Space Patroller Miya

A mortal\'s vessel.

With a break of air, he allows his full long white locks to freely dangle down his back. He couldve been indistinguishable from any human, except for the red flesh lines intersecting along his eyes and running into his head.

”We weren going to assault your kin. However, we do know that all highly-appointed officials were given use of combat droids that are extremely dangerous, so we had to take precautions for our own safety. ” The soldier attempts to apologize.

”What the hell ever, just get him here now! ” The man orders with a shout.

The soldier nods his head and takes out a pentagon-shaped disc and throws it onto the ground. After a few beeps, it then displays an array of blues before a set of wings creates an imperfect rectangle in the air.

A single black shoe steps out of the slit of light created by the device until a full body emerges. Another male with white skin, having his colorless hair formed into braids at his backside steps from the platform and into the room.

He dusts off his white business suit while lowering his crimson eyes down to the man and his wife with a smirk.

”Avora, I don know what the others have promised you, but Im not a part of it. Weve been working together for quite some time, and I know you can tell when our species is lying… Am I lying to you now? ”

Avora steps over to him and bends down, their faces only a few inches apart along as he searches the mans eyes.

He then looks over to the woman, still clinging to her husband giving him a hesitant gaze.

Avora sighs and stands up, putting both his hands in his pocket. ”Yes, you were always one of the good ones, I know. So how about this… Your wife can live and will be spared, but you however will die. ”

He then snaps his fingers as the two soldiers walk past both of his sides as he gives off an apathetic sniff of his nose. ”Yeah… That seems fair. ”

”… H-hey, get your hands off of her! ”

”… D-don touch him, please stop this! ”

The woman is lifted up by one of the soldiers and taken away to the far side of the room. Her husband is sat down on his knees by the remaining squadron with two guns pointed at his head.

”The truth is, is that we too were thinking of cutting off relations with Earth. We Yavalt are a migrating species that had lost our planets female population in the war with another planetary nation. Sure we have incubation chambers but they can only do so much and are taxing on our resources. ”

The man raises his hand and grits his teeth together. ”Y-you don mean your… ”

Avoras eyes widen along with the manic smile planted on his face. He then throws his palms into the air and turns around.

”Yes, yes! Despite our species being very genetically privileged, there are not a lot of races who can host our children. However, weve found that we had a distinct match with humans, out of several thousands of genomes in the near universes! Bwahaha! Isn that marvelous? ”

The man then attempts to move out of the soldiers grasp with an enraged expression. ”Dam you all! You won get away with this! ”

”Oh but, I think we already have. ” Avora wits with a snap of his finger.

”… Utuisoo maaass. ” He then finishes, with the two soldiers whirring their rifles toward the mans head.

A bright red coats his face, as both the guns begin to charge themselves. The woman tries to break free from her oppressor but drops to the floor with tears flooding down her cheeks.

”Don do it! … Yasomura! ” The woman wails with her head bent to the ground.

The man shuffles off his suit jacket, the only piece of clothing the soldiers were holding onto, and tumbles across the floor while digging into his pocket.

Avora looks back at him with a chuckle. ”Fighting is futile, your race is finished. Do not worry I plan to not harm your wife— ”

The man then pulls out a blue laser pointer from his pocket with a small glowing light-green crystal twirling at the back.

He then presses the button, it creating an intense beam that melts the walls it touches. His hand then waves over to the two guards behind him, swiping it at their torsos making their upper bodies splatter onto the ground as their innards burst along the floor full of blue strings of mush.

Avora takes a step back with fearful eyes before running into a sprint to the door. The man casts the ray onto his fleeing victims side, zapping him in the lower part of his stomach causing him to collapse onto the ground.

The soldier pushes the woman to the side and lifts his rifle, a black dot aimed at the mans face. The man locks eyes with his wife and mouths, I love you, as his head explodes from his neck filling the floor and wood cabinets behind him with brains and bloody mush.

His body then falls onto the ground with a thump, his neck giving off a red ooze as the laser he once held is wrapped by his bodily fluids.

Avora raises himself from the ground and looks down at his lower body giving off white smoke as he grunts and holds onto his side.

”Dam him, we were right about the humans. They were looking for ways to defeat and found… That… From who knows where. ”

Avora then limps on his foot and leans onto a nearby wall. The soldier takes out the capsule-like syringe from before and hands it to him.

”That, Im afraid won have any effect. That crystal he had was one that cuts us on a microscopic level and kills all of our healing cells. So our comrades over there won be coming back either, along with me in the next few minutes… ”

Avora coughs, covering the white wall in front of him in a dense dark blue fluid as he groans.

The woman crawls over to her deceased husband, her hands dip into the bloody pool surrounding him then clings onto his business suit with a whimper.

”… Yasomura… ”

Avora looks down to the ground and then sneers while snapping his fingers. He then points to a nearby wooden table and nods his head.

”Frofreek damur… Kepaso. ” He utters with a wince.

The soldier then grabs the woman by the scruff of her hair and slams her back onto the table. He rips off her white jeans, showing her pink frilly undergarments on her pale-skinned and plump thighs.

Avora limps over in front of her and grips into her legs, his nails digging into her skin creating cuts of blood that drizzles onto the wooden surface.

The woman screams and throws her arms and legs around. But the soldier immobilizes her arms with one hand before grabbing onto his belt and sticking her with another black syringe capsule. He injects her skin with the fluid, her breaths become slow and her limbs became limp as drool escapes her mouth.

”Im sorry to do this on short notice, however, you
e husband has left me no choice. While I do have a daughter that was born in an incubation chamber, her genes will be incomplete making her nothing short of half the Yavalt shed ever be… How pathetic it truly is… ”

He then unclips his gold belt and unzips his trousers allowing his white erect manhood to be seen.

The woman nods her head, attempting to move, but coughs as she doesn have the strength. ”Pwease… Dwon … Dwo iwt… ”

Avora rips her panties off her pelvic area and laughs. ”Bite your tongue you human breeding stock! You
e to give heir to a pure Yavaltian prince, the Commander of the Patrol Union. While other humans of your sex shall be continually used as mere machines of labor from incubated half-breed youll have the genuine article! ”

”… I may die today, but do not worry, for your race will allow us to live on! Long live the Yavalt! ”

. . .

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