SpringTime Crime

Ch 1 The Voyeur

As a part of the era of culture, I knew almost everything there was to know about the degeneracy of watching people. Its a fetish. Its inherently wrong and intrudes on other peoples privacy.

Still, the thrill of being a god made me continue.

I was unseen. A higher being overlooking the clueless mortals, watching them do whatever they were doing and what they were planning to do. I was an overseer. A voyeur.

I was content with my life. The amateurish shots I took could last me days, slowly getting bored of them before starving for a fresh one. It was a cycle of degeneracy and I loved it.

So it came as a surprise when my phone—which was barren of apps and games in order to save memory space for photos and videos—suddenly had a strange app installed.

”Eh? ” I exclaimed in confusion.

I never downloaded anything nor did I plug any suspicious items in the port so it must be a virus caught on the internet. However, I had two phones. And Im sure as hell that this one wasn the phone I typically use to snoop around the internet.

Its just a storage device full of sexual content.

”Don know how you got here, but goodbye, ” I said before clicking the uninstall button.

A loading bar showed up and in under a few seconds, it was filled to the brim. However, it was still there. The app was still there as if I didn just do what I did.

The normal reaction would be to repeat the uninstalling procedure, and I gladly did just that. Still, no matter how many times I did it, the app was still there.

Akin to my unquenchable thirst of watching people and masturbating, it stuck to my phone like a perverse desire that could never be extinguished.

”Time for a new phone I guess? ” I sighed and gave up.

For now, I prioritized saving my treasures and uploading them to the cloud. It wasn much as I didn have a lot of opportunities to capture people in their most embarrassing state, which was why I treasured them.

Rare things must be valued.

Naturally, I also did a memory wipe after my files were safe. But, as always, the app was still there and at this point, I had no idea how to deal with the situation.

So I took a break and sipped the cold boba tea on my desk.

After that was done, I finally addressed the elephant in the room and clicked on the app, opening it. It didn have a name. Just an interesting icon resembling an old-fashioned weighing scale.

The screen turned black. Almost immediately, a golden text with a reddish hue showed up saying: ”Welcome ”, in a fancy font, and directly under it was another sentence written in the same style.

”Choose your primary skill, ” I read the text aloud.

It wasn a normal virus. It didn act like a virus. Perhaps this wasn a virus at all, just a strange way to promote a game and a skilled hacker installed it on every phone on the whole planet.

Nevertheless, this phone could now be turned to scrap so I had no fear of whatever this thing would do. My files were backed up, accounts logged out, and the boba tea was sipped.

Everything was accounted for and I was ready.

”What are these skills? ” I muttered before clicking the first one which summoned a window bearing the skill description. ”Oh, thats simple enough. ”

The skill name was: ”Lurk ”, an active skill.

However, although it was an active skill, it had a passive effect of raising an individuals suspicion if used when following a target which was just absurd.

What was the point of tailing a person if the said person becomes aware that he was being followed? An obviously trash skill through and through, but only if used to stalk people.

”Stalk huh? ” I muttered.

I had to admit. Although it was trashy, the very thought of watching my prey move about in anxiousness as they look around trying to find the presence that had been staring at them, aroused me to no end.

But I was a voyeur, not a stalker.

An unseen camera. Only meant to observe people in their most natural state and never being found out. As I said before, the hidden eye of god. I was that god. A voyeur.

Comparing myself to a stalker would tarnish my name. I wasn a criminal. Those kinds of people only serve to terrorize the target in order to satisfy their own depravity without caring about the targets emotional well

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