Einum then lifts himself up, looking down at my nearly dried clothing with a reassuring nod of his head. ”Now that thats done I went looking for you regarding your new post. It seems that the Lieuten Coordinator of the E-24 Patrol Unit is very intrigued with your number and would like you to be stationed over there immediately. ”

My eyebrows draw down as I give him a curious up and down gaze.

… E-24? Thats… Thats one of the more peaceful sectors in all of the Qunova Sector. Why would they want me, stationed somewhere like that, knowing that Im—

”Lieuten Cal has invited you to join their Valcro Unit, a special task for consisting of the best and brightest the Federation has to offer… ” Einum interrupts my inner thoughts as he bends down in front of me.

”…After the YaNir territory dispute, they decided to put together a group of individuals with extensive combat proficiency and cognitive prowess thats second only to their subordinates. ”

His hand then reaches out and lands on the top of my head giving me a few small pats.

… I hate when people do that.

”This is a fantastic opportunity for someone like yourself, Miya. Youd only have to report to post operatives like the Lieuten and won have to be under the scrutiny of higher officials… ”

”… You
e very own space shuttle, aspiring crew, and… You would be given an insignia and treated as an officer of the Patroller Federation. Its a pretty good deal if you ask me! ” Einum finishes delivering his pitch.

Hm… If I do get my own insignia I don have to continue eating any of the crappy space food they have stationed here.. Ill be treated as an officer and get the good stuff!

My mouth starts to lactate as I think of all the choices displayed in my picture books.

Chicken cutlet… Curry over rice… And the one that looks the most favorable, a Ramen Bowl.

I go into a daze as I imagine myself slurping up the residue from the bowl.


”… Uhm, hello? Terminal to Miya… You alright there kiddo? ”

I shake my head and grab onto Einums hand with both of mine with several nods.

… Yes! … Yes! …. A million times yes!

Einum blinks with a single-finger adjustment of his glasses. ”O-oh… Such enthusiasm from what was shown earlier. Well, its a job that not everyone takes on a whim. I suggest we go over some things before you further decide… ”

He gazes into my sparkling eyes as I continue to nod my head with determination.

”… But it seems youve already decided… A-and, you sure you know what this job entails? ”

Nod. Nod. Nod.

”… The danger… ”

Nod. Nod. Nod.

Einum drops his head with a deep sigh. He then digs into his coat pocket and takes out a metallic pen-like capsule with a blinking neon button on the top.

”Well, as your Evaluator, I am to give you this transporter so you can meet with the Coordinator promptly… But, erm… Okay… P-perhaps we should talk with the Command Interm on site and… ”

Before he could take back his word, I snatch the transporter from his palm and click the blinking neon button with a smile.

I then turn to Einums shocked expression as he outreaches a hand with a gasp.

I give him a short wave as my vision starts to blur in a blinding blue and white light.

. . .

White and blue specks cloud my eyes while my body feels weightless and filled with tingles. The sensation then fades with a dash of my eyelashes, looking around at my new surroundings.

”… Eek! You
e too cute! ”

Before I could react, a squeal followed by a pair of arms lift me from the ground and starts swinging me from side to side. My nose catches a pleasant scent, similar to the delicate blooming flowers of Planet 339-U.

My captives chest was inflated, making it hard to breathe as I nuzzle my head upward… Making me assume my assailant was of a female species. Finally, Im able to make out her pinkish skin and icy-blonde locks stretching down to her back.

Shes from Planet Asailles-765… I read up on them that they all had some magnificent ability, but Im unable to remember what it was…

The woman catches my eyes and sets me down with a nervous chuckle. ”I-Im sorry, I didn know what came over me… My apologies! ”

She then sets me down and pats down my ruffled hair and uniform.

Despite her kindness, my hand reaches for my side holster, a broad and black space pistol seemingly alert to my hand performs a whirl and clicks with a break of steam coming from the sides.

Her face is quite alluring now that I get a good look at her. No scars or scratches on her face or neck as far as I can tell. Am I in the right place—

My eyes then widen as I look at her uniform, consisting of a white dress with blue outlines stopping at her knees. A wide cape with dazzling blue gems surrounding the edges glistens in my eyes. I look down at her belt and instinctively go into attention with my legs spread apart and arms folded behind my back.

”Madam Coordinator! Terminal Zero-Zero-Five, Sector Seven, Enlistant Miya reporting! ”

The womans eyes sparkle as she bends down with her arms below her chest. ”My my… As soon as you noticed my insignia you didn hesitate to act. You
e definitely as straight-laced as Einum said youd be. ”

She then walks from in front and circles around me, eying me with intent. Looking around, I finally notice that Im now in a wide circular room surrounded by broad transparent panes giving way to the vast dark void filled with stars around us.

The room was vacant except for a long black table with silver flames sprouting underneath, along with two chairs on either side. The woman then comes back around in front of me and nods.

”Do you know where you are? ”

”Terminal Zero-Zero-One, Madam Coordinant! ” I exclaim with a click of my heels.

”Um, at ease, Ensign. ” She says with a scratch on her cheek.

I give her a salute and uncross my arms. ”Sorry for the stiffness, maam! ”

”Y-yeah, you
e fine… Please sit. ” She advises while pointing to one of the seats on the opposite side of the desk.

”… Weve got a lot to discuss about your bright future. ”

. . .

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