Something I’ll always regret

Clubbing or somewhere else?


The swim team entered. One by one the interns did their check up. As like last time Atharva was not late instead he was the first . After the checkup he came out , he saw someone and was trying to escape . But before he could , the coach called him and there was no way he could ignore that , so he went.

The coach patted his back loudly and hand him over some books to return to library. In his defence he said that hes going the other way , but the coach didn let him go . At the end , Atharva took the books and went to library unwillingly.


Atharva entered and went near librarian.

Librarian (woman) :- What a scene !!! The Greek god himself came today.

Atharva :- Okay .. here are the books .

He was pissed at her obviously.

Librarian :- Fine, you have to wait a while .

Atharva nodded and was roaming here and there .

Just then his eyes fell at a figure and spontaneously his pissed off face was taken by a wide smile.

Yes , it was her. She was wearing pink hoodie and blue straight jeans with a crossbag and hair tied into low pony.

She was trying to reach the book in the upper case and was unable to get it.

Atharva stopped smiling and went from behind her and took the book which she was trying to get.

She was startled and turn back to find him smiling with book in his hand .

He was so close to her , unknowingly she was also smiling back to him.

When she came to senses , she took the book from him.

” What are you doing here, the check-ups done..? ” Aarvi was trying not to look in his eyes.

Yepp, I was just here to hand over books . By the way you are looking cute He said and walked to the counter leaving her face flushed with redness.

After few seconds Aarvi came to the counter and asked for the books .

Then they both left together. Aarvi has 4 books in her hand so Atharva took all of them from her hands .

”Ill help , guide me to your room . ” He pouted.

Aarvi knew she couldn change his mind so she just simply agreed.

They reached her dorm room. Surprisingly no one was there. She opened the door , Atharva went in and placed the books on table and his hand was still on the upper book.

Unknowingly Aarvi thanked him and stacked her hand on his. She was shocked to digest that what she just did.

Atharva slipped his hand out an crossed his fingers with hers. Adding more nervousness in her heart. His face was stern as he was hell serious.

Her heart was beating so fast and loud that it scared her if he could hear her heart beat.

His hand was warm and soft and so good to hold unlike her cold ones.

Her eyes were stiched to his . Just then the amigas aka Anna and Riya entered. Just in time Aarvi took her hand back and was smiling awkwardly to them.

Riya and Anna together :- You must be Atharva.This is Riya and Anna and you already know Aarvi.

” Uh.. yes. Nice to meet you guys. ” He glanced a bit at Aarvi and then at them.

Woah , you
e so handsome from closeup. Riya was looking at him adorably.

To break the fan moment there Atharva asked them ” Me and my boys are going to club on the weekend if you guys would come , itll be fun there. ”

Sureeeeee!!!! Riya and Anna said loudly and looked at Aarvi to say something. Even Atharva looked at her making a cute face.

Yeah … Yeah well join. Aarvi said nervously because of the way Atharva was looking at her.

” Cool , then Ill see you guys later . ” Atharva was leaving and all of a sudden he turned back and winked at Aarvi and went away.

Aarvi was stunned but soon she relaxed that Riya and Anna were not looking there.

Anna :- Hey Ari , Why are you so red ? Is it because of the macho man.

She said teasingly.

Aarvi :- Shut up Annie .

And then both of them were giving her smirks , irritatingly she threw a pillow at them and went to bed with her laptop.

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