The weather was perfectly fine with breezy air though it was still summer.

She was walking with so many thoughts in her mind , Will he really be mad at me, cmon we are not even a thing why will he be?

”Doc , you ghosted me..? ”

A voice came from behind , enough to give her goosebumps. She knew it was him , just by the voice .She turned around to find him looking so irresistible . In the dilemma to what to answer , afterall it was true that she has ghosted him , and there was no chance that she would be able to do it now .


She saw her phone.

It was a message from Riya :–

” Don lose this chance , all the best for your date Babygirl. ”

She looked here and there and found Riya and Anna peeking from a shrub.

She was stunned at them. And finally she looked at him .

” Why will i ghost you , its not like it was a date a.. and an urgent call came so I had to take it…. Yeah. ”

{ She made up an – on the spot excuse, I envy you Aarvi ; ) }

” Ok Ill buy it ” He answered firmly.

So would you mind a walk ?

Not at all she smiled a bit . Why will she mind , shell love it .

So both of them were walking aside each other , silence was taking place . He was secretly peeking at her . The wind was touching her face and her hair flicking was so fascinating, it was difficult for him to look away , and she caught him.

To avoid the awkwardness, he asked –

” So what check-ups are gonna be tomorrow ..? ”

You guys will have an ECG and a overall heart health check .

” Will you be there ? ”

Uh.. No I am not assigned the duty so its an off for me.

” Why you should come ? ” He wanted her to be there, with him.

Even I wanna be there, you know heart fascinate me . she chuckled.

” Not a problem, you can check mine now . ”

He took her hand and placed it on his chest with his palm touching her hands back and her palm touching his chest.

Everything stopped , she could feel his chest muscles, his heart , that was beating so fast , Was it for her ? She was feeling so hot . Her cheeks red and burning . She slowly lifted her head to meet his eyes that were already looking at her with…. Love . Her gaze moved down to his lips. She wanted her first kiss to be with him , now , never gonna be the best moment then this. It should be now.

He was intensified with her red face and beauty in the moon light . She was perfect. They were perfect.

He leaned and just when there lips were few cms away . Something came in Aarvis mind and she backed off . She doesn wanted to but she had to.

I.. Its late , I should go back to dorm.

” Yeah.. Take care. ”

She nodded and left.

He watched her as she went away. He wanted to stop her , but he couldn . He headed back to his room too .


Just as she entered the room. Riya shouted :

Why would you do that ? It was such a chance , your first kiss with the most hottest guy. I just don understand you

She was upset and disappointed.

Aarvi knew this was going to happen. Anna was not even talking to her.

” Guys!!! It was not the right time . I mean i hardly know him for a day . I don want my first kiss to be with a person whos a player and you know his gaze , his touch all of them are just so perfect that my mind can stop imagining wild stuff about him . If hes the right guy hell wait , and i want to take things slow. Please Im sorry but you need to understand me… ”

Okay her answer satisfied me and the girls too.

All of them became emotional and hugged each other.

Riya and Anna knew that how she don wanted to be played again with her feelings , because of her relationship history .

The girls went to sleep .

Though sleeping today was impossible for her and him too….

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