“Sui Yan, the case is closed.”

Sui Yan weakly opened his eyes, asking, “Whats the sentence?” 

Song Xian furrowed his brow, “In the past few days, the Second and Fifth Princes enlisted all of the court officials to ask the emperor to heavily punish the Crown Princes murderer. The Third Prince has been sentenced to……”

“……Canglin Temple.”

Sui Yan shakily let out a sigh of relief.

“Canglin Temple……Canglin……” Sui Yan murmured, “Although Yong City is barren, its still pretty good. At least hes still alive.” 

Song Xian was irritable by nature. When he heard this, he impatiently said, “What kind of good place can Yong City be? Canglin Temple is at the edge of a vast desert. How could a person stay there? His Highness has been pampered all his life. He definitely wont be accustomed to a place like that. If anything happens……”

Sui Yan asked, “Then is staying in the capital any better?”

Song Xian froze.

“This time, the emperor wanted to get rid of the Third Prince. If not for……” Sui Yan took a deep breath and changed the subject, “Even if he suffers at Yong City, at least he is still alive. In the capital, if he makes the emperor unhappy, he might even lose his life.”

Sui Yan rubbed his eyebrows, looking at the confused Song Xian. He helplessly said, “Do you understand that murdering the Crown Prince is a large crime? The emperor is already granting him a large favor by letting him live.”

Song Xian had always been simple-minded, and he often spoke without a filter. When he realized the seriousness of the matter, he panicked, “Then, then what should we do?”

Sui Yan replied, “This is the only way.”

Song Xian shook his head, “No, no! How could he go to such a damned place alone? His Highness has offended so many people. Who knows how many of them will humiliate him? No……” 

He kept saying no, before suddenly asking, “Are you going to accompany His Highness to Yong City?”

Sui Yan froze, shaking his head. With his current condition, if he went with Duan Zhisu to Yong City, he might die halfway.

Song Xian was incredulous. He stared at him, “You clearly know that he might die if he goes to Yong City. Arent you concerned?”

Sui Yan was silent. 

Song Xian kept staring at him, but to no avail. Sui Yan ignored him.

Song Xian said, “Sui Yan, you……”

A drop of water quietly fell into a puddle on the ground.

Song Xians helpless and disappointed voice seemed to come from a distance, “……Do you have a heart?” 

A cold cloth was placed on his forehead. Sui Yan felt that it was very comfortable. In a daze, he tried to rub his head against it.

The person next to him seemed to notice that he was conscious and quickly left. He soon returned, bringing along a medicinal fragrance.

Even though he was asleep, Sui Yan frowned.

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Sui Yan even saw the road to the Yellow Springs. He struggled for a while before he opened his eyes.

When Haitang saw that he was awake, he began to cry. If somebody didnt know what had happened, they would have thought Sui Yan had just died. 

Sui Yan swallowed his question of, “Which shameless person forced me to drink that medicine?” and weakly said, “Why are you crying? Im not dead yet.”

Haitang immediately spat, “Young Master, dont talk about those inauspicious things. Amitabha, childrens words carry no harm.”

Sui Yan was very amused.

Haitangs eyes were full of tears, “After Young Master fell into the snow, you were unconscious for two days. The imperial physicians came many times, and they nearly lost you. Fortunately, Imperial Physician Meng used acupuncture and brought you back from deaths door.” 

Sui Yan nodded perfunctorily, thinking, This person surnamed Meng is so nosy, I have to find a chance to beat him up.

Perhaps Imperial Physician Meng was a brilliant doctor. After Sui Yan woke up, he felt a lot better, and his fever quickly broke. However, he still couldnt drink medicine.

Li Zhao and Haitang were very anxious. Every time they fed Sui Yan medicine, he would vomit. No matter how strong his body originally was, this could make anybody ill. After much consideration, they could only let the kitchen send some sweet medicinal cuisine over.

Sui Yan loved to eat sweets, and he could drink many cups of honey water at a time. When he was young, Li Zhao always used sweets to trick him into taking medicine. 

The sweet medicinal cuisine was quickly made and sent over. Sui Yan glanced at the sweet porridge in the small cup and was speechless. He asked, “Do you still think Im a kid?”

Li Zhao stirred the sweet porridge with a spoon, coaxing, “No, no. Taste it, Young Master. Its sweet.”

Sui Yan tried to endure, but he soon gave in. He frowned and took a bite, and he was nearly driven crazy by the sweetness and bitterness that were intertwined.

Sui Yan adored sweets. When he was a child, even if a piece of candy fell on the ground, he would pick it up, pat off the dust, and eat it. Sui Yan ignored what others said about how dirty that was. However, he also hated eating medicine. When he tasted this sweet and bitter porridge, he didnt know whether he should swallow it or spit it out. 

Li Zhao encouraged him, “Swallow it.”

Sui Yan was so angry with his coaxing tone that he nearly spat the medicine out. He took a long time before he swallowed it.

When Li Zhao saw that he had really drunk the medicine, he nearly cried tears of joy.

Even though Sui Yan was thick-skinned, he felt ashamed to be treated like a child, so he obediently drank the rest of the medicine. 

Sui Yan didnt know whether it was because of the sweets or the medicine, but he felt much better after taking it.

