[ Jealous] (n.); feeling or showing an envious resentment of someone or their achievements, possessions, or perceived advantages.


” Amma, I think my zip is broken, ” Nina attract Ammas attention as soon as she came between me and Amma.

This gave me the perfect to shut my eyes as I fight for control. The headache was a common thing that happens when Astra fights for control but this time I could feel the pain and my nails growing into claws.

” Astra, I will not choose anyone except for Rohan. Just bear this until we get Rohan, ” I thought it was better to negotiate than fight as I know I will be losing.

” But you are not doing anything to win mate, ” Astra roars causing me to almost shiver.

” Just give me time and I will do it. Please we can be exposed right here… How will Halona react to this? ” Astra whimpers as I mention Dishas wolf. Halona is a WolfQueen and she won tolerate any behaviour from other wolves that may threaten our safety.

Luckily, Astra stopped fighting for control making me sigh in relief. Nina was still distracting Ammas attention through her childish behaviours.

The moment Nina felt I was in full control of my body, she left dragging Yasmin with her. I didn even notice Yasmins presence and then I quickly looked around. I saw all the werewolves standing near me at the safe distance making me realise they could have interfered if Astra got control.

” Asha, come, ” Amma kept her hand on my shoulders as she leads the way.

” Do I really have to do this? ” I groan in a whisper expecting her to feel irritated or angry but I felt empathy.

” Of course, you are in the age of marriage. You should meet someone who will spend his life with you, ” Amma whispered back.

”Mrs Chaddah, this is Asha, ” Amma introduce me to a familiar-looking woman. Who smiled kindly but her glare was predator-type at me.

” She looks like a total Punjabi type. I thought she will look like South India like you and Nina, ” She commented feeling a bit happy and satisfied. Looks like she didn want a girl looking like a different caste for her son.

” Of course, she looks like Mohan, ” Amma said feeling a bit uncomfortable because she thought the same thing as I did after hearing Mrs Chaddahs comment.

” This is Sikandar. We should let these children talk in private after all they may uncomfortable with our presence, ” Mrs Chaddah spoke as she laugh making Amma smile politely.

” Absolutely, ” Amma looked at me in excitement as she and Mrs Chaddah goes to the near table leaving me and Sikandar alone.

” Asha, aunty told you to love to do social work, ” Sikandar spoke in a polite tone.

” Yes, I think its our responsibility as human beings to help others much as can without any other motives, ” He smiled and I could feel his emotion of happiness.

” I also think the same as well… After papa died suddenly, rarely few people came to help mama. She was forced to work in an unprofessional environment because of our financial situation and lack of help from others, especially from other family members, ” Sikandar said feeling pain and pride. As he should be after his mothers struggle to make him have a comfortable life that he is living based on his Rolex watch.

” Wow, your mother is a strong woman, ” I commented soon after he finished, making him nod in agreement.

” I am planning to move to Australia at the end of the year as I got a great offer there. And in the future, I will take mama there as soon as I get settled. I am saying this first because I don want this thing to create problems in the future, ” He muttered feeling nervous and scared.

” I get it… Its just that Sikandar, I don think I will like to move to Australia… I like living with my family and I have responsibilities that I can leave, ” I politely rejected him telling one of my reasons, after all, I am Royal Beta I doubt anyone can handle it as I do.

Sikandar nodded hearing me and said,

” Well, this is a good thing we decided before anything went further which could have complicated things, ”

” Of course, ” I muttered feeling relief and Astra purring in satisfaction.

” Is it true, you are planning to enter into the law field? ” He asked after a few seconds of silence.

” Yes, I have always wanted to work in the law field and make a difference. So I study political science which helped me to work in different fields. I was getting experiences that will help me to be an ethical humanitarian lawyer, ” I said making him impressed.

” Thats great, I have a friend who is an experienced lawyer and he has contact with many people who are influenced… If you need, I could give you his number to you. Its important to have influenced people in your circle to make difference in India, ” I was grateful to hear his offer and I could have jumped in happiness.

” Yes, it will be great, ” I spoke loudly in excitement making him smile.

” Sorry, I can be loud at times, ” I apologise as I glance to see people have turned their heads towards us due to my voice.

” Come on, we Punjabis are meant to be loud, ” He muttered.

” Well, my South India Amma have a different opinion on that matter, ” I muttered as I could feel her stare from the back.

Then sudden waves of jealousy, regret and sadness punch me hard that I couldn breathe for a second. I secretively looked towards the source where the waves coming from. I couldn be happier when I saw Rohan is the source, even Astra was wagging her tail.

It could consider a childish move but I wanted Rohan to feel more jealous than he is. So I causally laid my hand on Sikandar, we were talking. I was glad Sikandar didn take the gesture the wrong way.

” Shoot, look at the time… I have work tomorrow so I have to leave. It was great meeting you, Asha, ” Sikandar spoke feeling a bit tense.

” Same here, Sikandar, ” I muttered and walk towards Amma with him.

” I agree with you, ” Amma was agreeing with Mrs Chaddag about something I didn hear and they stopped their conversation when we came.

” Mama, its getting late so its better to go home, ” Sikandar spoke making Amma object.

” But the dinner isn served yet, ”

” Sikandar have an important meeting tomorrow regarding about Australia matter. We have to go but I will call you regarding this matter, ” Mrs Chaddah spoke making Amma agree.

” So how did you find him? ” Anna asked when Sikandar and his mother left.

” He is a nice guy and loves his mama a lot. But he has plans to live in Australia and I don want to leave India, ” I answered honestly making Amma hum in response.

”Then its a no, ” She announced to herself as I nodded.

” What are you two talking about? ” Papa asked as he sat down.

” I saw you two Mrs Chaddah and Sikandar… Is it about marriage? ” Papa was smiling widely which matched his aura.

” Yes, it was related to marriage but Asha doesn want to leave India, ” Amma answered.

” Why not? This country is good for nothing to us… Its better to leave and settle in a nice country, ” Papa spoke looking at me.

” Because of this reason, the country is becoming worse. People are leaving India instead of making a difference here, ” I said.

” Asha, this country runs by rich and influential people. Over here, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, ” Papa spoke feeling disappointed and frustrated.

” This is happening in every country. There is none a single government that isn controlled by rich people. We look at other countries prosperity and not their problems. America looks like a great country filled with opportunities but has problems like school shooting which is regular there. And Arab countries prioritise their people more than other nationalities so living in those countries only benefits temporarily, ” I placed my statement confidently and before Papa could say something Amma interfere.

” Okay, lets discuss this at home. We should be attending to the guest and making sure they are comfortable, ” Amma knew if Papa and I discuss it, it could never end up since either of us easily gives up.


You may feel the story is going slowly but soon the fun will begin.

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