| Year: 2035, Location: Planet 696-AC-76, Acuraspat |

”… P-please don do this… Im not with that group at all they
e all animals ya here! ”

His voice travels through the dense blue-grass plains surrounding him, the only person to hear his plea was a small girl standing above him.

He was an older man with blue skin and a receding hairline wearing a farmers garb. His boots and knees were damp and stained from the brown mud he stooped in.

The petite female in front of him lifted a black rifle from her backside. The whir of its inner mechanism and holographic sight flicking from atop of the gun made the farmers face turn pale.


She then shifted the nozzle of the gun towards the mans forehead. A gust of wind blew the young girls brown hair to the side beneath her cap; Her white and blue uniform also danced in the breeze.

The young girl sighed and lifted the gun into the air.


”GAAH! ” The man heaved into the ground clenching his chest while drool pooled from his bottom lip.

”I…Gah…Uhuu.. ”

He started stammering nonsense as his body made erratic motions.

The girl raised her foot and slammed it into the mans chest.

”GAHK! ” He threw up saliva as his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

”Am I… Am I dead? ”

The girl shook her head and bent down to pat the older mans receding hair.

”Whadda… Whaddaya want?… ”

The girl jumped to her feet and pointed toward a large metal barn in the distance.

Blades of green grass blew in waves as her eyes met a young girl running from the barn towards them.

”Pa! ”

The girls hair was lighter in contrast to her fathers black mane. Her blond locks reached to her back as she bent down towards her father.

”S-She saved me… ”

He pointed towards the uniformed girl who was about 5 ”4 and looked to be no older than sixteen years of age. She dipped her hat and looked towards the left in unease.

The girl then lifted her hand again and pointed towards the barn.

”…Is there something in there for yo— ”

The blonde-haired girl stopped mid-sentence as she looked down at the uniformed girls attire, especially, the goldcrest that was pinned near the crease in her military garb.

”S-shes… ”

The man got up from the ground and bowed toward the young militant girl.

”H-how rude! My name is Aoi and this is my daughter Yua… We
e just humble farmers that transferred to Sector 76 a few days ago. ”

The uniformed girl looked at her surroundings. A large farmhouse in front of an open field of muck and mud. A small coup that housed black chickens with bulging red eyes and a horse shed to the left of it. And a well that separated them both along with a field of growing grain and herbage.

The girl in white started to walk towards the barn-house that was located behind the chicken coup as she twitched her nose from a peculiar scent.

”N-now just wait a minute! All thats over there is my hay and a few farming utensils, haha! ”

The farmer rubbed his hands together while a bead of sweat rolled down his pale skin.

The girl looked back at his nervous demeanor and advanced forward.

”… Yua. ”

His daughter looked toward her father as he swallowed a glob of saliva down his throat.

”Get me… My shotgun from the house. ”

She looked at him with a panicked expression as she started to back away from her the man.

”D-daddy… You possibly wouldn be thinking of… ”

The man shifted his eyes towards her, his pupils were full of worry and agitation as they made his kin shutter.

”You do what your father tells you to. Get. Me. My. Gun. ”

Yua nodded with hesitation as she ran towards their farmhouse.

”H-hey wait for me! You probably don know your way around here so itll be good if someone keeps you company so you don get lost! ”

The farmer ran after the young girl as they continued to walk across the open field toward the metal barn.

With the building in view, her nose twitched even more as a subtle stench grew fouler. The barn itself was a reddish tint with white outlines, a large lantern stood on both sides of the entryway of the structure.

She stopped in front of the closed barn gates and pointed toward a large metal lock on the door.

”O-of course! I may need to just go back to the house so I can get the— ”

Her hand extended forward as she took a hold of the metal lock.


Two pieces of metal fell towards the floor, crushed with fingerprints engravings on the sides of them.

”Or… That will do… ”


The doors pushed open with the light from the outside being the only thing laminating the dark interior.

Hay situated in small clumps on the ground made for uneasy flooring beneath the girls black boots.

She looked up towards the balcony of the barn. Despite the horrendous display, her eyes showed no fear or concern.

Several corpses of young children lay across with their stomachs ripped open being pinned to the wall with nails. Their eyes were a yellow mush with flies and insects entering and exiting through their nose and mouse. Heaps of flesh and intestines lay on the floor beneath them as maggots pushed through their organs like worms.

The girl turned around and pointed toward the exhibit.

Aoi gulped then performed a devious grin.

”Heh… So you found me out… Not even my daughter knows what Ive been doing… And I don know how you found out yourself… ”

”Daddy… You needed thi— ”

Yua dropped the shotgun to the floor as she looked in horror.

”AAAIEEE ” She screamed while plunging towards the floor, covering her head in angst.

Aoi dived to the floor and picked up the shotgun.

—Click Click

He checked the clip and clamped it back together as he smiled at the young girl.




The man fell to the floor and grabbed his leg, or what was left of it. Blood started to secrete from the gouge in his ankle as the smoke cleared from the uniformed girls rifle.

Yua looked towards her father in shock still clasping her hands on her noggin.

”D-daddy… What is this?… ”


He looked to the right where he dropped his shotgun.

Aoi positioned his hand on the trigger then faced where the girl was left standing.

”Huh… Where did she?… ”

The uniformed girl appeared on his left while a callous expression.

”HAAA! ” He whisked the gun towards her face.

She immediately grabbed the shotgun and situated it to point toward her forehead.

”DADDY NO! ” Yua ran towards her father and tugged on his white shirt from the back.

”Shes just a young girl! Please don do this! ”

The mans index finger jittered as he placed it on the trigger.

”If you kill her then more officers will come! ”

Yua looked toward the bodies stapled on the balcony as tears started to flood from her eyes.

”I… I don understand… Why would you do this?… ”

The man focused his attention only on the uniformed girl in front of him. Her eyes were a dark red but the pupil itself was surrounded by hazel flakes.

”I understand… ”

He sighed and took the gun from her grasp.

”You may take me in… Just let my daughter go free she didn have anything to do with this. ”

The uniformed girl nodded as she stood up and padded her white pants full of hay.

”Yua… You may not understand why… But just know that your father always loves you. ”

He slides the nozzle of the gun into his mouth as tears stream down his face.

”Daddy?— ”


A deep dust crimson fills the air and the area around the man as his brains and fragments of skull explode from the impact.

Yuas widened eyes reflect her fathers bloodied and shambled face. His nose bone, now visible creates a blood-filled bubble as he takes his last breath.

”DADDY! ” She falls onto her father, clenching whats left of his head, as tears start flooding her cheeks.


The uniformed girl sighed and dipped her cap, she put her gun in her holster and started to walk past the grieving lass.

She pulled out a black-phone-looking device with a gray screen and input a set of numbers. Miraculously, a blue portal appeared in front of her that resembled a black veil.

”Hic… Wait… ”

The uniformed girl turned around and faced the snot-nosed and puffy-eyed female.

”I don know what he was doing… B-but thank you for heading to his death wish… May I ask you your name? ”

The young girl pulled out the gun from her holster and examined it for a second before planting the nozzle dead center at her face.

”Miya. ”


. . .

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