Space Patroller Miya

Keeping the Family Tree.

Another bang comes from the door, as the android narrows its eyes and walks to the side of the arched doorway leading into the kitchen.

The final metallic bang makes the white metal door fall from its hinges and clamp onto the ground. The light from outside is shrouded by three moving figures approaching the inside of the house. Their footsteps steady yet firm metal clanks as they step into the doorway.

One of the shadows approaches the kitchen doorway, its armored boots clacking onto the tatami mats below it. The woman cowering in the corner whimpers with watery eyes, to which the android puts a finger up to her mouth and nods her head.

A red beam of light first comes into view from the corridor on either side of them. Its then followed by a large white rifle with a holographic sight on the front being carried by a mannish individual with white skin having his face covered by a blue opaque mask and space suit, similar to the one worn by the individual on the screen earlier.

The intruder takes another step into the kitchen and leans his head to the right, peering at a set of feet lingering at the side of the island table. He places a hand on the side of his neck, making light appear on his suit.

”Sya rutti no volta— ”

The android intercepts his message and wraps her arms around his neck and back before squeezing down. Gurgles and coughs are heard beneath the intruders mask as the metal on his suit tears open with the android continuing to pull him close as he drops his weapon while kicking and wailing at his unseen assailant.

The droid then clamps onto his neck and presses down until a crack echoes throughout the room, making the intruders body go limp. She then drops him onto the ground, a bluish liquid pools from his mask and onto the wooden floor below him as his body gives a final twitch.

The woman looks up from the table to the being laying on the floor and gasps but quickly covers her mouth as tears start to fall from her eyes. The android looks down at her pink apron covered in blue bodily fluids and throws it onto the floor while walking toward her. She bends down in front of the woman and wipes the tear falling from her eye with a smile.

”Theres two more left Lady Miyura. As Ive lost the element of surprise… I don know if Im going to be able to fend them off. ” The android informs.

”… However, I do want to get you enough time to escape so— ”

A beam of red light races past the androids backside, colliding into the side of her torso and making her body slam into the floor cabinets.

”Y-Yui! ” The woman shouts with an open palm.

The light in the androids pupils flutters as she looks at her torn and ripped mechanical arm hanging from her body with a grunt. She then gazes down at the supposedly immobilized intruder still laying on the ground with his rifle in hand.

He fires another shot that bellows throughout the house, as the ray casts a large shadow from the emitting beam coming towards the android. She ducks out of the way and flips over the woman before jumping onto the granite table and opening her mouth.

The black nozzle of a gun unloads itself from her throat as she aims it at the infiltrator with a glare. ”Yusabura Household Under Attack… Authorizing Usage of Militant Combat System… Authorization Complete… Battle Gear Online. ”

With a click of her throat, she then unloads an array of bullets from her gullet, clouding the area with a stunning blaze of yellow light. The woman below her squints her eyes and holds her ears as the deafening booms of her androids machine gun create a symphony of noise paired with the clinks of bullet casings falling onto the ground.

After several moments the android stops with the last clinks of casings hitting the ground. She looks over to the intruders corpse now dismembered into holed mush, black and blue ooze splattered across the walls and dining room table.

The android looks down at the woman who looks up at her with a frightened peek. Her attention is cut short as a crinkle of glass comes from the far side of the hallway, with two shadows moving steadily toward the kitchen.

A clicking mechanism is heard before a glowing white metal ball is thrown into the room with rainbow-colored lights blinking around the sphere. The android eyes widen, she jumps off the countertop and rips it from the floor before kicking it forth so that it carries the device with it, crashing outside a nearby window.

The clicking stops and a large boom comes from the panes, as glass and debris shatter and crash around them. Gray smoke fills the air, making the woman cough as the other two infiltrators rush into the room and point their guns toward the android and woman laying on the floor.

”Susuha inapo pack! ” One of them yells while raising their gun toward the woman.

The android looks down at the woman and smiles while gripping her fist into a ball. ”Its been an honor serving you all this time, Ms. Miyura. ”

”W-wait! ” The woman exclaims with a raised hand.

The android disobeys, running toward the two white-suited armed soldiers, grabbing a large kitchen knife along the way. One of the soldiers shoots their rifles toward her, to which she eludes the red beam and slides along the floor while opening her mouth once more.

She then shoots a barrage of bullets, the nozzle fuming and turning red with heat as her bullets zip toward the guard with incredible accuracy. The two guards tap a button on their suits with a click, causing their bodies to be shielded by a blue transparent bubble with hexagon grids. The bullets collide with the clear-like safeguard, bouncing off of them and ricocheting around the room.

The androids eyes watch as a bullet moves past her eye-line, her pupils squinting as she notices it heading toward the woman. She then narrows her arm and throws her kitchen knife through the air with its sharp tip twisting in a spiral.

The woman yelps as a sharp tang along with a small spark explode in front of her, as the bullet falls into her lap and the knife sticks itself into the wooden floor several feet away.

The android sighs and grunts, pivoting on her foot and swinging her leg around, aiming for the guards torso. She completes her rotation, but to her dismay, her entire leg turns into bits of metal and steel scrap as it bounces off the shield and shatters.

She then hops onto her last foot and aims a jab toward the second guard with a warriors cry. The guard chuckles and catches her fist, and starts to bend it back against her arm. He then crushes it in his hand, making crinkles and metal crunches until he rips it from her body.

Black liquid starts to secrete from the androids mouth as she twirls around, making eye contact with the woman who reaches a hand out toward her.

”Im sorry I— ”

One of the guards interrupts her farewell, with a blast of his rifle, making her body disintegrate into black ashes and bits of metal scrap. A lock of white hair falls into the womans lap, making her pick up the piece as a tear falls from her cheek and onto the colorless strand.

The second guard flexes his arm, wiping away the bits of metal lingering on his armored gloves, and bends down toward his gun-downed companion. He takes a white capsule-shaped syringe from his metal vest and plucks it into the lifeless colleague; Then presses a button at the top that causes a buzz along with a light-blue glowing liquid to squeeze down from the capsule and into his skin.

His partners body then begins to mend itself back together, with his limbs reforming and the bullets squeezing from their respected places and clinking onto the floor. With a gasp, the soldier rises from the dead and slams his fist into the wall, his brilliant blue veins visible through his black latex armor.

The soldiers then approach the woman gazing at them in horror as she crawls into the corner of the room on her hands and feet. They raise their rifles toward her, the whirring of their mechanisms along with the bright red light emitting from the nozzle reflecting in her watery pupils.

”P-please don … What do you want?… ” The woman sobs while taking another step back.

”… Hey! Get away from her you bastards! ”

The soldiers and women turn their heads toward a man with short black hair at the front door. He runs past them and hugs the woman while continuing to glare at the soldiers.

”In accordance with Intergalactic Law 58-D, we surrender and accept defeat. We
e no longer a threat, and as one of the highest-ranking government officials Id like to speak with Avora, your leader. ”

The soldiers then look at each other before murmuring amongst themselves. One of the soldiers clicks a button on his black mask, releasing his head, and takes off his helmet.

. . .

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