Chapter 12: Surviving Adversities

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Standing aside, Jiang Rongrong showed an expression of rebuke. Shen Defan, while red with anger, was pulled back by Yang Liwei.

Shen Fanxing grimaced. She could not even muster a sarcastic laughter in front of these people.

“We thought sending you overseas can mend your temper, but youve become worse.”

Jiang Rongrong said in a low voice, treachery flashing across her intelligent eyes before she tramped towards the interior of the ward.

“It seems like you didnt know Ive been back for three years.”

Jiang Rongrong stood before her, her clutch creating low noises once Shen Fanxing finished speaking.

The contact between the cement and crutch was an intentional signal of her anger to Shen Fanxing.

“I meant to mend that untamed temper of yours, but it seems that three years is far from enough!”

Shen Fanxing finally raised her gaze to look at Jiang Rongrong before standing up. Even though she was very skinny, her spine stood straight.

At that moment, her position changed from being stared down to staring down at Jiang Rongrong, who was not even tall to begin with.

Jiang Rongrongs face darkened instantly.

She detested the showy air of arrogance that Shen Fanxing had.

She was like her mother; that invisible sense of strong-headedness and dominance seemed to be hereditary, one that ran in their blood, never to be washed away.

“Why? You still want to send me to other countries again?”

Though Shen Fanxing exhibited a kind of impeccable coldness, the eerie coldness was unmistakable in her heart.

Six years ago, against all opinions, they had sent her to an economically-backwards country—Country X—with deplorable conditions. Thereafter, they had never once cared about her.

In the past, such an act would be no different from an exile.

Surviving it meant that she was lucky and not fated to die. Dying, on the other hand, was a deserved consequence for her and nobody would have known even if she died.

If not for her assurance that she was Shen Defans biological daughter, she would have thought that he wanted revenge on her for killing his father.

Because of one Shen Qianrou, they would not mind torturing her.

How could she accept it willingly?

Shen Fanxing made it a point not to have her life controlled and trampled by others!

Because of them, she had learnt how to fight through adversities and survive them!

All thanks to their merciless indifference, nobody had realized her secret departure from Country X and her trip to France.

They would therefore not have known what she had done in France during the three years.

Shen Fanxing did not bother hiding the sarcasm in her voice, causing a further darkening of Jiang Rongrongs face.

“Regarding this times incident, Qianrou is sensible enough not to expose it to the media.

“For Su Heng and your relationship, I suggest you let it go. Qianrou and him had mutual feelings for each other. After all, Im sure you know that you can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink.”

The chillness in Shen Fanxings heart deepened and the supposed numbness materialized into a tiny ache.

How scary was human bias, that within a few sentences, facts could be twisted around.

Shen Fanxing could not be bothered with another word with them, saving her energy was in some sense more comforting.

She picked up the wooden spoon once more with an air of indifference, sending the spoon of porridge into her mouth gracefully and calmly.

Seeing her attitude of indifference, the three left the ward with unhappy expressions.

Once the three were out of the room, Jiang Rongrong halted before turning to Shen Defan and Yang Liwei and said,

“Go and buy Ru Yixuans porridge for Qianrou. Qianrou must have everything Fanxing has. What are you thinking?”

“Ru Yixuan?”

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