When Sui Yan woke up the next day, the sun was already high in the sky.

Sui Xun had returned from court and was dressed in a single layer, practicing his sword forms. The sharp blade pierced through the wind. The snow on the ground was stirred up, and it danced in the wind. 

Wrapped in a thick cloak, Sui Yan held the rabbit in his arms and secretly watched his brother from the corridor.

In the past, when his elder brothers were practicing their sword forms, Sui Yan would avoid them so that he wouldnt anger them.

Haitang stood behind him and carefully said, “Young Master, its really windy here. Why dont we go inside and rest?”

Sui Yan shook his head, staring at Sui Xun, and asked, “How long is Elder Brother staying this time? He wont be going back right after the New Year, right?” 

Haitang replied, “There isnt anything going on at the borders right now, so Second Young Master probably wont return until after the Lantern Festival.”

Sui Yan thought there was still more than half a month to get along with his brother and relaxed.

Sui Yan gazed at his brother intently. When Sui Xun stopped to get a drink of water, Sui Yan called Haitang and instructed, “Bring a cloak over. Elder Brother is wearing so little. What if he catches a cold?”

Sui Yan was afraid of the cold, so he thought everyone was just as scared of it as he was.

Haitang helplessly replied, “Young Master, how will Second Young Master practice his sword forms if he is dressed in a cloak?”

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They stood like this for a while when the attendant from the previous day rushed over. Sui Yan glanced at him and said, “Haitang, go get me a hand warmer.”

Haitang immediately went to do so.

The attendant knelt down, bowed, and said, “Little Young Master, that……Miss Yuejian wrote back, saying that she wants to meet you.”

Sui Yan played with the rabbits ears and lazily replied, “En, I see. Dont tell anyone about this. Not even Elder Brother.” 

The attendant raised his head and hesitantly said, “This subject will do as you have bid.”

“What happened? You cant even tell me about it?”

Sui Yan was surprised when Sui Xuns voice suddenly sounded from behind him. He tripped and fell towards the railing before he found himself in Sui Xuns arms again.

Sui Xun had put away his sword and walked onto the corridor some time ago. He was still sweating. He frowned and steadied Sui Yan before asking, “What did you do this time for you to have such a guilty conscience?” 

Sui Yan hurriedly sat up and mumbled, “Greetings to Elder Brother, I……I only wanted him to help me sneak out so that I could go play……”

Sui Xun felt that Sui Yans playfulness was shameless, but he didnt scold Sui Yan and only said, “Why do you have to sneak out if youre going to play? Is someone watching you?”

Sui Yan seized this opportunity and complained in a low voice, “Uncle Zhao said that I havent fully recovered, so I need to follow the doctors advice and stay inside. I feel much better now, but he still wont let me go out.”

Sui Xun looked cold and directly said, “You are the Young Master of the Sui Family. When nobody else is home, you are the master of the house. If you want to play, then play. You dont need to listen to anyone else.” 

Sui Yans eyes lit up, and he immediately said, “Many thanks to Elder Brother.”

Sui Xun was quiet as he turned around and continued to practice his sword forms. Afterward, he seemed to have told Li Zhao something, but the old butler stopped watching over Sui Yan.

As soon as Sui Yan regained his freedom, he ran outside, holding onto his hand warmer. However, Sui Yan ran into Jiang Enhe as soon as he left his manor.

To put it nicely, Jiang Enhe was innocent and childlike. In other words, he was a complete idiot. Maybe it was because they had gotten along a few days ago, but Jiang Enhe wasnt as hostile towards Sui Yan as before. 

He glanced at Sui Yan and leaned over without noticing Sui Yans rejection and disgust.

“What a coincidence, Little Young Master! Youve also come out for a walk!” Jiang Enhe put his hand around Sui Yans neck, acting like they were very close, “I was just going to visit Xiangguo Temple. One of their high monks just returned from his studies abroad, and everyone is rushing to meet him. Would you like to come with me?”

Sui Yan was tempted to smash the hand warmer in his hands onto Jiang Enhes head.  He held himself back when he thought about how the hand warmer was from Duan Mingchong.  “Young Master Jiang should go by himself. I have something to do, so I wont accompany you.”

Sui Yan shook off Jiang Enhes hand and turned to leave. Jiang Enhe quickly said, “Im telling the truth. Its said that the high monk is so powerful that he can even see peoples past lives. The emperor may even invite him into the palace on New Years Eve. Hey! Sui Wanggui!” 

Sui Yan paused and asked, “What is that high monk called?”

“His religious name seems to be Gengxue.”

Sui Yan took a deep breath and replied, “I see. I will visit him another day. I really have something urgent to do, so Im leaving.”

As he spoke, he rushed to leave.

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