Unrequited love; When one person yearns for unconditional love from another individual who doesn feel the same way.


” Don worry, I have arranged cold fireworks. It will be delivered in ten minutes to you… Place them around the dancing floor. Sure, I will come half an hour before the engagement to check the decorations, ” I mutter to the event manager while I was taking out the jewellery which I will wear to Haniyas engagement.

As I finish my talk with the event manager, I could hear noises from the hall, where Luv and Khush are talking. They are discussing the business project that they had to postpone to attend the wedding. Then they started to speak about Edward and Charles who have invested large amounts of money in their business after Edward proposed to Haniya. But they don know the truth that Edward didn propose to Haniya but rather ordered her.

After the war, Edward announced his and Haniyas wedding. Which was a shock to Haniya that she refused immediately but Edward reminded her that wasn a choice. That was one of the moments I wanted to fight for Haniya but as usual, she obeyed him and doesn like it if we interfere.

” They are mates, Asha. They will work it out, ” I was startled as I heard my wolf, Astra.

She only speaks to me when its necessary otherwise she gives me the silent treatment. I thought at the beginning, she will understand my situation but I was wrong. She wants her mate no matter what. The mate who I have loved since I was a child but he broke my heart. I can forgive him just because he is my mate and on top of that, he never apologised to me.

” Asha, you should get ready by now. We have to leave the house early because of the traffic we will face, ” Papa shouted loudly from his bedroom which affect my sensitive ears.

” Okay, ” I shouted back so he could hear.

As I was applying my makeup, I received a voicemail from Roshini,

” Asha, did you receive the emails the council is sending us? They are giving us potential members who are humans. We have to transform them into werewolves before joining them in the pack, ”

I couldn check my emails since I was busy arranging Haniyas engagement and managing my work. I groan as I heard Roshinis voicemail.

We have told the council we don mind having moonlighters as our members. But they ignore us as their main focus is on repopulating sunshinners. The only person they will obey without objecting is Disha.

Disha is living like a soulless person after the war. Nobody knows how she survived as she was marked and the death of Ace coul

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