SpringTime Crime

Ch 6 Too Much Love

”Lets go, big bro! ” my sister called out.

I smiled and locked the door, ”Yes yes, Im coming. ”

We were off to fulfill the promise I made, dressing her up cutely, as I was the master of fashion. I was a genius and so, its my duty to help her and only her. I also get to see her trying clothes like a dress-up darling so thats a win-win situation.

Although, she wouldn be able to show it off to anyone else other than me. That bastard better pray for forgiveness while I was still busy attending to my sisters needs.

”Did you like what I cooked? ” I asked to start a conversation.

She cheered and raised her arm high. Her clothes waving along with her movement, ”Yeah! It was great as always! ”

I laughed and looked at her.

She had gone to her room to additionally wear a beige coat and a similar colored beret. In her arms was a purse full of girl stuff like make-up and pads and tissues, typical girl stuff that I didn really care about.

I let her carry it as it made her outfit complete.

Meanwhile, I carried nothing except the phone of desire. Maybe I should stop calling it that—now that the contents were deleted except for the game—and just call it: ”The Phone of Destiny ”, as it was about to dictate my path in life.

In any case, all my items were in the inventory.

It was a convenient skill and I felt like I finally became a true protagonist. The world was mine and it would revolve around me because I was the only one who deserved that title. I was the main character now and I loved it.

The excitement had kept me awake and prevented me from sleeping again, so I used that time wisely.

One of my experiments involved the skills maximum capacity and I easily figured out that each slot could only hold one item for a maximum of 10 stacks and a weight limit for each slot proportional to my strength stat.

It was atrociously bad.

If I did it this way then I could only hold 9 items at a time and it was grossly inefficient. The skills description didn include any tips so I was at a loss on what to do. I had to figure out the skills mechanics myself and experiment as much as possible.

One of my experiments involved bypassing the one item per slot restriction.

I couldn forcefully put two items or more in one slot, even if they were once from the same object. My charger, for example, it could be stored in one slot but when I separate the head and the cord… it would occupy two slots.

It was a weird but logical thing.

However, putting the chargers head and cord inside a bag and then storing the bag was somehow allowed. That made me cheer like my sister just accepted my wedding proposal. There were different applications and the rules were flexible. It felt like I was using a bug when in truth, it was just another feature.

It made me happy regardless.

”You look great today, Dianne. Its lovely, ” I complimented my little sister and she smiled brightly, giggling like a goofball in turn.

Ah~ I love her.

I want to marry her.

”You look cool too, big bro! ” she complimented back before pouncing on me and hugging my arm. Her ample breasts stuck close to my skin, sending waves of pleasure to my brain but I kept it cool and just smiled at her.

”Don hug me outside. You know Im easily embarrassed, ” I said while taking her off my arm, not forgetting to—accidentally—brush my fingers on her budding chest.

It was soft and I was screaming internally before suddenly feeling light-headed, blood threatening to come out my nose. I couldn take more stimulation or else it might just kill me for real.

As she stepped away, I held her hand and smiled, ”Lets just hold hands. Im used to holding your hand so its not as embarrassing, this way, youd still get to show your love to your brother right? ”

Her downcast and disappointed look was immediately replaced with a bright smile, ”Yes! I love you, big bro! ”

”I know. I love you too, sis, ” I answered back, petting her on the head.

Hand in hand, we walked down the streets and talked about random stuff. Sometimes about flowers, other times about clouds. We continued talking without silence, observing our surroundings and then commenting on what they looked like and what we thought about them.

I was happy.

She was happy.

We were meant to be.

Everything was going so well when all of a sudden, a high-pitched voice called out from behind, ”Jonathan? ” I looked back and saw a girl, about the same size as me, her short hair fluttering in the wind, ”Johnny, it is you! ”

I frowned and hid my sister behind my back, ”Who are you? ”

She looked pretty, but not as pretty as my sister. My sister was a goddess. This girl was a mere angel and thats too much of a compliment for her as I didn know anything lower than an angel—perhaps a lower angel? A devil would be too much, she looked like a good girl.

She raised her hands in surrender and smiled, ”Its me, Hailey. We were classmates and good friends. Hailey Berry, remember me? ”

My eyebrows twitched and my frown worsened, ”I don know you. ”

Her smile widened, ”You clearly do. So, how have you been? Are you doing fine? Whos this lovely girl behind you? She looks cute. Ah! it must be your new girlfriend right? You really changed a lot. ”


Absurdly talkative.

She was my seatmate. The bane of my existence. She followed me everywhere and wouldn go away even when I specifically told her not to follow. She was my nemesis. To think my past self endured her everyday, I could only say that I was more amazing than I thought.

”You know her, big bro? ” my sister asked.

”No, shes a kidnapper. Just hide behind me, ” I said.

My sister made a thinking sound before letting go of my shirt and running out from behind. I didn have the reaction time to stop her and I also didn want to forcefully drag her back—to protect and be loved, not to possess and be hated—so it was an inevitable situation.

The two girls met and they introduced themselves.

”Im Dianne Rose Kelp. Thank you for taking care of my brother and nice to finally meet you, ” my angelic little sister said as she bowed like a Japanese person.

My living nightmare smiled and introduced herself in turn, ”Im Hailey Berry. Nice to meet you, and I love love LOVE your outfit, ” she paused, looking at me before holding my sisters hands, ”Where are you two going? May I tag along? You see, your brother had a crush on me but he never confessed. I wouldve rejected him though, but he was a good boy! ”


All lies.

She was the one who followed me! She was the one who had a crush on me! She was twisting facts and truths and because she was pretty, almost everyone believed her!

I clenched my fists and bit my lip, trembling in place.

She leaned closer to my sister to whisper, but I could still hear what she was saying though—as if done on purpose—before continuing, ”Hes become even more handsome now too! ”

That wasn a lie but she was still a liar.

I hate her.

She was the prettiest girl in school and since we were desk mates, we conversed every so often. It got to the point where she asked who I liked—for a friend she said, but obviously for her—and when I told her she wasn my type, she somehow made me her target, a convenient shield to stop the line of boys trying to confess.

I became a loner because of her!

This was why I couldn talk to any girl at school and all the boys despised me!


Absolutely hateful!

”Eh? My big bro did? ” my sister looked elated.

She fell for it. The lies and deception. My naive little sister was easily tricked, like a child holding on to their new years money and was mugged by their smiling mother that was softly saying: ”Let me hold it for you ”, like a devil in disguise.

”Shes lying, ” I said before dragging my sister by the waist and walking past the enemy. ”Don believe anything she says, shes a liar. ”

”But she knows you though…, ” my sister looked back, before shouting at the enemy, ”You can come with us if you want to! ”

I choked on air.

”Ah, really!? Is it really okay? Then, don mind if I do! ” the villainess immediately caught up and took my other arm into hers like we were close friends.

”Don touch me, you snake, ” I tried to get her off but it was futile, she was clinging like a leech.

”You still call me that? Then Ill call you like I used to! ” she exclaimed. Giggling and clinging close to my arm, even went as far as sniffing me like crazy, before whispering into my ears, ”I love you, Da-r-ling. ”

I grew goosebumps.

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