Soundless Death

8 - A Happy Couple -2-

”Sobeghadoule Relqo Relmiulebigf ”

The spell gives me guidance throughout this mind journey.

My inner world is so complex and so big that even a curse capable of destroying entire realms is lost in it.

This absolutely terrifying disorder has made me unsure of where to start.

The deeper I dive, the less clear it becomes.

I looked around, and I could see hundreds if not thousands of doorways. Some were on my left and right, while others were floating above my spiritual image.

Darkness filled the gaps between the gloomy-looking doors.

I felt almost every negative emotion as I walked around the entrances. It is the despair of hopeless fathers who have no alternative but to plead for mercy from a random child. I can only imagine the pain mothers went through while watching their children suffer slowly. The hatred the grooms felt as they saw their spouses go.

The end seemed unreachable. I walked for what seemed like over a decade. There was neither daylight nor moonlight to distinguish between day and night.

Each victims memory was a doorway away.

The negative feelings were piercing my already damaged spirit in an attempt to crush my will. Little did they know that I was not one to be affected by such emotions. Not even primal fear was enough to subdue my will, and he was the personification of terror.

As I stood near a golden door, I was overcome by a strong sense of nostalgia.

There is no doubt about it. The origin of the beast will be revealed behind this entrance.

This is it, the beginning of the Calamity, my beginning.

My spirit was longing for more and more as I pushed through the heavy door.

”What a cute child! ” said enthusiastically a tall dark-skinned man.

He was a handsome fellow. The person closest to him in terms of attractiveness is Khaos.

”I know right!! I bet hell grow to be an absolute heartbreaker ”, said the young blonde woman who was holding the baby.

How ironic, that kid did grow up to become a heartbreaker.

They were both lying in their small bed expressing their love for this small and fragile creature.

After they stopped talking, they fell asleep while embracing each other and holding a newborn.

How happy.

The next day was different. The young mother was resting after giving birth to her first child, while her husband headed out hunting.

He was muscular so it was obvious that he would work hard in order to provide for his family.

The wife breastfed the baby whenever he got hungry while putting a smile on her face.

Her love could be felt in other realms. Just how lucky is that child to have such a warm and kind mother?

A loud voice called ”Jenny, Jenny. ”

The mother answered ”Yes. ”

”Apolo… Apolo was injured while hunting, ” said the man who entered the household with a painful expression on his face.

How lucky, huh ?

The mother was astounded. How could her strong husband get hurt the day after their child was born?

She tried to stand up, but her feet betrayed her.

”Don Jenny, don , you are still in pain from yesterday, you cannot walk around in your state. ”

The painful but obvious words of the neighbor pierced through the happy mother. Tears escaped her eyes. A look of emptiness was all she bore.

The child cried, and with that, the emptiness she felt was washed away. She hugged him tightly as if to prevent him from escaping.

He was the only one left. And she was willing to protect him with her life.

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