Soundless Death

6 - The Plan

”-in no time! ”, I cried as I opened my eyes.

”No way! ”, said the short bizarre guy. His face screamed astonishment despite not having any facial traits. The memories of Temere show that he is the king of dreams.

I guess his plan to nullify me didn turn out as planned, huh?

Well, I don think he put into consideration the memories I have of the Fear Devil, Temere, himself.

But why did he want to trap me inside my body if I was already trapped in this inescapable realm?

My curiosity got the best of me so I asked ”What is the meaning of this, king of dreams? ”

His face turned pale the second I pointed at him with my finger. I wonder why?

A giggle escaped Khaoss mouth. He laughed quite hysterically.

It was a fun scene to see, especially after barely escaping eternal imprisonment.

The panic in the king of dreams eyes and the unrestrained laughter of Khaos made were testing my limits. Even I can endure this for longer.

After that, I started giggling like a husband whose son asked when his sister would be circumcised.

Khaos started laughing even more. My competitive side started showing so I laughed louder.

In no time at all, the quiet room was transformed into a battlefield where you could only survive by laughing louder than your opponent. The confused dream devil joined in the fun as well.

After a few minutes of what seemed like the happiest time in my entire life, I looked at the dream king again and asked him ”Now, why did you try to entrap me? ”

With as much warmth as I could muster, I attempted to convey that message.

His face turned from panic to shame. He looked down for what seemed like forever and uttered the following words, ”Your curse just killed over a thousand men, women, and children in two nights by traveling through the dream world. ”

Silence filled the place.

My curse can do that? Of course.

Not a single second wasted, huh? Even in this goddamn prison, I can rest. You always have to ruin everything. Not even the most complex realm in existence is enough to hold you down.

I glanced at Khaos. His face showed it all. Even he pitied me.

”What if I became the curse? ”

My words echo in this chamber.

”What do you mean? ”, the two devils said in sync.

”I mean what if I become the personification of the Calamity curse? ”

Suddenly, their eyes were filled with terror instead of pity.

”But- ”

”My soul is strong enough to contain the curse, but thats only for now. ” My interruption caused the two to look at me like a madman.

”No matter where the curse originated, I am its host. It needs me. It is a curse. As all trespassers know, curses and blessings are alive as long as the host is alive, and as the curses and blessings grow stronger, the soul of the host weakens. The curse I have is obviously unusual, as Death cannot obliterate it. However, it remains a curse. ”

”No, no, no, this would mean risking the total destruction of your soul, which would mean total annihilation for anyone in the same dimension as you or even beyond. ”, shouted the king of dreams.

”That, or the risk of losing one of the pillars of existence. As you already know, my curse can even kill a primal devil. Ancient concepts such as life itself, Vita, are not exempt from its wrath. Yes, it probably won occur tomorrow, nor next week, and perhaps not until the next century. But it will happen one day. And then existence itself will cease to exist. ”

The short devil was stunned. He couldn bring himself to reply.

”Well, that is what I call chaos, my dearest friend. ” Khaos smiled at me.

”Just as you love it ”

”Count me in, my dear friend. I would sacrifice this realm with all of its treasures if it meant witnessing a personification of one of this worlds darkest curses. ”

The king of dreams gave up. He started sleeping in order to escape this realm.

”I will cheer you up if that means anything. ” said the devilish creature before disappearing into thin air.

What is the reason behind the devils kindness and warmth towards me? I found it to be very contradictory. Taking care of the bigger evil might be a reasonable reason for evil to assist evil. It seems that when their very existence is at stake, everyone helps.

”Lets begin the gamble, my dear friend. ”

”Never been more ready…my friend. ”

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