriously??

A : Riii I need to look good but simple he shouldn think that Im Gaga over him.

R : Well , its true you are…!!

A : Okay , Im done , how is it ?

R : Hell fall for you right away , babyy.

And i was wearing pastel wide pants and black skinny top with one sided sleeve cut out and my hairstyle was ponytail with middle partition…. All over simple and pretty.

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