Soundless Death

4 - Soundless Death

A whole village surrounds me. Thirty men, thirty-six women, and twenty-one children. A total of eighty-seven people are all on their knees begging and pleading for mercy.

”Please stop, just stop! ”

”We will never try to harm you again. ”

”We only want to survive. We
e begging you to stop. ”

All kinds of cries came from their mouths. I didn comprehend what was happening until I looked behind the villagers. Just a few meters away, hundreds of dead corpses were aligned in two lines, as if making a passage for the demon king himself.

There was no blood, and no signs of stabbing could be seen. A man can wonder all day long with no answer other than poisoning coming to mind.

The scene was terrific. Dozens of poor peasants kneeled to a child while despising themselves from the inside. It is their hopeless side that they hate, their weakness that they abhor, and the murderer of their friends and families that they fear.

I felt the need to explain myself to such fragile creatures. I don control this. Im really sorry. There is nothing I can do about it. Of course, I couldn bring myself to utter such words, not because I enjoyed this scene, nor because of my pride.

I want them to hate me, or should I say they need to hate me.

People need to redirect their emotions, negative and positive, to something or someone, or else they break. Not because they are weak, but because of how strong their emotions are.

The moment I explain my hopelessness, their whole world will crumble. Everything that happened to them would be considered nothing but a random accident.

They will hate themselves and they will drown in self-pity throwing whatever they had under the bridge.

So I will say instead ”Thats what you deserve for sharing the same ground with me. ”

Their teeth started clashing, they started pressing their heads on the ground aggressively, and their hatred and fear of me grew larger and larger. I could almost see their loathing manifesting itself.

Good. Good. Thats how it should be.

I walked away as soon as the sun rose from the horizon.

Wait, isn this the twenty-eighth memory Im seeing already? Why am I reliving the-

Oh, they have to be kidding me. Somnium, that horrendous dream devil is also with them. Trying to trap me in my own body, huh?

I tried to wake up. Of course, I couldn . Khaos must have played with the rules of existence making every human in the never-always realm asleep or something.

I can even hope to die from hunger due to Vita keeping me alive with her life energy transmission.

I hate how hopeless I feel right now. But I can risk loosening the grip on my curse in an attempt to nullify this eternal dream. Well, I can always use Temeres curse. Even dreams are afraid, right?

Lets hope this works. ”Rodoloye Mipo Doxedoyeulelobve ”, I shouted, and suddenly everything started trembling, from the ground to my hands.

Darkness swallowed this world. The place became darker and darker by the second, and my shaking legs were giving me a hard time standing.

Why am I here? I hate this place. I hate this curse. Why did I use it? I am afraid, I am really afraid. Why am I afraid? My mind is blank too, I just can seem to focus. I can even see clearly. Blurry is an understatement of how unclear my vision is.

Focus, you stupid shit. You knew something like this was bound to happen. I mean this is a primal curse for gods sake.

Just wait, in a few seconds, all of this is going to just disappear, including this abnormal sense of insecurity and anxiety. This is better than killing four realms residents at the same time.

After a moment of dread, I could feel the fear of the dream spirits, which means that Im gonna wake up in no tim-

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