Sui Yans skin was very thick, and he even smiled towards the person, thinking, Oh my god, who is this?

Before he could think things through, Haitangs voice sounded from outside the door, “Young Master, the Crown Prince and the Third Prince are here.” 

The door suddenly opened, and Sui Yan was taken aback. He glanced over and saw an apathetic youth rush in, looking as if he wanted to hack someone into pieces.

Sui Yan blinked.

Haitang quickly began to complain, saying, “Third Prince can see that my Young Master really hasnt gotten better.”

Sui Yan immediately acted like he was in poor health. He coughed, saying, “This subject greets the Third Prince.” 

The Third Prince Duan Zhisu looked indifferent. His face still held hints of immaturity, but the shadow of his future decisiveness could already be seen.

Duan Zhisu glanced at Sui Yan and furrowed his brows. Behind him stood Song Xian, who loved to be an onlooker.

Originally, Song Xian had come to kick Sui Yan when he was down. However, once he saw Sui Yans pale face and that he had visibly lost weight, his expression sank. He walked over, blustering, “How did you lose so much weight? You look even weaker than before. What are those imperial physicians doing? What a bunch of trash!”

Haitang had a poor impression of Song Xian. Once he saw that Song Xian was about to put his hands on Sui Yans shoulders, Haitang hurried over and guarded Sui Yan, completely disregarding Song Xian. He helped Sui Yan walk over to the bed, blocking him from Song Xians grasp.

“My Young Master is still ill, so its better for Young Master Song to not grope him.”

Song Xian, “……”

Song Xian was exasperated, but he couldnt act up in front of Duan Zhisu, so he snorted and stopped talking.

Sui Yan gave a dry cough and rebuked, “Haitang, dont be rude.” 

Duan Zhisu kept staring at Sui Yans pale face. He saw Sui Yan stand by the bed, unable to sit down out of respect for his identity as a prince. He hurriedly stepped forward to support him onto the bed, coldly saying, “Dont move around if you are in poor health. What were you doing just now? Standing by the window and enjoying the cold wind? Heh, it serves you right to be sick for so long.”

Duan Zhisu had just been outside, and he was still cold. When he got close, Sui Yan shivered. Duan Zhisu took off his frozen cloak, helped Sui Yan onto the bed, and pulled the quilt up to cover him.

Sui Yan smiled, “Many thanks to the Third Prince.”

Duan Zhisus gaze was heavy. He remained silent because he was scared he couldnt control himself if he began to speak. 

Because there was nobody else in the Sui Manor, Sui Yan entered the palace at a young age and grew up at the knee of the emperor. Thus, he and Duan Zhisu had a deep friendship. Otherwise, with Sui Yans cold nature, he wouldnt have schemed in court to vindicate Duan Zhisu for so many years.

Duan Zhisu looked at Sui Yan and saw that he was still smiling shamelessly. He coldly said, “What thanks? Why dont you tell me why you havent gotten better after so long? Isnt it just a cold?”

Sui Yan innocently replied, “How would I know? Im not an imperial physician. Ive been drinking all of the medicine that they prescribed.”

A muffled laugh sounded from outside the door just as he said that. The youth dressed in the ink-colored gown stood there, looking at him with a faint smile. 

Sui Yan froze.

Just now, Haitang said that two guests had arrived. He recognized Duan Zhisu, so this was probably the Crown Prince Duan Mingchong, who had died at a young age.

Sui Yan hurriedly got up to bow, but Duan Mingchong smiled and said, “Little Young Master, there is no need to be so polite.”

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Duan Mingchong had a good temper, and he looked noble and benevolent. He smiled, “Father Emperor let me come visit Little Young Master. I happened to meet Third Imperial Brother at Chengan Palace Gate, so we came together.”

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In his previous life, Sui Yan spent all of his time and energy on Duan Zhisu, so he barely noticed Duan Mingchong. In addition, Duan Mingchong had passed away so early. Thus, Sui Yan hadnt come into much contact with him, so he didnt recognize him just now.

