Soulbound Lovers

Heart to Heart

Five hours after she woke up, Liu Qinglan was having second thoughts.

However, she was nothing if not faithful.

Since she had made the promise, she couldn go back on her word even though she was tempted to run away from the stone gambling market.

What was I thinking? She chastised herself.

She didn know anything about jade or jade stone gambling.

By agreeing to Gu Haoyus request, she had allowed her dream to affect her reality.

How could I waste ten thousand on stone gambling?

Liu Qinglan was aggrieved.

If she lost the ten thousand yuan, she would have to make up for it in other ways.

Those ways included selling more of her designs or working more hours.

Even then, it would take a long time before she could recover the wasted ten thousand.

However, Liu Qinglan did not plan on fleeing, irrespective of her panic.

Gu Haoyu was not real, but he was her friend.

This was the first thing he asked of her, and she wanted to comply.

I am ridiculous. She laughed at herself and then walked to the first trader.

The trader was a middle-aged man of about fifty.

His stones were laid out on low wooden pallets, and she counted twenty stones.

Each stone was placed half a metre from the next, and all were different sizes.

Some were the size of a head, while others were small as an egg or large boulders of more than one metre.

Having never gambled on stones before, Liu Qinglan didn know what to do.

She walked to the end of the display and stood in front of the first stone.

It was a quarter metre wide and looked like an ordinary stone.

Liu Qinglan stared at it and then sighed before she bent down.

He said to touch the stone but didn say what is supposed to happen.

She placed her right hand on the stone while forcibly suppressing the expectation in her heart.

However, nothing happened.

This is what happens when I allow my mind to engage in flights of fancy.

Her lips curled up in self-derision, but she couldn keep out the sorrow in her heart.

What did I expect?

What immortals? What universe? Here is all there is.

She was about to move her hand when the stone began to warm.

Liu Qinglan gasped in surprise and turned back to the stone.

However, something had changed when she looked at it this time.

Rather than the brown surface of weathered rock, a white light covered the stone.

The white light was muddled with some browns and greys, but it was definitely not the brown of stone.

What is going on? Her thoughts raced, and she tried not to panic.

That stone is a low-quality nephrite. Its worthless.

Gu Haoyu?

Liu Qinglan was shocked when she heard the voice in her head.

Up until now, all their interactions happened within her dreams.

While she was happy to hear his voice, she was also afraid.

She worried she had lost her mind, but couldn bring herself to care too much about it.

Move quickly, I can stay for too long.

Liu Qinglan moved to the next stone and repeated the process.

Unfortunately, Gu Haoyu didn like that stone either, and they moved on to the next.

For the next three hours, Liu Qinglan examined hundreds of stones, but none of them impressed Gu Haoyu.

The jade in your world is too poor.

This is the stone gambling market. The good jade wouldn be here.

After Gu Haoyu asked her to go to a place that sold jade, Liu Qinglan did her research.

In Xingshan city, there were many places for stone gambling.

However, the market was the only place she could afford to go.

Buy that one. Gu Haoyu suddenly said.

Liu Qinglan looked at the stone she was touching and saw it had an orange glow.

The glow was not intense, but it was the purest she had seen so far.

”Can I get the price for this? ” Liu Qinglan called, and an old lady came running.

”Miss, do you want to buy it? ”

”How much is it? ”

”I was going to sell it for seven thousand, but I will give it to you for six thousand five hundred. ”

Liu Qinglan gritted her teeth.

Seven thousand yuan was a lot of money, and she didn want to part with it.

However, she had committed and could only go through with it.

”How about six thousand? ”

”Miss, six thousand is too low. ”

”Six thousand three hundred, and I will pay right away. ”

The old lady thought about it for a moment and reluctantly agreed.

”Do you want to cut it? ”

It was Liu Qinglans turn to hesitate.

She didn know anything about cutting the stone and needed someone to help with that.

However, the market was open.

If she was lucky to get a good jadeite, there was no telling what would happen.

