Starlight on the Mirrors

I had known these woods for ever...

Mr. Yates and everyone was at their place. I later found out that they were among the crowd and regretted for yelling at them. Neil cleared the mess he started and came to me to the storage room, he had the most tender look in his eyes, no matter how I bare my fangs on him he would never bite me back.

” I think I heard someone at the backdoor a while ago ” I informed him.

”When? ”

”Back when you were busy crowding me on the day I want to be the most alone. I can believe you pulled this today of all days, Orion, ” I pulled the chair near me and leaned on its armrest, ”God, I miss home now. ”

”Home, you see, is wherever you make it. Would you like to see me create one for you? ” Orion smirked as he leaned close to my face. My reflexes work their best when Im near him- I pulled back instantly. His face close to me feels different. He had such perfect symmetry in his face and his aegean blue eyes looked too enchanting to not look into them, his curls fall into his face when he leans in and I can help but stare at all the assorted beauty.

I managed to get him back to the main concern and that was some inconspicuous sound back there, he asked if I saw something but I did not. He assured me to look into it and so we got back to work.

Mr. Yates was waiting for me by the counter, I almost forgot that no matter the day Im not saved for my negligence that I unwillingly (and maybe unconsciously) showed. I apologized to him and assured him to do better. He warned me against it but let me go easy because it was my day. My special day.

The day when I came to this place, I did not have anything. But these people took me in against all the qualms and assured me secrecy as long as I did my work sincerely. I was followed by Orion who established himself as Mr. Neil of the Blue Castle. He was, perhaps, sent by my father to keep an eye on me, no wonder hes just always there. Everywhere. And to be honest, him being here had been a lot of help. He keeps me updated on things back home.

Its been five years since Ive been here in this city, still working as a part-timer, now at three different places to sustain in this forgotten town where everyone knows everyone else. But thats the beauty of small towns, you feel a different kind of warmth in places like these. But thats not the reason why Im staying here. Its because this town is situated nearest to the Pacific Bay. According to our ancient texts, the King of The Kingdom of Glaze once visited this town and in return to the civility and care the people had shown him, he decided to bestow them with one of the three snow crystals. The story though, has been ages old and no one seems to even be aware of the story here. I was assigned the task to look for it and to secure it, if possible.

But not today. I take this day off every year after my first morning shift and stroll around the city admiring the general aesthetics of living in a small town. By the time I reached the Bakers at the end of the street, the store sold out chocolate funnel cakes. I left for the woods which was about five miles away from the town. That place is my go-to every year for this day. The tall, dark woods and the damp soil felt like home, the only home I could return to.

The woods were in sight when I got the feeling of being followed by someone, though found no one when I looked around. An intense impulse made me draw the boot knife and as I turned around ready to slit whatever stood behind me, he caught my wrists.

”Woah, easy, serpent. You don have to start at just anything, even when you
e alone. You need to loosen up a bit. ”

”Why would you have to be here, ” I glared at him….

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