In the middle of the night, the red-light district was brightly lit. Yuejian watched gloomily as a servant from the Sui Manor and the owner of Wanhua Tower talked, thinking, That Little Young Master was really spending this much money to redeem him. Were youths nowadays all so extravagant just for beauties?

If Sui Yan had heard these words, he would definitely have cursed at Yuejian. 

Soon, the steward from the Sui Manor settled everything. He ordered people to move Yuejians belongings onto a carriage before respectfully helping Yuejian in.

Yuejian nodded and bowed to the owner of the establishment before he entered.

The carriage slowly began to move forward, and without stopping to rest, they exited the city.

As the seat beneath him began to jolt, Yuejian felt a strong sense of unease. He pulled open the curtain and found that he was already outside of the city. 

He was taken aback and hurriedly lifted the divider to speak with the driver, “Sir, where are we going? This doesnt seem to be the route to the Sui Manor.”

The attendant was clothed in black robes. He expressionlessly replied, “We will stay outside the city for one night and enter again tomorrow.”

Yuejian was confused. Soon, the carriage stopped in the wilderness. The attendant lit a lantern and retrieved a small package from the bottom of the carriage before he handed it to Yuejian and said, “Young Master, change into these clothes. We will return to the manor after dawn.”

Yuejian was at a loss. He let go of the dividing curtain and opened the small package. There was only a worn blue robe, travel papers, and a household registration booklet inside.

The same name was written on the travel papers and the household registration booklet.

——Jun Jingxing.

Yuejian suddenly realized that Sui Yan had prepared a new identity for him.

He looked at the name, stroking the characters with his hand as he nearly burst into laughter. 

Jun? Jingxing?

What exactly did he have to do with that name? Only someone like Sui Yan would do something this taboo.

The carriage stayed in the wilderness all night.

At the break of dawn, the attendant, who hadnt slept all night, drove the carriage back into the city. Yuejian registered the travel papers and household registration booklet at the city gate and entered the city under the identity of Jun Jingxing. 

The carriage drove for a while before it stopped in front of Sui Manor.

Li Zhao had received Sui Yans orders and was waiting at the door to greet him. When he saw a young master dressed in blue robes exiting a carriage, he hurriedly stepped forward and said, “This gentleman must be Genius Doctor Jun. I have been looking forward to your arrival.”

Jun Jingxing held his hands in his sleeves and expressionlessly thought, Genius Doctor? Has Sui Yan gone crazy? How could he arrange such an identity for a courtesan?

The attendant cupped his hands and replied, “Genius Doctor came all the way from Jiangnan. I am afraid he might be tired right now, so could I trouble Butler to arrange a place for him to rest? I will go report to Little Young Master.” 

Li Zhao hurriedly nodded and led Jun Jingxing into the manor.

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Of course, this was all nonsense, but Li Zhao and Haitang, who were worried about Sui Yans health, agreed without any hesitation.

Li Zhao led Jun Jingxing to a side courtyard next to Sui Yans, chattering as he walked, “Young Master Jun really came at an opportune time. My Young Master has had fevers these past few nights. The Imperial Doctors visited many times and said it wasnt anything major, but after taking so much herbal medicine, he hasnt gotten any better.” 

The old butler sighed, holding back his urge to curse those quack doctors.

Jun Jingxing looked on coolly without commenting.

Li Zhao thought all genius doctors had strange temperaments, and he didnt feel like he was performing a monodrama. After helping Jun Jingxing settle in, he left.

Once Li Zhao left, Jun Jingxing let out a sigh of relief. He glanced at the layout of this side courtyard. There was rockery and flowing water, and the pavilion was even connected to the plum forest in the rear courtyard. Overall, the scenery was delightful. 

He had stayed up all night, confused and deep in thought. Now that he could finally relax, he felt a little tired, so he lay down on the couch to rest for a bit.

Four hours later, someone came over to call him, saying that the Little Young Master had requested his presence.

Jun Jingxing sneered, thinking, It had come.

He straightened his clothes and expressionlessly followed the servant through the manor until they arrived at an ancestral hall. 

The ancestral hall was brightly lit with white lamps and incense, even during the day.

Jun Jingxing muddleheadedly entered, and the door was slowly closed behind him.

Jun Jingxing glanced around before he turned his head and looked forward.

In the ancestral hall, there were the tablets of the members of three generations of the Sui Family. Among the curls of white smoke in the room, a youth dressed in purple knelt on a futon with a small table in front of him. He was writing something. 

Jun Jingxing furrowed his brows.

Sui Yan weakly turned around when he heard the sound of the door closing, only to see Jun Jingxing blankly standing behind him. He greeted, “What are you doing in a daze? Come here.”

Jun Jingxing tentatively took two steps forward before he stopped vigilantly.

Sui Yan held a brush in his mouth and looked at him in confusion. 

Jun Jingxing hesitated for a long time before he replied, his face dark, “Even if you……you dont need to do that thing in front of your ancestors.”

Sui Yan, “……”

Sui Yan was expressionless. The brush fell from his mouth, and his clothes were all stained with ink.

Jun Jingxings gaze looked like he was watching a disgraceful beast. 

Sui Yan exploded and shouted, “Why are your thoughts so dirty!? Youre always thinking about that thing! I called you here to copy books for me! What nonsense are you thinking about?!”

Jun Jingxing, “……”

The two of them stared at each other for a long time before Jun Jingxing hesitantly walked up and knelt on the futon.