Duan Zhisu touched Sui Yans forehead, and the gesture was so affectionate that Sui Yan trembled unconsciously. 

To him, the two of them had not seen each other for ten years. Even though they had been close in their childhood, being so close made Sui Yan very uncomfortable.

Duan Zhisus brows furrowed, “Are you cold?”

Sui Yan nodded, smiling, “Its cold. Very cold. Looking at Third Princes face, Im shivering from the cold.”

Duan Zhisu glared at him, saying, “It will be my birthday in a while. Father Emperor has graciously allowed me to organize the celebratory banquet in the newly built Princes Manor outside the palace. You better rest well and recuperate, so that you can attend.” 

When Sui Yan heard this, he glanced at Duan Mingchong out of the corner of his eyes.

If he remembered correctly, Duan Mingchongs death had been orchestrated by the Second and Fifth princes at this very banquet.

Duan Zhisu saw that Sui Yan had lost focus, and he coldly said, “If I dont see you then, I will send people to drag you over.”

Sui Yan immediately begged for forgiveness. 

Even though he died from Duan Zhisus poisoned wine in his previous life, he hadnt seen Duan Zhisu grant it with his own eyes, so everything felt surreal. Sui Yan couldnt even bring himself to hate Duan Zhisu. Instead, he hated the innocent Song Xian and wanted to beat him up.

Song Xian inexplicably received Sui Yans glare.

There were many things he had to do in preparation for the banquet, so Duan Zhisu didnt stay for long. After lecturing Sui Yan for a while, he and Song Xian left.

Sui Yan breathed a sigh of relief. 

Duan Mingchong had been sitting on a chair gracefully. He held a cup of tea, gazing at Sui Yan with a smile. He seemed to be very curious about Sui Yan.

The Crown Prince was a year younger than Sui Yan, but he was looking at Sui Yan indulgently as if he were watching a child play around.

Sui Yan trembled. He smiled, saying, “Your Highness, you have seen everything. Is there anything that you would like to tell Wanggui?”

The Crown Prince told Haitang, “Go make a bowl of medicine for your Young Master.” 

Sui Yans face turned green.

Haitang didnt understand what was going on, but this was the Crown Princes order, so he rushed to do it.

When Haitang left the room, Sui Yan admitted defeat, saying, “Can Your Highness let me off the hook?”

Duan Mingchong smiled, “I heard that the imperial physicians were helpless regarding Little Young Masters condition. I was confused, and I wondered if those imperial physicians had neglected Young Master. I didnt imagine that when I came today, I could have seen such a good show.” 

Duan Mingchong always looked gentle. Meanwhile, Sui Yan was thick-skinned, and he acted familiarly with everyone. When he saw that Duan Mingchong hadnt exposed him in front of Duan Zhisu, he felt that Duan Mingchong was very considerate, and his speech became unrestrained.

“Your Highness wasnt wrong about me being neglected. The medicines prescribed by those imperial physicians are so bitter that I would pass away if I drank them.”

Duan Mingchong put down the teacup in his hand and softly said, “Good medicine is bitter. With Little Young Masters precious body, it would be bad to avoid physicians.”

As he spoke, Duan Mingchong seemed to recall something, and his brows furrowed. He suddenly asked, “Is Little Young Master depressed over some matter?” 

Sui Yan almost choked on his saliva, “Ah? Ahem……what?”

Duan Mingchong was deep in thought, “A few days ago I saw that you had been rescued, but you jumped back into the water without a second thought. Now, your body is unwell, but you refuse to take any medicine……”

He spoke methodically, and Sui Yan felt increasingly guilty, even though he had no idea why.

Sui Yan smiled drily, “That time, ohhh, that time. Many thanks to Your Highness for saving my life. I didnt know what I was doing, and I jumped into the river in a daze. About drinking the medicine…..Uh……” 

As he spoke, Haitang brought over the medicine that had been heated in a stove outside. He put it down lightly and left.

Duan Mingchong carried the bowl over to Sui Yans bed. Sui Yan quickly said, “Ive troubled Your Highness. I can do this myself.”

