[ Soul] (n.); the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life.


All the lights in the hall were off except for the stage where the light was shining on Haniya and Edward. As they exchange the rings at the exact time fireworks erupted making everyone cheer louder in surprise. In the meanwhile, the photographers and videographers were busy capturing the moment. Luckily, no guest came in front of them while they were taking pictures.

Thankfully, the highlight moment of the engagement went smoothly. Otherwise, I was internally freaking out the I moment I came to the hall. I was annoyed to see the clothes covering the chairs and tables had stains on them. Then the stage was at the wrong location, in fact, the whole arrangement was wrong and it didn go with what I instructed.

Now its time for the photoshoot session and then Haniya and Edward will have an opening dance to the dance session. Shoot, I have to meet the DJ and talk with him about the songs again, just to be on the safe side.

As I was about to get up, Amma hold me and spoke in Tamil, ” Where are you going? Its about our turn to take pictures, ”

” I have to talk to the DJ, ” I whisper to her in Tamil making her pat my hand and say,

” Talk to him after we finish taking family pictures, ” She announced in Tamil and then continue to speak to a distant relative sitting next to her. I don know whats the big deal being in the pictures of the engagement when you are not the bride and groom.

I control my sigh and eye rolls so Amma can see. I can sit ideally when I could work and make sure everything goes perfectly. After all, I have taken the responsibility of arranging and handling Haniyas wedding. Haniya trusted me and told me years ago that I will be organizing her wedding. I can believe it was five years ago for that.

I looked at Haniya who looked beautiful wearing a light grey embroidery saree which Nina has specially designed for her. Nina has taken the responsibility for her dresses. I must say, Nina knows what suits Haniya the best. She considers Haniyas personality and likeness when she designs it. The way she styled Haniya in the saree was elegant and it was easy for Haniya to carry it.

After the couples photoshoot was over, Edwards mother, Amelia and his step-father, Joseph, walked to the stage. Their arrival made Disha frown and quickly looked elsewhere as she and her wolf, Halona doesn like them after their first encounter.

After a few photos, Edwards siblings came to the stage along with their mates. I was surprised to know Edward had five half-siblings, three brothers and two sisters. And neither of them looked had any resemblance with Edward. Then Edwards two uncles came to the stage along with their families who are the fathers of King Victor, Elizabeth, Charlotte and Charles.

” Those girls will be good for Luv and Khush. What do you think? ” Ammas question was unexpected which gave me a shock.

” What made you think like that? ” I whispered lower than before as I asked her.

” I don know, I just find them good for the boys, ” She answered as she scans Charlotte and Elizabeth with her eyes. I could feel her protection strongly along with the satisfaction.

I took the opportunity as Amma was looking at my brothers mates and left to talk with the DJ. As I was walking, I smelt his scent, coffee along with expensive perfume. I turn around on instinct and saw him right in front of me giving a small smile. That was it, Astra howls in excitement seeing our mate and wades her tail.

” How are you, Asha? ” He asked acting casually but I could hear his rapid heartbeat and feel nervousness. I couldn believe the effects I have on him.

” I am good, what about you, Rohan? ” I answered cheerfully making his heartbeat skip a beat. I was selfish to be happy to know I influence him. This proves he did feel for me and hide it so well that made me think he wasn interested in me.

” Same… Roshini told me you arrange the decoration… Its good, ” He muttered making me freeze and internally started to curse him. He said, good, not great or beautiful or amazing.

” Thank you, I didn sleep properly since I was stressing myself out a lot. Finally, it turn out to be…good, ” I muttered making him feel a bit scared. Thats great, at least he knows he did something wrong.

He didn say anything and just nodded making me more annoyed than I was before.

” I never expect them to be serious, ” He spoke in an attempt to break the silence.

” Edward was serious about Haniya from the moment he met her… He is one of those guys, who will have one girl and cherish her for the rest of his life, ” I said while looking at Edward and Haniya.

After I spoke, I felt an intense amount of guilt and regret from Rohan. This causes Astra to have the urge to comfort him so she tries to take the control of my body.

” I have to talk with the DJ, ” I excuse myself quickly and walk away before he could say anything.

The DJ understood everything I said and act accordingly to it. This calms me down and enjoys the moment. I was loudest to cheer when Edward and Haniya danced to a romantic song about soulmates.

After their dance, there were group dances from Haniyas friends, cousins from her mothers side, and then us. Dadi had danced solo and later dragged other older relatives to dance, gidda. Then it was the grooms side to dance, only the younger ones danced. At last, the dance floor was open to everyone, people brought their glasses filled with drinks and danced.

I was busy dancing with Papa, who was holding a glass of water in his hand. Even though, his eyes kept on looking at the drinks of others especially those near him. I felt proud of Papa every time he control himself and doesn give in to his temptation.

” Asha, ” Disha hold my arm to have my attention.

” Come with me, ” She spoke lowly but my sensitive ears heard clearly.

We walked out of the hall, I tried to ask questions but she didn say a word all the way. I was curious about the situation until I entered the room with Disha. Inside the room, King Victor, Queen Barbara, Edward, Haniya, Charles, Elizabeth, Charlotte and my other pack members were there. I started to have bad feelings as this could be considered an emergency.

” Unknown pack members were found near your house… one of them is seen talking to Luv, ” King Victor announced the matter we were called.

”Apparently, the Alpha wants to seek revenge, ” Queen Barbara said shocking my pact members and me. The Alpha was dead from the war, and Disha herself stabbed Ace to death. After the death of the Alpha, the pack is terminated until there is Alphas offspring.

Did Ace have a child?


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