SpringTime Crime

Ch 9 Punishment

”Shh~ Everythings gonna be okay, ” the frightening masochist said.

I didn even get far. I barely made it past the trashcan beside the bench before being tackled and brought back to sit. Her strength was abnormally high and my strength was abysmally low.

There was nothing I could do.

In the past, I could still go wherever I wanted because of my big frame and she couldn do anything to me. I was too heavy for her and that was my only advantage.

Today marks the day that I fully regret living a healthy life.

It was a big mistake as my current skinny self was too light and could be easily dragged away. Normally, it shouldn be possible to drag me like a leaf as I still had my muscles and pride as a man, but she wasn normal in the first place.

She mustve worked out and went on a specified diet for whatever she needed, same as I did. The only difference was that she wasn doing it to gain a better body, but was instead aiming for the power to hold my fat ass down before engaging in lovey-dovey acts regardless of whether I consent to it or not.

Thats a frightening thought and the possibility of it being correct was absurdly high.

”What did I even do to deserve this? ” I muttered, despair riddling my face.

The gods must be laughing like crazy right now and I reckon that no matter what I do, I couldn escape this masochist nor could I do anything to shoo her out of my life as this was probably a predetermined fate.

Even if I board a plane to another country, we would eventually meet just like what happened today and thats obviously because I earned the mantle of a protagonist. I obtained every benefit from being one but also the demerits, and that included drama.

All main characters must have girls fawning over them and each one must have their own unique quirk and backstory.

I frowned and facepalmed, ”So shes become a heroine now? Oh god… ”

The moment I received the phone of destiny and officially became the main character, I immediately appointed my little sister as the main heroine. It was obvious. I loved her and she loved me. The only obstacle left for us to overcome in order to attain that sweet happy ending was a grand wedding.

The story was already set.

Turns out though, obtaining a happy ending wasn as easy as I thought it would be. Like all main characters with a past, its essential for past relationships to get in the way and Hailey was the prime example of that.

And Im sure as hell she wouldn be the only one.

I sighed and took my phone out of my left jacket pocket before unlocking it and looking at the time. The pants I wore had super small pockets, so my phone wouldn fit and would surely fall and get destroyed.

[10:26 am 17th Day of April 2023]

That was the current date and time.

Its spring season. A season of love. The best time for her love, my love, and our love to blossom. This shouldve been the perfect time for me to finally lose my virginity to my little sister but theres no rush to consummate our marriage.

We weren even married yet so I shouldn be thinking of laying a hand on her. Im quite the conservative person. The most I could do was only to watch her and lust over her, never to touch her without her consent.

If she was okay with it though, then I would gladly do it.

Sadly, I didn have the courage to ask. Apart from being a lustful stalker slash voyeur virgin older brother, I was also quite the coward. Not to misunderstand, but I wasn proud of that.

If I was somehow proud of being a pervert and a coward at the same time, then that just means Im mentally ill and a super pathetic person. Theres no way my esteemed self could be seen as pathetic.

Im the most handsome man to ever exist. Im the smartest human to ever live. Im the most perfect person to ever set foot on this planet and nobody could ever hope to match my status.

That said, the fact that I was a virgin, a pervert, and a coward wasn the least bit false. I just wasn proud of being one. If I could throw it all away just by having intercourse, I would gladly do it.

But as I said, Im too much of a conservative man to do that so hastily. I believe that one should only have sex with the person they truly love and only if the girl in question was of the same thought.


Its all bout consent.

In any case, I diverted my attention away from the time and looked at the new notification. The game had somehow issued another message saying that I only had a specific amount of time before something happens.

[30 minutes left before relocation.]

I frowned, confused, ”Relocation? What the hell does that mean? ”

”Hm? Did you say something, darling? ” the snake beside me asked.

She was busy with her phone in one hand while her other arm was still linked to mine. Her dedication to keep me from running away deserved praise.

”No, it was nothing, ” I said and kept the phone back in my jacket.

I took a sneaky glance at what she was doing and turns out, she was being scolded for skipping work. Seriously, this girl just skipped work to tie me down and stop me from escaping again.

I sighed, genuinely worried, ”Don you have to go to work? ”

She smiled and turned her phone off, ”Hehe~ Are you worried? Its okay though! ” she hugged and sniffed me, before continuing, ”My father owns the company and I was just there to earn experience, so you don have to feel guilty when being with me, darling. ”

Was that really the case?

Well, theres no merit in lying to me, so it must be true.

She looked up at me and smiled, her teeth showing, ”If its okay with you, can you go with me to meet him? I want to introduce my husband to my parents as soon as possible. ”

I choked on air, cold sweat starting to form on my forehead.

”Don joke about that, Ill get angry, ” I said, frowning.

She pouted, ”Are you embarrassed again? ”

I denied the accusation but as always, she didn listen. Seeing as I was refusing to agree to her request, she strengthened her hold on my arm. I immediately stiffened at the stimulating situation.

It was majestic.

The indescribable sensation of being surrounded by soft boobs left me light-headed. I held my head with my other arm and let the sandwiched arm savor the taste of her rackers. I never thought of it before, but she was a pretty girl.

I felt my nose heat up and I hurriedly looked away.

It stung.

Meanwhile, she took the chance and crawled her fingers all the way to my hands, intertwining them with mine. I tried to shake her off—which made me feel the soft jiggling of her breasts in much better clarity—but she didn budge so I just let it be while I wiped my bloody nose with a handkerchief.

—That was when I finally noticed an abnormality.

”Wait, wheres Dianne? ” I asked and frowned, still holding my bloody nose. My sister had been gone for quite a while when she shouldve been here a few minutes ago.

I swallowed my saliva and it hurt, so I cursed the masochist beside me. Ive been shouting too much for too long and now Im parched. Not to mention, I just had a nosebleed so Im honestly not feeling well—just where the hell did my little sister go?

Im worried.

I hastily observed my surroundings.

She said she would go buy us drinks and the nearest vending machine was only a few steps away, yet she wasn there. My heart beat faster. Something was wrong so I took my phone out and sneakily retrieved the phone of mundane from one of the storage slots.

I hastily turned it on and opened a GPS tracker.

”Get up, we
e finding my little sister, ” I commanded Hailey.

She looked confused for a second but hurriedly nodded her head when she saw my grave expression. We both stood up, hand in hand, and ran to the location of the blinking dot on my phone.

It wasn far, just a few buildings across the street.

I arrived at an alleyway and my blood immediately grew cold.

”Hey! Get your hands off my sister! ” I screamed as I took out a kitchen knife and a gun.

In front of me were three people dressed like hobos and my little sister was crying, looking at me in distress as she was forced down on the ground, her clothes torn and dirty.

”Bro…, ” she cried.

Her coat was hung on a nearby trashcan and her hat was lying on the ground next to dog stool. My eyes twitched in anger at seeing her plain white shirt that was ripped, revealing her pink bra.

Thankfully, she wasn hurt and I arrived just in time before these pieces of shit could do something. If she was dirtied, I wouldn even think of killing them, Id bring them home and beat the shit out of them every single day.

Im glad.

Im so glad I listened to my gut feeling.

”Youll **ing pay for this! ” I gnashed my teeth and clenched the knife harder as I shot the leg of the one with the red beanie, prompting a gut-wrenching scream to leak out of his mouth.

He fell to the ground clutching his injured leg.

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