Soundless Death

1 - Who am I ?

A long time ago, a man tall enough to be called a giant was worshipped by thousands of people. He had gigantic arms, as big as a whole house. He was granted a peaceful life of glory where he worked to protect the villagers from vile monsters in exchange for food. He was the first trespasser.

People have always wanted to be blessed with a miracle from the heavens since the beginning of time.

The very few who were granted such blessings are called trespassers. No one knows exactly why they were selected, nor who picked them, but their powers are undeniably real.

Some were granted magical powers, some were granted a deep understanding of the human body, and some were… cursed.

To put it bluntly, trespassers are people chosen by the Fate Lords and bestowed with strength. Sometimes its a blessing while in other cases its a terrifying curse that puts its host through misery.

Each trespasser can use its power however he sees fit…if he could control it that is.


All logic seems not to work when I exist. People die suddenly, monsters befriend me, angels try to kill me, and devils as strong as mythology gods want to gain my favor.

Who am I, you ask? Thats a good question but not one I can answer directly, for now.

Why? Due to the twenty men in front of me.

They are riding squirrels big enough to be mistaken for elephants. They stopped two hundred meters away from me.

Some of them are drawing complicated circles on the back of the squirrels, while others are making some weird gestures with their hands while directing them at me, and the two at the front are… well cutting their hands in a desperate attempt to stop the so-called beast.

Why are they framing me as a beast? Thats probably because any human or animal dies instantly if they are even twenty meters away from me.

I don control it, but apparently, life just ceases to exist wherever I am, no one can escape the soundless death, not even warriors, knights, or heroes. Everyone is equal. As I always say, death d

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