Chapter 11: Meeting the Parents

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“Theres still some time before next Friday. The two of you shall discuss to see if we can meet Su Hengs parents.”

“Yes, noted,” Shen Defan replied in a deep voice.

The few of them had already felt certain about the decision made. The attitude and reaction shown were therefore as natural as they could be.

Yu Song frowned slightly when his gaze swept past the three people who had just walked past him.

Though his outstanding appearance would have attracted some attention, the three did not give much thought to him since they only spared him a glance.

Shen Fanxing felt famished, which made the meal sent by Bo Jinchuan timely.

Since she had accepted it, there was no reason to mistreat herself.

However, even before she had the chance to enjoy the meal officially, the door opened without a single knock.

Shen Fanxing frowned as she looked towards the door.

The few people standing at the doorway had sullen faces, ones that darkened further upon seeing her.

Jiang Rongrong took the lead and walked in, the disdain apparent to Shen Fanxing. Her eyes glowered down to the wooden spoon she was holding and hesitated for moments before she placed it down reluctantly.

She did not have the appetite anymore.

“Fanxing, is your body alright?”

Yang Liwei who was behind Jiang Rongrong asked. She had a jujube red embroidered dress and a snow-like veil cover worn. Her hair was meticulously-styled and her face was well taken care of, leaving the impression of a generous and gentle woman.

Even her tone was full of amiability and concern.

Shen Fanxing did not utter a word.

Even if she was well-mannered, she could not bring herself to speak or be nice to someone who had driven her mother to death.

The thought of her mother caused her heart to churn and ache.

Her cold hands curled into a ball of fist, her hatred growing out of control!

“Sorry to disappoint you, Im not dead.”

Three years ago, she was forced to go overseas. When she came back three years later, she became heavily involved in Su Heng and her mothers company.

Thus, she had never thought of going back to that house. If not for Grandpa, she would rather not have any form of relationship with any of them.

Shen Fanxings unchanged attitude of coldness infuriated Shen Defan.

“You evil, little being, what kind of attitude is this?!”

Shen Fanxing lowered her gaze and smiled.

Given the situation of today, did he still think that his anger could elicit fear or any form of reaction from her?

“I may need to give you a formal reminder that the woman who gave birth to you, who in turn gave birth to me is here. Arent you afraid that her crutch will beat the hell out of you?”

Shen Defan halted as his mind had yet to comprehend the full meaning of Shen Fanxings tongue-twister-like speech. It took him several re-reading and thinking before he fully understood the meaning.

Yet knowing that she got him with the speech enraged him even more.

He pointed a finger at Shen Fanxing and raged, “I regretted not strangling you to death in the past, for now you would not have the opportunity to disgrace the Shen familys name with your shameful acts!”

Shen Fanxing laughed, “Shameful acts that hurt the family name? What reputation does the Shen Family have for me to ruin? Driving your chaff wife to death and marrying a beautiful and rich woman. Given this trend, if greed can be considered a good family name then the Shen Family is indeed the overlord in this city.”

“You… presumptuous!”

Shen Defan was inflamed by Shen Fanxings words. He never thought that his daughter, one with an unchatty and calm personality would be capable of saying such unfilial and rebellious words.


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