SpringTime Crime

Ch 8 Unforgivable Crime

”Ill go buy us some drinks, ” my sister said before leaning close to my ear and whispering, ”Ill leave the both of you to talk. I don know what the relationship is between you two, but Im rooting for you big bro! ”

My little sister got the wrong idea.

In the past, everyone avoided my presence because of the overbearing person hanging out with me—aka Hailey, the snake who ruined my high school life—and just watched as I was bullied every single day.

They mightve even joined the bullying at some point.

In any case, I hate her and thats whats important.

”No, its not like tha—hey! Come back! ” I hurriedly tried to explain this to my little sister but she was gone before I knew it. I sighed at the fact that my lovely little sister just abandoned me in the hands of a hug addict, but I forgive her because shes cute.

Fine, Ill solve my own problems.

I looked to my side and pried the witc—I mean, pried Hailey off of me by putting a hand on top of her head and stretching my arms out, essentially forcing her to back away.

Surprisingly though, she easily gave up and let my arm go, behaving like a good child, just sitting beside me with our shoulders touching. She looked like a child that just got her toy stolen and she couldn do anything because she did something bad earlier.

God, so pitiful.

My past memories had come back to me at this point and now I could clearly see that she was just a girl who had trouble expressing her love to a block of wood—my past self, not me—and ended up getting hated for it.

Nevertheless, she wasn this proactive before.

The boldest thing she ever did was probably kissing me on the cheek. Not to mention her addiction to hugging my fat body, which mustve felt comfortable, and her efforts to somehow grab hold of my hand—typical girl stuff.

She never got anything out of me though.

As I said, past me was a dense block of wood full of insecurities and low self-esteem. The bad thorny personality which was a trademark shouldve kept her away, but for some reason, she loved me.

How did that happen?

Past me mustve been annoyed, not understanding that the clingy snake was actually in love with him, but the current me could clearly see through her. She even said it herself.

Oh right, if she only said it to me directly in the past, then wouldn her problems be solved?

But I don recall her saying she loved me.

Oh well, whats important was that I now know her feelings and thats a good way to start forgiving her past actions. Im a magnanimous slash handsome slash genius slash overly perfect man.

Sadly, I didn have any intentions of accepting her love nor the slightest care to give her my love.

Its not that I hated the waves of affection directed at me, but I already had my sister, and giving out love to more than one person would surely bite me in the ass in the near future.

Harem situations must be avoided to attain a peaceful life.

God, this bitc—I mean, Hailey person, was just plain pitiful.

”Let me just say this, ” I said, raising a finger and looking at Hailey in the eyes to convey the seriousness of the situation. I paused for a second to cue the dramatic effect, before continuing, ”I don have feelings for you, but that doesn mean I hate you. You
e free to follow me, just like before, but don expect anything in return. ”

For now, lets shoot her down while its still early to avoid hurting her in the future. If I thoroughly make her understand that I didn have any feelings for her, then she should be able to let go of the past, find a more suitable man, and live a normal life.

As anyone could see, I was no longer normal.

Im the main character now.

Hailey quickly nodded, ”Yes yes, I already knew that! ”

I shrugged, ”Now, I know you won listen so I specifically thought of something that might—wait, what? ” I snapped my attention back to her, gobsmacked, ”You… you understand what Im trying to say? ”

What the hell just happened?

The girl I knew never cared to listen to what I was saying. She was a stubborn mule that never left my side even when I specifically told her, in words that she could clearly understand, that I hated her and I wanted her away from me.

My past self was harsh and didn have any filter.

”Yes! ” Hailey replied, then continued, ”I know you get embarrassed easily so you ”act ” like you hate me but in truth, you care about me and love me more than I could ever love you! ”

I frowned, even more confused, ”What are you talking abou— ”

”Its okay! I know how you truly feel! ” Hailey exclaimed and stood up, hand on her chest—or heart—while I flinched at her sudden outburst. ”I know everything, so its okay if you do it! Don feel guilty about being harsh with me! No, on the contrary, please be violent! ”

What the hell?

”Uh, okay…? ” I didn hear her clearly—or more like, what she said just went over my head because of how absurd it was—so it took a hot second to process. Once I gathered my thoughts, I immediately screamed in shock, ”Wait… please be what now!? ” I asked, quickly ascending to become the embodiment of confusion.

Meanwhile, Hailey was looking at me fervently, her hands clasped together in prayer as if begging for me to give her more love, or in this case, more hate remarks and hits. I instinctively knew what had happened as soon as I saw her in that state.

She had become a masochist.

Damn my past self for being harsh with her and damn her for being weird and finding my thorny personality as my way of showing her affection. Shes crazy.

Now Im even more certain that I want her far away from me

I facepalmed, ”No, I… I told you, I don feel the same way. I don love you and I won ever love you. ” I paused and sighed before looking up at her, repeating what I just said but in a more heavy tone to make her understand that I was being serious, ”I don love you, do you understand? I never have and never will. ”

That should be clear enough.

I looked at her downcast face and saw the droplet of tears falling down to the ground. I felt like a bad guy, but there was no other way. It was either hurting her now with the truth or leading her on and giving her even more pain.

I sighed and went to pet her head, ”Its okay, youll find a— ”

”I knew it, ” she said, quietly.

What was that now?

e petting me after saying hurtful words to comfort me because you regret saying that, ” she said before looking straight at me, her eyes were dazed and I swear her irises transformed into hearts.

What the hell is this?

”I know that everything you say means the opposite of what you truly feel because you
e shy, so its okay! I understand! ” Hailey looked even more excited. ”You feel the same way. You love me and youll always love me! I know everything! ”

What the…

e worried that you hurt me with words that you didn mean to say because you
e embarrassed to say the truth, so you show it with your actions instead! ” she was out of control and was slowly inching closer and closer to my body, while I stepped back, a mixture of fear, confusion, and bewilderment painting my face.

Seriously, what the hell is happening?

She continued, ”If you
e embarrassed to say you love me then its okay! Ill say it for the both of us this time! Ill wait for the time when you
e able to say it with your own mouth, but this is fine for now! ” she said while swallowing her drool which was a sign that she was turned on.

She was acting like a maniac that got her hands on something she loved but was hesitant to devour it in mere seconds so she was controlling herself. The most terrifying thing about this was that I was the one she loved and I was close to being torn apart like a ragdoll.

I hit the bench and was now sitting.

Her shadow was towering over me and I was scared of what she might do. She was out of control. I thought she changed and was now capable of listening to people, but I see that it was just wishful thinking on my part.

No, on the contrary, instead of wising up and finally learning to just listen to a fraction of what Im saying—which was expected of her—she somehow turned worse and was flipping the entire meaning of everything I said!

”Dianne, help me! ” I shouted in panic as I ran away.

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