Soundless Death

5 - One big of a gamble

My jaw dropped as I realized the beast had fallen asleep as soon as he laid down. The extent to which he is confident about his curse is really mind blowing.

I do get where he is coming from though. Two of the `Ancient Concepts´, Vita and Temporis, alongside me, a primal devil, are doing their darnedest to establish a domain stable enough to hold the beasts curse.

I really hate how stable my chaotic realm has become.

I hate the clarity to which my mind has been subjugated.

Life is becoming more and more meaningless as Vita and Temporis merge the never-always realm with the eternity realm and the timeless realm.

I cannot even stress in peace due to how unchaotic the realm is evolving.

Why is it always my duty to preserve such unique existences? My unorthodox bedroom barely survived the last one. It is evident that the beast is far more harmless than Darkness, the last prisoner.

But even I cannot know for sure which one of them is more dangerous when triggered.

Nevertheless, I think of the beast as one of my own. He is the only one who makes as much mess and suffering as the dragons after all. It is unfortunate that even he cannot tame his own power.

Why am I able to concentrate? Usually, I would not be able to speak smoothly in this room, much less think for more than a minute without having a mental breakdown.

Ah, I already miss my constant pain, and my endless discomfort.

I wa-

”Phew, finally I come in ”, declaredthe vile devil.

He was a short man. He came out of nowhere. His hands were inconsistent. One was long and slippery while the other was short and appeared as rigid as steel. His legs were the only thing natural about him. I couldn see his face clearly but his sleepy gloomy eyes indicated instantly that he was the dream king, the dream devil.

”What made you come all the way here, my sleepy friend? ”, I asked with a smile.

”I must entrap the beasts consciousness within his soul as quickly as possible. ”, said the usually gloomy devil with uncommon terror in his eyes.

”Why is that exactly? ”

Finally, disorder and mess befitting my name.

”His death caused the curse to grow larger. ”

The expression on my face showed my disappointment when I replied, ”This has already been handled. ”

”No, you do not get it. The curse intensified. The stronger his self-awareness is, the more people will die, and the fewer will dream. ”

His reply excited me and I was as happy as a kid who got his first toy.

”How can his curse have any effect? He has already been trapped here, so it has no effect. ”

”His curse… travels through dreams now. It has become a nightmare as terrifying as my own mother. It comes hunting anyone who is fearful or anxious about death. I am not sure how or why exactly. The people who were unlucky enough to see it, died a silent but painful death. Only few lived to tell the tale, perhaps a dozen or less. The lucky survivors call it : the soundless death. ”

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