Jun Jingxing facepalmed.

Sui Yan had sent someone to obtain the small bottle of medicine. When the stopper was opened, a medicinal fragrance filled the air. Jun Jingxing expressionlessly poured out some medicinal powder and gently sprinkled it on the three wounds.

As the powder fell, Sui Yans thin body abruptly trembled. He bit the pillow and let out an excruciatingly painful sob, looking extremely pitiful.

Jun Jingxings eyes flickered as if he was moved, and then he…… 

sprinkled it more enthusiastically.

When Jun Jingxing was finished, Sui Yan was in a cold sweat, and he kept gasping. It was clear that he was in a lot of pain.

Jun Jingxing carefully wiped off the medicinal powder on the edges of the wounds with a handkerchief and lightly remarked, “What did you do wrong to be beaten like this? This is too cruel.”

When he heard this, Sui Yan immediately turned his head and glared at Jun Jingxing, “It was because of you! Even now, my brother still thinks that I went to Wanhua Tower that time to have fun. I suffered through this whipping because of you, so what are you gloating over?!” 

Jun Jingxing suddenly felt guilty and quickly coaxed, “Alright, alright, alright. It was my fault. Ill copy books for you tomorrow.”

As soon as his voice fell, he reacted. The two of them hadnt known each other for very long, so why were they acting so familiarly? It was like they were good friends who had known each other for many years.

Did this Little Young Master act so familiarly with everyone?

Sui Yan continued to lay on the couch as he dejectedly replied, “I wont trouble you. Tomorrow is the Third Princes birthday, so I will probably be out all day. You can live in the side courtyard. If you need anything, just go to Uncle Zhao.” 

Jun Jingxing nodded in response before he paused and suddenly asked, “Why……did you save me?”

Sui Yan was sleepy after having lain for so long. “Ah,” he dazedly opened his eyes and vaguely said, “Save……save you? You were the one who saved me.”

Jun Jingxing rubbed his forehead, thinking, This Little Young Master seems to love saying nonsense when hes sleepy. When he saw how listless Sui Yan was, Jun Jingxing knew he couldnt get any answers, so he could only say, “Its nothing, go to sleep.”

Sui Yan answered, “Oh,” lay back down on the soft pillow, and soon fell asleep. 

Because of his back injury, he couldnt lie on his back, so he could only curl up aggrievedly and bury his head in his blankets. There were tears in the corners of his eyes because of the pain.

Jun Jingxing watched him for a long while before he sighed quietly.

“Hes still a child,” he murmured before gently pulling Sui Yans untied shirt up and covering him with a blanket. After thinking about it, he put out a charcoal basin and then quietly left.

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