Atharva has never been rejected ever by any girl. And when it comes to kiss , girls die for him. He wasn able to understand that why did she backed off. Is it that she is not into him…?

*Call* on Atharvas phone

It was his younger sister Tara.

He picked it up and as usual Tara started narrating her daily things as if he was her diary. After she stopped , Atharva asked –

” Hey Tara if you are done with your daily shit ,…. I gotta ask you a thing?. ”

Yepp, go for it A.T

” So its like i just met a girl, she is beautiful. And there something about her, shes just so irresistible, you know what kind of player I have been but this time its just so different.

I wanna be with her so I initiated our first kiss and she backed off , I mean i saw it in her eyes, the feelings for me but its just confusing me , if you know anything cz you girls understand each other better? ”

Wow, I can believe a girl ditched you.. and if it comes to backing off , I think she wants to go slow and doesn want to get in temporary hookup thing so if you don want the long going book as I know who you are , then just let her go . Shes not your type .

Tara couldn stop laughing.

” You know what , Im tired of hookup shit , Im gonna go for her no matter how much time she takes, Im ready. ”

Woah seriously, this is a huge news . Atharva Malhotra is serious about a girl .

Atharva , pissed of by her laugh disconnected the call.

For the first time in his life except for swimming, he was clear about a girl . He chuckled after thinking about her embarrassed face.

He went to sleep .


Alarm : Beep Beep , 4:40 a.m.

Riya – Switch it off Aarvi , Ill kill you .

Riya was pissed off by her daily alarm .

Aarvi switched it off and got dressed in her jogging trousers and crops ,tied her hair up.

She hadn slept all night but has to follow her routine so she went out to jog.

She was jogging with her favourite music on fire in earbuds. She saw that in yoga area all the girls were gathered and looking at somewhere , curiously she checked out who they were looking at and was left amazed with the view.

It was him , yes our heartthrob Atharva. He was running shirtless and only boxers . The way he was all sweaty, his hair messed up and wet , his perfectly toned abs and calves. Oh that was indeed an incredible view.

Aarvi was enjoying this scene unless she remembered what happened last night , nope she couldn face him after ditching him again. He was running towards the side where Aarvi was .

She knew she had to hide but where, in the bushes – no they are too short . At last she just placed a hand near her face and started jogging.

In no time Atharva crossed her. She sighed in relief and removed her hand.

” Good morning Dr. Aarvi. ”

She was shocked at this and turned around to find his hottie all red and sweaty and smiling at her. It was looking that he was fine with what happened, so she calmed herself and replied to him with a smile.

Morning !! So your workout done..?

” Yepp almost . So what are you gonna do next. ”

Umm maybe Ill eat something first

” Cool !! Our cafeteria has the best sandwich for sure. ”

Well I would love to try it .

”Okay maam ” He said with a scoff.

Aarvi smiled from ear to ear at this gesture. She already was head on heels for him.

When they were walking , she suddenly remember the prying yoga gang eyes on them. She knew that she is gonna be in a problem for taking their macho man. But who cares , she was loving being with him.

” By the way I don have your number , I mean if i fell ill i need to have a doctors no. right .. ”

He said with his hands caressing his messy hair.

Aarvi knew what he meant , she laughed and asked – Your phone ..?

”Umm yeah . ” He took out his phone from the pocket and gave it to her.

She saw the wallpaper, it was his childhood photograph with his mother.

Is it you..? You were so cute back then.

She was totally mesmerized by his photo .

”Cmon Im more sexy now. ” He smirked.

She laughed at him and dialled her number and gave it to him.

Call me when you
e ill .

”Totally . ”

They walked towards cafeteria together. Everyone was watching them. And the news spread eventually fast that their college hottie has a new girl on his list!!!!!

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