Soundless Death

3 - Fear Is Eternal

Am I still alive? What is this light? Wait where am I?

”Greetings, my dear friend. ”, said the tall two-horned man. He was dark-skinned, and at least 200 centimeters tall. His smile was as bright as that of a toddler. In contrast, his dark eyes were almost lifeless, which showed just how contradictory he is.

”Why am I here, Khaos? ” I asked in a calm manner.

”For the sake of maintaining balance, my friend. ”

I wasn in the mood to entertain him by engaging in such foolish yet deep conversations so I just replied with a simple ”If you say so ”.

I looked around and noticed just how arranged the room I stayed in was.

It was bright, really bright as if there was no roof to this room. However, no fuel lumps nor candles were seen. There are no windows either. It made me wonder how the room was illuminated.

The scent was unorthodox, to say the least. A mixture of white and black, hot and cold, summer and winter, life and death, could be felt. I was not only able to experience all of these different and opposite feelings at the same time. I was even on my way to another world filled with chaos by the simple act of sniffing this cursed perfume. I couldn get it out of my nose nor did I want to.

I continued to look around with curiosity in the same way a toddler looks at his toy for the first time.

I stood up ignoring my savior and tried to touch the ten-person bed in the center of the bedroom. The silky golden sheets were enough to captivate my attention, as I had never personally touched such fine fabric before. Nevertheless, the gloomy pillows made me question this mans taste.

I sat on the bed the same way a king sits on his throne then I said after a long pause, ”When will I exit the never-always realm, Khaos? ”

”Can you please clarify what you are implying here? ”

”Khaos, even though this is my first time in your realm, don forget that my knowledge is immeasurable due to the millions of memories engraved into my essence, including those of the primal devil Timere. ”

”In light of your curse, I almost forgot about its side effects. Well, Ill tell you when you
e allowed to leave the never-always kings bedroom, my friend. ”

”Allowed? Even this room cannot withstand my curse for long, right? Even if this realm doesn differentiate between life and death, my curse will still find a way to eradicate every existence here. ” I said with a pained look in my eyes.

”Certainly, one chaotic realm cannot stop the Soundless Death, but three realms can hold you for a while, don you agree? ”, said the chaos devil with a smirk.

”Three? ” I didn understand what he meant until I saw my hands aging forward and backward each second in cycles. ”Don tell me Vita and Temporis are helping you? ”

”Yes, they are, I mean if they didn , your curse would have merged all the realms and slaughtered every life within them ”, responded Khaos whose hands were shivering at the simple thought of what could happen. ”As I was saying, you shall stay here for two decades, or until a powerful vessel made from flesh and bones complex enough to hold your soul is born. ”

I felt sudden relief, a strange sense of ease enveloping my soul.

I lay down on the bed thinking `I can finally rest´.

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