Chapter 10: Masters Orders

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Yu Song seemed to have expected Shen Fanxings rejection, which was why he replied quickly before she could get her last word out.

He said it emotionlessly, his manners neither overbearing nor self-effacing. His words were succinct and all of which were, without a doubt, conveying the exact attitude and message of Bo Jinchuan.

Seeing him was like seeing Bo Jinchuan.

This man must have extraordinary capability.

Shen Fanxing could not help but glance at Yu Song once more, admiration flashing before her eyes.


Resignedly, she swept her hair and told Yu Song,

“Theres no need for the trouble; help me thank Mr Bo.”

Yu Song walked up to her and placed the intricate bag on the cabinet. Then, he bowed to Shen Fanxing.

“Ms Shen, please enjoy.”


Shen Fanxing nodded her head. Yu Song straightened his body and went to stand at the side of the room, seemingly having no intention of leaving.

Shen Fanxing raised her head to look at him.

After Yu Song made eye contact with her, he said, “Master wanted to ensure that you finished up the food.”

Upon hearing this, Shen Fanxing could clearly feel the twitch in between her brows.

She pursed her lips before reaching out to open the bag. When she noticed the trademark on the bag, she paused.

This was actually Ru Yixuans porridge!

It was a well-known fact that Ru Yixuan had an antique interior, transcending one into the envisaged world of comfortable breeze and small stream.

While the size and aesthetics of the shop were not impressive, it offered delectable meals.

In an era where meat-consumption was the norm, there was an increasing need for a healthier lifestyle. There was thus no provision of alcohol in Ru Yixuan. Those brought from outside were also prohibited. Only plain water and other beverages were offered. One was not allowed to make loud noises in the restaurant as well.

Even though there were many rules to adhere to, the restaurant was still packed like sardines.

There was a lack of seats in the restaurant. To get one, one could only queue and wait patiently.

Eating at Ru Yixuan was thus no longer a matter of money.

Bo Jinchuan had only left for around half an hour, but the speed at which this porridge reached her…

This piqued the curiosity of Shen Fanxing regarding Bo Jinchuan.

Even though she opened the package emotionlessly, her heart awed at the sight, for the lunchbox and utensils were made with rosewood.

This must have cost a bomb.

Indeed, there was no need to comment on the taste of the porridge and vegetables. However, Shen Fanxing had only taken one bite when she raised her head.

She glanced at Yu Song, who was now staring at her.

Shen Fanxing put the chopsticks down.

While doubtful, Yu Song stared at her calmly.

“Secretary Yu, please return. I will finish all the food. I dont like being stared at when Im eating.”

Yu Song hesitated for a while before nodding his head.

“Alright, Ms Shen, please enjoy your meal. Ill get going.”

“Okay,” answered Shen Fanxing. Thereafter, she placed the chopsticks on the table and stood up.

“Ms Shen, theres no need for you to walk me out!”

Yu Song emphasized. With half of her body off the bed, Shen Fanxing halted before sitting back down.

“Alright then. I shall not send you off,” Shen Fanxing said with her eyebrows slightly raised.

Yu Song nodded his head again before turning around to leave the ward in big steps, gone were the scrutiny and alertness that he first had.

When he first heard that he was supposed to deliver food to this lady, he was very shocked.

He had never seen Master taking any initiative towards someone he had hardly known, and with the obvious intention of pursuing her.

He could not help but doubt if Master had made a hasty choice, which was why he came with the purpose of scrutiny and curiosity.

Though it had only been a short meeting of a few minutes, he could already tell that the woman had good mannerism and temperament.

There was a reason why Master had chosen her.

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