Starlight on the Mirrors

The dream that left me haunted...

I woke up screaming that morning, uncontrolled tears rolling down my cheeks. Nobody came running though, there is nobody after all to come running to me when Im crying or screaming or raging my insecurities upon my own skin.

There was this dream, I was walking into dry, dark forest, the woods were beautiful and I wanted to look more so I went deep, looking around for everything I could fall in love with. And then suddenly I was running, running for whatever reason I don remember but I wasn the only one who was running. He was running beside me. I don know who he was, I don remember the face but I remember him shouting on me to run faster. ”Turn right on my count to four, Ill lead them to the river. I promise Ill see you again by the Old Willow. ”

”Wait…, ” I shouted, panting like crazy when I heard the four that had my instincts running on its own. I took the right and then after a while I wasn running anymore. I looked back and no one was chasing me. Why did I start running in the first place? The place looked no more familiar than it did before and I did not know what to do. I started looking around and ended up into some wasteland. There it was, an old piece of parchment that had a name written on it. There were some digits followed by some unknown language. The only thing I could make out of it was the name, ”Zephyr ” and I did not know what to do with it. I left it there.

I can seem to remember why I woke screaming by this dream because there is nothing much of it that I remember. The only other thing I remember is someone whispering something into my ears that had my nerves breaking down like a crumbling fort.

I could hear the birds on my window, it was already late morning and I was expected to appear by mid-day. Mr. Yates had the sweetest temper but this would be the fourth day when Ill get late and now nobody could save me, not even the calmest

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