It was crowded as usual. But our macho man found a spot and gestured her to take a seat , she nodded and he went to take the order .

She was looking here and there and saw that everyone was looking at her , maybe coz she was with their hottie . After a while Atharva came back with two sandwiches and pair of cold coffee .

”Here, try it . ”

She pour some sauce over it which made him smile a bit .

What ..!! Why are you laughing.?

” I hate sauce , even the smell . ”

Jeez!! seriously how could you hate , you are totally opposite of me She chuckled while biting her sandwich.

Its delicious, Woah !!! She was eating and talking at same time.

Atharva was finding her so adorable at the moment when sauce was all over her upper lips.

”You have sauce here. ” He gestured on her lips.

Where ..? She wiped her lips but there was still some on the corner.

He was smiling and the next moment he moved forward and wiped her lips corners sauce with his thumb and licked it .

Aarvi was stunned , she gulped the sandwich that was in her mouth. Her eyes widened, for her it was like a romantic movie scene going on.

”Well , I guess its not that bad. ” He smirked .

Everyone in the cafeteria paused including people, they have never seen such a scene. Just after seconds the news spread in group chat that Atharva licked sauce from a girls lips. Girls in chat room were fuming with anger . Only if they would have find who it was , they would have already turned her into ashes.

Aarvi ate the leftover sandwich in one go , took the coffee and got up.

The burger was really nice , I mean the sandwich . Thanks , Ill treat you next time . Ive to go my friends must be waiting for me , overall thanks…. She was stuttering while talking to him.

”Yeah , See you then . ” He knew she was stunned but he had to do the move to tell her how he feels about her.

She nodded and was leaving and looking back continuously and the next she bumped to pole .

”Watch it. ” He got up in worry.

Im fine , Yeah… Bye. She ran back to dorm .

Atharva stood there just laughing at her silliness.

And then he went back to practice in the pool area.


Atharvas roomate a.k.a buddy Ronnie came –

Okay , so i heard a news that you licked a girls lip sauce . Is it true..?

”Yeah , I like her and Im gonna court her . ”

Atharva adjusted his glasses and splashed in the pool .

Looks like you
e serious for her , Whos she..? Ronnie asked teasingly.

” Aarvi , one of the interns that have came recently. ” He smiled from his ear to ear.

Man!! Ive never your this smile . She definitely got something to make you drool over her. Look at you smiling like an idiot.

Ronnie exclaimed.

Both of them were practicing and chatting things about each other.


Here our Aarvi was totally blanked and just ran back to her girls and spilled out everything that took place.

” Whattt!!!!! Woahhhhh ” Riya and Anna both exclaimed together in happiness.

Girl he definitely likes you , it was a sign. Riya explained her .

Really . Should I be happy but i am so much nervous . Aarvi was worried , cmon its not like you have forgot her dating history.

”Everything will be fine , chill !! the most hottest guy likes you. You just have to wait for him to propose and when he does, say yessss!!! ” Anna said excitingly.

You know what , Im going to shower. You guys have gone mad , keep up with that. Aarvi took her clothes and wild thoughts to shower off.

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