As if seeing her struggle, the old woman smiled.

”Don worry, there is a private tent over there. ” She pointed to the side, and Liu Qinglan saw a line of tents.

”Alright, I would like to have it cut. ”

The woman led her to a tent and delivered her to a stone cutter.

The cutter was a young man, and he talked incessantly as he dealt with the stone.

”Is this your first time? ” He asked.

”How did you know? ”

”You look nervous. ”

Liu Qinglan sneered in self-mockery.

The rational part of her mind told her that all her actions were crazy.

However, the whimsical part of it simply didn care.

What if she was crazy?

What if she had succumbed to a flight of fancy?

She was only human.

Once in a while, she was also entitled to something stupid.

”There is some orange. ” The young man said, and Liu Qinglan focused her mind.

After seeing the orange, the young man was more careful with how he cut.

Fifteen minutes later, the stone was fully cut, and an orange jadeite was revealed.

”Its about one hundred grams of good quality orange jadeite. You should be able to get at least half a million for it. ”

His voice was filled with envy, and Liu Qinglan froze in shock.

All this time, she hadn allowed herself to hope.

Now that it happened, she couldn react for a moment.

”Thank you. ” She took the jade and gave the young man five hundred yuan.

Although five hundred was a lot, Liu Qinglan was grateful.

She also hoped the five hundred would be enough to keep his mouth shut.

Still, she didn dare to linger around the market.

Instead, she grabbed a taxi and went to one of the jade stores she found during her research.

Less than an hour later, she left the store with an extra nine hundred thousand in her account.

Gu Haoyu? She called.

What is it?

Thank you.

The man did not answer, but she could feel his smile as he disappeared from her consciousness.

I will see you when I sleep. She thought and then took a taxi home.

Although nine hundred thousand was not a fortune to most people, it was so for Liu Qinglan and Liu Qingfeng.

With nine hundred thousand, she could buy Qingfengs school stuff.

She could even afford a bicycle to help him with his daily commute.

As a bonus, Liu Qinglan didn have to sell her designs.

Although she didn have a chance to attend university, Liu Qinglan dreamed of becoming a fashion designer.

She knew she was talented in this area and this talent had more than once kept food on their table.

”Sister, you seem to be in a good mood. ” Liu Qingfeng stated when Liu Qinglan entered the house.

It was rare to see his sister smiling, and this time, she was even humming a tune.

Granted, it was out of tune, but the point was in the humming.

”We have money. ” Liu Qinglan didn mean to hide the money.

Her family only had two people, and she liked to be as honest as she could.

Although she couldn talk about Gu Haoyu, she wanted her brother to know about the money

In this way, they could both enjoy the holidays without worrying about the upcoming school year.

”Really? ” Liu Qingfeng smiled happily, but his face fell in the next moment.

”Sister, you didn … ”

”What are you thinking? ” She flicked his forehead and rolled her eyes at him.

”I didn do anything shameful. ”

Liu Qingfeng sighed in relief.

He knew his sisters character, but he also knew she would do anything for him.

At times when things were worse than usual, he worried his sister would sacrifice more than she should.

”How did you get it? ”

Liu Qinglan blushed and avoided her brothers eyes, ”stone gambling. ”

”Stone gambling? ”

Liu Qingfeng didn know what to say to that.

Stone gambling was a popular sport amongst the rich, but people like them didn have enough to eat, let alone gamble.

He couldn believe his level-headed sister had gone to gamble.

However, he couldn be angry at her.

Although he wanted to be angry, he couldn find it in himself to be cross with her.

She was a twenty-one years old girl who wore second-hand clothes and shoes.

Even then, those second-hand things were only bought because she had outgrown her old ones.

Otherwise, Liu Qinglan wouldn spare a thought for her own needs.

Thinking of this, Liu Qingfeng really couldn be angry.

”If there is money, buy something good for yourself. ” He said.

When she heard that, Liu Qinglan smiled and thought that all her sacrifices were worth it.

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