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Cosmic Diligence.

eption desk.

The woman pinning me down then takes her foot from my chest and grabs a fistful of my hair dragging me from the floor and making my body linger in the air. My skull on fire from the stint of my locks being tugged, I cling onto her arm as she chuckles from my demise.

”I saw that dirty look you were giving the boss. Do you know who that is? That is your Major, and honestly, any Yavalt here outranks you as far as Im concerned you, inferior half-breed! ”

My eyes reflectively close as I see her hand coming at me from the side, a sting on my left cheek along with my nose makes me hick as blood pools down my nostrils.

The crowd, seemingly pleased with her performance gives me eyes of disgust along with the occasional smile and giggles. My eyes open, turning to look at the group of conversing persons from before, making contact with the woman reminiscing about her fallen comrade.

Our eyes meet, however she clenches her teeth and crosses her arms, turning her eyes toward the ground.

I guess… I would do the same thing if I were in her shoes…

The woman holding me hostage then lets me fall to the ground with a thump. With a sniff I look toward the ground, my hands balling into fists as I take a deep breath.

”… Im… Sorry… I won … Do it… Again… ”

She chuckles and squats in front of me, grabbing me by the hair and lifting my head up so that our eyes meet.

”Demen clovenu… Apologize in my native tongue when you address me, whored brat. ”

My eyes start to water, but I fight back my tears by pushing my nails deep into my hand.

”Ya… Yato… Iusa… ” I stutter with unease.

The woman throws my head down and releases my hair with a laugh. ”You
e Yavalto tongue is absolute shit! It makes it even more obvious you
e just a **in half-breed! ”

The group behind her joined in her laughter, followed by the cackles of the surrounding crowd. I pinch into my palms harder as I feel a tear start to form in the side of my eyes.

I feel a tap on my shoulder to my side, with Nanako now from behind her desk handing me my white card and blue cap with a considerate smile.

My eyes soften as I stand up from the floor and shove my cap on my head and stride away. My hands balled into fists at my sides as I bite my tongue, a metallic taste filling my mouth.

If only I was a bit bigger… And stronger… And a higher rank… Then I couldve shown her off in front of everyone.

My mouth gives off a sigh as my pace slows.

But even with all that stuff, you can change the fact that Im—


My lowered head bumps into an unseen object, causing me to stumble back while rubbing my forehead.

I then look down at the black shoes and the white uniform pants it was stuffed in, already following the routine in place for whenever I made a mistake against one of… Them.

”Im sorry for my callowness… As a mere insect amongst you, I will strive to better myself— ”

”… You talk a lot, shut up. ” A raspy male voice interrupts my apology.

I look to see an older man, also Yalvatian but this sporting a white coat along with his military uniform. His crimson eyes and long eyelashes were fairly visible beneath the transparent lenses sitting on his face.

My head lowers, and without me noticing, I started to cry with my tears creating specks of water on my black boots.

”You let them see you like this and thatll only make them want to target you more. Lets go to my office. ” The doctoral soldier proposes.

I nod my head and walk behind him with my head still lowered to the ground.

Someday… Ill kill them all.

. . .

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