Haitang ran in holding a box of food, “Young Master, this is a box of sweet buns from Wanfeng Tower to help with the bitterness.”

Sui Yan was in a daze.

Before Duan Zhisu was sentenced, Sui Yan lived luxuriously. He lazed around and enjoyed life. Every day, he would instruct his servants to buy him sweets from all corners of the capital, and everyone in the capital knew that the Sui Family had a Young Master with a sweet tooth. 

But ever since Duan Zhisu went to Canglin Temple, he hadnt instructed anyone to buy him sweets.

If it werent for Haitangs reminder, he would have forgotten that he had been so unrestrained before.

Sui Yan took the container from Haitangs hands and opened it gently. He found that the sweet buns inside were cold.

It took an hour to get from Wanfeng Tower to the Generals Manor. It was so cold outside, so it made sense for the buns to have cooled. 

Sui Yan sighed, poking at the rabbit-shaped buns, “Its cold, take it away.”

Haitang quietly said yes.

Sui Yan said, “Im not mad at you. The sweets from Wanfeng Tower taste better when theyre fresh. Ill go there to eat them another day.”

Haitang ran away happily. 

Perhaps the sweet buns from Wanfeng Restaurant had finally cured his boredom. Sui Yan obediently drank his medicine for many days, and he was nearly recovered by Little New Year.

On the day of Little New Year, Imperial Physician Meng was ordered to take Sui Yans pulse. Dressed in a cloak, he met Duan Mingchong, who was holding a bamboo umbrella, at the Chengan Palace Gate.

Imperial Physician Meng hurriedly bowed.

Duan Mingchong waved his hand, saying, “Is Imperial Physician Meng going to the Generals Manor to take the Little Young Masters pulse?” 

Imperial Physician Meng replied, “Yes.”

Duan Mingchong smiled, saying, “It just so happened that I want to visit him too. Lets go together.”

Duan Mingchong didnt put on any airs in court and acted with integrity in front of everyone. Imperial Physician Meng didnt feel reserved, so he followed Duan Mingchong, chatting about Sui Yans conditions. They soon arrived at the Generals Manor.

Li Zhao nervously rushed out to greet the Crown Prince. 

“This subject welcomes Your Highness.”

Duan Mingchong closed the umbrella, saying, “I came to visit the Little Young Master. How is he doing?”

Li Zhao looked embarrassed, “This……”

Duan Mingchong was very considerate, and he helplessly said, “Is it because he cant drink the medicine?” 

Li Zhao lowered his head, quietly saying, “Your Highness, please forgive us. Coincidentally, my Young Master……isnt in the manor today.”

Duan Mingchong frowned, “He is still ill. What is he doing outside? Didnt you stop him?”

Who can stop him from leaving!?! Li Zhao complained, “Little Young Master has always been arrogant and unrestrained, so much so that nobody in the manor can control him. Just now, when we didnt notice, he….he……”

Imperial Physician Meng said, “Young Masters body is still weak. Its not good for him to go out in such cold weather.” 

Li Zhao replied, “Yes, yes, I have already sent people to look for him.”

Duan Mingchong suddenly asked, “Where did he go?”

Li Zhao stammered, “This……This…….”

Duan Mingchong said, “Just say it directly. Dont stutter.” 

Li Zhao quietly said, “Its…….Wan-Wanhua Tower……”

Duan Mingchong grew up reading holy books in the East Palace and didnt know anything about the red-light districts in the capital. He heard the name and wondered, “What place is that?”

Li Zhaos face turned red.

Imperial Physician Meng covered his mouth and smiled, whispering, “Your Highness, Wanhua Tower……Is an establishment for people to have fun and seek pleasure.” 

Duan Mingchongs expression changed, and he was shocked, “Him? How old is he? Going to places like that?”

Li Zhao saw that he had misunderstood and tried to explain. However, Duan Mingchong didnt listen to him. He ordered a few bodyguards, saying, “Follow me.”

The bodyguards were at a loss, but they had to follow the Crown Princes order, so they hurried after him.

Li Zhao was taken aback, and he quickly said, “Your Highness! You– What are you going to do?” 

Duan Mingchong coldly replied, “Im going to invite the Little Young Master to come back.”

Li Zhao, “…….”

Duan Mingchong was very swift and decisive, and he majestically led a group of bodyguards towards Wanfeng Tower. However, it didnt seem like he was going to invite someone, but that he wanted to arrest a fugitive.

At the same time, the Little Young Master had overcome many difficulties and finally purchased all twenty servings of sweet buns that Wanhua Tower had made that day. He was full of sweat. 

He elegantly sat in the center of the lobby and under the shocked gazes of the brothels patrons…….

——He played with the ears of the rabbit-shaped buns.

Although Wanhua Tower was a brothel, it had delightful pastries. Every day, the steamed buns they made were in the shape of cute animals, and they were extremely lifelike.

The table was piled with boxes of food, and white steam was rising off of them. In the midst of this, Sui Yan sat like an immortal, smiling as he played around with the soft ears of the rabbit-shaped buns. 

Its so soft. Sui Yan thought as he took a bite from a pig-shaped bun. He tasted the honey inside and he felt like he was going to melt from all the sugar.

“So sweet.”

For the first time since his rebirth, Sui Yan felt that being alive seemed pretty good.

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