Something I’ll always regret

First kiss... almost ?

Narrator :-

So Aarvi and her clan reached the basketball area and it was crowded like hell. People were shouting the names of players. But in Aarvis mind there was only one name going on . Her eyes were finding someone in th players lane and as soon as Riya noticed it , she also started cheering ” Atharv, Atharv ” and here our girl was blushing totally.

And the players aligned in the ground and just like a star , our Macho mans entry was done by hell loads of shouts and hoots. And while walking past away the crowd his eyes just got stucked to another pair of eyes.

Yes , it was her . He smirked a little and moved on , leaving her think that its definitely not just her but whole campus is crazy about him.


The game started and the first basket was done by other team . Atharv grunted and the next was also not theirs. So Atharv just signalled his partners some trick and yesss the next basket was done by Atharv and after that he was just the star playing it like cup of his tea. And just like that they won the competition and his team lifted him up and all of them were shouting with happiness.

All Aarvi could hear was Atharv, Atharv .

She was so happy for his win and when he was lifted up their eyes met again and this time Atharv rejected to end it . He jumped down and started walking towards her with his flirtatious smile on , Aarvi was dumbstruck that what was he going to do….?

* She had always been a shy girl even when she was in her first relationship and when her boyfriend came to meet her at her friends house , she locked herself in the bathroom and was too shy to confront him .

After so many efforts from her friends she finally came out . She sat on the same sofa as him but was not at all able to look into his eyes and was just looking away.. ugh what an embarrassment Aarvi. U can do this with this guy ,haven you been so bold in all these years use that!!!!!!! *

With his every step decreasing towards her her heart beat skipped , she tried to calm herself that she can do it but his smile was making it harder and harder. Then she thought of the other girls , if they found that their heartthrob is talking to her , theyll definitely kill her into pieces. After being so much filled with terrible thoughts when he was just about to reach her , she took her bag and left in a hurry leaving Atharva and her friends with a blank on their faces.

Wow unexpected of you , Aarvi!!!!

Disappointed Atharv walked back to his team , and then all of them went to changing room . Atharv was all blank , why did she ran away ? Was he not good at game ? Or was he looking horrible with sweat but he looks more sexy with that . And keeping all the thoughts aside he took the shower.

His team asked him for a party at club but he refused and said that hes tired and going to rest in dorm room. They all left. Atharv went to take a walk . He was wearing hoodie and boxers looking Uber hot!!!


Here our super embarrassed Aarvi was surrounded by her glaring eyes of friends in the cafeteria sipping coffee.

” I was just so much nervous guys . Seriously you know my history right !! Im bad with confidence and boys. ”

Riya – Still you can just run away like that , what would he be thinking right now !!!!

Anna – obviously , what a wierdo shes !!! He would be thinking that …

Aarvi – Buzz off guys!!! Im already high of it stop it and go back , Im going take some fresh breaths , i guess my lungs too much filled with guilt.

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