Soundless Death

7 - A Happy Couple

”Never been more ready…my friend. ”

I sat on the bed as I uttered those words.

Khaos and I discussed the details of the plan for a few hours. He was bizarrely delighted for some unknown reason.

After that, I lay down in bed.

As I closed my eyes, I began to look at my memories. I can beat the curse without knowing my weaknesses first.

Khaos left the realm. He was looking for Vita and Temporis to tell them about the plan.

Whats the plan, you say? Its a simple one.

Khaos journeyed to the outer world where the Ancient Concepts resided. It will take him at least a month to complete the task.

He will then begin the divergence of the three realms since fusing them is childs play compared to splitting them. It may take anywhere between a month and three months.

Which will give me two months at the very least to do my part.

Essentially, I will try to relive my whole life. No creature other than myself can perform the procedure.

Why is that? Because only I hold the memories of the majority of people that encountered me from my birth to death.

How? Thanks to my curse. When someone near me dies, their memory becomes one with mine.

This sadistic curse likes to torture me in more ways than I can count.

Fortunately, in this case, it is the biggest advantage I have.

No one can see himself in his own memories. On the other hand, I can always check other peoples memories of me, so by working hard enough I can create a whole summary of my life.

This will prove its worth in the fight against the Calamity curse.

Another thing, whenever a demon dies under my curse, any life force or supernatural presence they possess becomes mine.

Of course they are way more resistant to my curse compared to the feeble humans, but Calamity falls on everyone even the bringers of chaos themselves.

This month, I have to check everyones memory while keeping my composure or else my soul will crumble and my spirit will break.

And then I have to fully comprehend how to fully use every supernatural presence I possess. I need to engrave all six of them into my soul.

Only then will I be able to try and oppose my curse.

Best case scenario, I live. On a spiritual level, I and my curse will merge with my curse, while also being in control of it. I will meet my sole friend Khaos again, and from there I will embark on a long journey.

Throughout my life, I will enjoy freedom, immortality, and peace.

In the worst-case scenario, my curse will prevail. I become so frail that I am unable to even perceive what is going on around me. The curse will bring misfortune and catastrophe to any human, monster, devil, angel, or trespasser who comes into contact with it. The existence of life in this realm will cease, and nothing can be done to prevent it.

Children will be murdered by their own mothers. Men will **** any female they see. Kings will kill their heirs. Mistresses will assassinate their Lords. The realm will then depict a hellish nightmare.

The Fate Lords would most definitely forsake people in misery.

I would watch over all of this helplessly.

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