Sui Yan furiously moved the table in front of Jun Jingxing and shoved the brush into his hands. He pointed at the unfinished copy and ordered, “Just start copying from here. Ive already copied this four times, and youll complete the remaining six copies for me.” 

Jun Jingxing held onto the pen, frozen. In disbelief, he said, “Why?!”

Sui Yan angrily replied, “You still have the face to say that?! If you hadnt hesitated for so long in Wanhua Tower yesterday, I wouldnt have stayed there for so long, and my brother wouldnt have made me copy books! Its all your fault! You were the one who was so hesitant, and now you still have the face to ask me why?”

Jun Jingxing, “……”

Jun Jingxing was a little confused, and he couldnt figure out what this Little Young Master wanted to do. 

But before he could ask, Sui Yan picked up the other futons and put them together. He spread his cloak as a blanket on top and contentedly laid down, looking like he was going to take a nap.

Jun Jingxing, “……Hey!”

Sui Yan had been dragged up by Sui Xun to copy books early in the morning and hadnt gotten enough sleep. When Jun Jingxing spoke, he impatiently kicked him and vaguely replied, “Dont bother me, just quickly finish copying.”

Jun Jingxing, “……” 

Jun Jingxing was going to be angered to death.

Sui Yan continued, “Ill take you to see your younger sister after you finish.”

Jun Jingxing paused for a moment. He stared at the paper for a long time before he reluctantly held onto the brush and started copying. As he wrote each character, he cursed Sui Yan in his heart.

Sui Yan was exhausted. He slept for six hours, making Jun Jingxing worried that he wasnt going to wake up at all. Just as he was about to wake Sui Yan up, Sui Yan blearily opened his eyes. 

Jun Jingxing patted the paper on the small table and said, “I finished copying. Can you take me to see my sister now?”

Perhaps Sui Yan had slept so much that he was confused. He got up and stared at Jun Jingxing blankly before asking, “Did you bury me properly in the Sui Ancestral Graveyard?”

His gaze was dark and heavy, and Jun Jingxing had goosebumps after hearing his question.

Jun Jingxing tentatively called, “Little Young Master?” 

Sui Yan dazedly stared at him. After a bit, he suddenly shook and then gradually recovered.

He crawled to Jun Jingxings side and peered at the completed copies on the table. His eyes shone as he exclaimed, “Woah, the handwriting is the same as mine. I found someone to copy books for me in the future.”

Jun Jingxing was speechless, “You can copy it yourself.”

Sui Yan ignored him, stretched, folded the copies, and stuffed them into his sleeve before he stood up and said, “Lets go, Ill treat you to sweets for dinner.” 

Jun Jingxing couldnt tell if this Little Young Master had really gone stupid or if he was just acting.

Sui Yan happily gave the copied book to Sui Xun to look over. After he was released from his punishment, Sui Yan was overjoyed. He came out and tugged Jun Jingxing into his own courtyard.

On the way back, Jun Jingxing wanted to ask about his sister, but when he saw Sui Yans mischievous appearance, he was scared that he had been played, so he held the question in.

Sui Yan pushed open the gate of his courtyard. Before he had entered, he suddenly exclaimed, “My God, you cant play with that!” 

Jun Jingxing wondered who he was talking to. Once he stepped into the courtyard, he saw a waist-high snowman in the center. A child who looked seven or eight years old was holding a rabbit and trying to stuff it into the snowman.

Jun Jingxing, “……”

Sui Yan quickly ran over and rescued the rabbit from the childs evil claws. Filled with distress, he held the trembling rabbit and whispered, “Dont be afraid, dont be afraid. Im here.”

The child gazed at him and blinked without any fear. She then saw Jun Jingxing, who stood at the gate, and froze for a moment before she leaped with joy. 

“Elder Brother!”

The little girl rushed towards Jun Jingxing, jumped up, hung on his neck before he could react, kissed him on the cheek, and giggled, “Brother, you really came? I thought Sui Yan gege was lying to me.”

Jun Jingxing reacted after he felt the gentle touch in his arms. He stretched his hands out to hug her and muttered, “Why are you here?”

After Yin Lingfeng was convicted, Jun Jingxing and his two younger sisters were also affected. Jun Jingxing was sent to Qianzhou, while his sisters Yin Shenqiu and Yin Yuewu were sold as courtesans. Somehow, Jun Jingxing had been able to escape from the government surveillance. He dressed as a woman and entered Wanhua Tower in an attempt to save his two sisters, who were in a place fraught with danger.” 

Except before he could rescue Yin Yuewu, she had been forced to leap down from a wooden building by the Fifth Prince, leaving Yin Shenqiu, who was only eight, behind.

Yin Shenqiu had been sheltered by her elder sister and didnt understand anything that occurred in the red-light establishment. After Yin Yuewu passed away, Jun Jingxing protected her until Sui Yan had snuck her into the Sui Manor a few days ago.

Yin Shenqiu was full of naivete, and she pointed to Sui Yan when she heard the question, “That brother brought me here. He said I could come see Elder Brother”

Jun Jingxing froze before he looked at Sui Yan with a complicated expression. 

Sui Yan was tenderly brushing the snow off of the rabbit. When he noticed Jun Jingxing staring at him, he immediately waved at him.

“You know medicine, right? Can you take a look at this rabbit? It looks really feeble.”

Jun Jingxing, “……”

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