Chapter 9: Passing Ceremony for the Bo Consortium

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The moment the Old Lady stopped talking, the silent room burst into a lively chatter!

“The young man from the Bo Consortium?”

“Yes, after working overseas for the company all these years, the overseas franchises have stabilized and now he is going to take over the Bo Consortium.”

“Yes, I heard that hes coming back within these two days.”

“I heard that hes only 28 years old, and hes going to be the global chief executive officer of the Bo Consortium. Thats mighty!”

Seeing the looks of those excited ladies, Shen Qianrou smiled disdainfully inwardly.

However, the expression of well-behaved adherence remained on her face, she nodded her head lightly and said gently,

“Yes, Grandma.”

Seeing how well-behaved Shen Qianrou was, Jiang Rongrong was very happy.

Then, she turned her head to the silent Su Heng and said,

“Su Heng, you shall bring Qianrou along.”

Shen Qianrous beautiful face was tinged red with shyness. She bit her lips lightly and stole a glance at the dashing Su Heng before lowering her head quickly.

That look of coyness left several blatant stares at her, as the men in the room could not move their eyes away.

Su Hengs tightly-turned lips relaxed a little before he replied in a gentle and calm voice,

“I will.”

Jiang Rongrong nodded her eyes with greater contentment. She then turned her head to Shen Qianrou, whose face was full of shyness, a smile arising within the depths of Jiangs eyes.

“Let Qianrou rest well. I shall go to the next ward.”

Upon hearing that, a pleading look appeared on Shen Qianrous gentle face, she lifted her eyes to Jiang Rongrong and begged sincerely,

“Grandma, Sister was in the water longer than I was. Now that she has finally woken up, please dont lose your temper on her.”

“Alright, you shall not be involved with this. I know what to do.”

Finishing her sentence, Jiang Rongrongs face darkened and turned away.

Shen Qianrous face was full of forlorn. When Shen Defan and Yang Liwei passed by her, she said again,

“Dad, Mum, please dont anger Grandma.”

“We know, we know, stupid girl.”

Yang Liwei rebuked before walking out of the room with Shen Defan, both of their faces were not too happy. Together, they walked to the next ward with Jiang Rongrong.

In Shen Fanxings room, she did not feel sleepy since she had been unconscious for three days. Instead, her stomach felt uncomfortable from the starvation.

She intended to go in search of food when she heard a knock on the door.

Shen Fanxing paused before answering, “Come in.”

Just as she finished speaking, the door opened up to a tall young man in a black suit, a complete stranger.

Shen Fanxing frowned and said, “You are?”

Yu Song nodded politely at Shen Fanxing.

“Hello, Ms Shen. Im Yu Song, Mr Bos secretary. Here are the white porridge and vegetables that he has asked me to prepare.”


Given Shen Fanxings intelligence, there was no doubt that the “Mr Bo” Yu Song was referring to meant no one but Bo Jinchuan.

However, did he have to be this fast and direct?

“Secretary Yu, sorry… I think I have not known your master well enough for this.”

“Ms Shen, Master has said that you should not consume meaty food since you just woke up. If you reject this, it means that you dont like this food, and he ordered that I should bring other food of similar nature, till youre content and have finished them up.”

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