Duan Mingchong handed the medicine over with a smile.

Sui Yan felt uncomfortable, so he could only take a sip of the medicine. He swallowed it with difficulty. 

Before Duan Mingchong could relax, he saw Sui Yan pale and vomit the medicine he had just drunk.

The bowl in Sui Yans hand fell, spilling the medicine onto the quilt.

He leaned on the bed, coughing violently. It sounded terrible, as if he were about to cough his lungs up.

Duan Mingchong was startled, and he rushed forward to pat Sui Yans back. 

After a long time, Sui Yan finally stopped coughing. He collapsed.

Duan Mingchong was horrified, “Whats wrong?”

Sui Yan had coughed so much that he tasted blood. He forced a smile, saying, “Its an old problem. Im used to it. Sorry for letting Your Highness see this. I hope Your Highness does not tell the emperor of this, so that Imperial Uncle does not worry about me.”

Even as the Crown Prince, Duan Mingchong didnt put on any airs. He picked up a napkin and helped Sui Yan wipe off the stains on his lips without any hesitation. 

He finally realized that the person in front of him wasnt spoiled or arrogant, and that he wasnt longing for death. He really couldnt drink the medicine.

Duan Mingchong looked at his pale face full of sweat, and he frowned, saying, “How long has it been like this?”

Sui Yan faintly replied, “Half a month.”

Duan Mingchong frowned harder. Sui Yan was so sick, and he hadnt taken his medicine for half a month. How could his body stand it? 

No wonder Sui Yans wrists were so thin.

Sui Yan looked at the youth in front of him. Duan Mingchong was younger than him, but he still acted like an adult. Sui Yan couldnt help but laugh.

Duan Mingchong asked, “What are you laughing at?”

Sui Yan shook his head, saying, “Is Your Highness going to the Third Princes birthday banquet?” 

Duan Mingchong was confused, “Third Imperial Brother already sent an invitation to the East Palace, so I am naturally going to go. Why did Little Young Master ask this?”

Sui Yan thought, I cant tell you that youll die there, right? If I really say something like that, Duan Mingchong would think Ive gone crazy.

With Sui Yans cold nature, just mentioning this was already his limit. When he saw that Duan Mingchong had no intention of listening to him, he stopped talking.

Duan Mingchong usually remained in the East Palace and rarely came out. After spending an hour at Sui Yans residence, he got up and left. 

Sui Yan forced himself to stand up and send the prince out. He withdrew his gaze when Duan Mingchong turned around the corner.

Li Zhao came out and put a cloak on Sui Yan as he disapprovingly said, “Little Young Master, its freezing outside. Go back and rest.”

Sui Yan weakly shook his head, “Its too stuffy inside. I came out to get a breath of fresh air. Dont worry about me.”

Li Zhao wanted to say something, but when he saw how worried Sui Yan looked, he left. 

Sui Yan lowered his eyes. Leaning on a pillar, he gazed at the knee-deep snow in the corridor, listlessly kicking at the fallen snow.

This seems a little crazy. Sui Yan boredly thought, Getting depressed over some matter? I dont think so. Its precisely because Ive seen through everything that I find this world too boring.

Sui Yan quietly sighed, “Its not worth it.”

Then he closed his eyes, stepped out of the corridor, and fell into the snow. His whole body was buried in a cold blanket of snow. 

There werent many servants in his manor, so nobody noticed that Sui Yan had fallen into the snow. He looked at the gloomy horizon and felt at ease.

Its so cold. Sui Yan thought. Then he changed his mind. Death had always seemed to be this cold. He felt relieved.

The cold slowly crept into his body, and just when Sui Yan thought he could finally sleep forever, a hand reached into the snow and pulled him out.

Sui Yans body was weak, to begin with, not to mention he was caught off guard by someone dragging him out of his resting place. His eyes felt frozen, and he could only vaguely see something dark in front of him. 

In the moment between waking and dreaming, he heard Duan Mingchongs voice.

“Sui Wanggui!”

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